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Police release photo of liquor store robber (The Morning Rush)

Seems like a picture would be worth at least a hundred words, maybe more than that even

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KU secures 2008 NCAA crown, 75-68 in overtime over Memphis

Nice job, Hawks! 2008 NCAA Champs!Well now that it's all over, pouty little Mr. "cheaters" (who's just full of class) can tuck himself into bed in his large state where all the airplanes land, with the large newspaper and no bimbos nearby to trouble his precious little mind.Nighty night, cheaters! And remember as you're dozing off to sleep......."Rock Chalk Jayhawk!" LOL

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Lawmaker pushing to repeal city's domestic registry

"Defense of Marriage" is a misnomer. Nobody seriously believes their marriage is at risk due to homosexuality.

It's really more about enforcing religious rules. However, those religious rules are consistently applied in an inconsistent - and therefore biased - manner.

For example, the Bible clearly prohibits divorce. However, we don't see any bills in the legislature attempting to rein that in, do we?

And why would that be?

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City commission defers shopping center discussion

Any particular reason?

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Kansas urged to rethink immigration proposals

If the employers are not following the law, we need to make it easy for them to do so by using the database. And then enforce penalties.

For the legal employees on the payroll, they need to be paid at least minimum wage.

Unless we are no longer a nation of laws....

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Kansas urged to rethink immigration proposals

The exploitation of these workers by businesses needs to stop.

Employers need to identify who they have on their payroll, and they need to pay all their workers at least minimum wage as required by federal and state laws.

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A Soldier Dies

This is a very moving tribute, you've done your cousin proud. I am sorry for your loss.

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More troops rushed to al-Qaida stronghold

I support the troops, but not this war.

By the way, "Support the Troops" means more than just sending them off with a rifle in their hands. It means giving them counseling, medical care, and financial assistance when they come home.

Something this administration has been insufficient at.

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Move to cut domestic registry stalls

A study just came out concluding that same-sex couples are just as committed as traditional couples.

This fact seems to bother those who prefer that gays continue to be labeled promiscuous and pedophilic, and makes their argument that the end of western civilization is nigh that much more difficult.

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Writer uses KU library to criticize Ron Paul

Even the President of the NAACP says Ron Paul is NOT a racist:

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