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Army creativity gets new focus

Navy beans, the magic fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel. So eat them beans with every meal. I think the Army eats a lot of Navy beans.

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Kline: Rapists have no right to privacy

justthefacts-- We all make assumptions and have bias, even the AG. Yes, we can try to change the law, but what happens when the power elite are no longer subject to it? Power is so good.

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Kline: Rapists have no right to privacy

A 34 year old woman walks into a clinic for an abortion. She sites a one night stand as the cause for her pregnancy (does a woman even have to reveal her suiter?) and gets an abortion. In reality, she was impregnated by a 14 year old boy. The boy next door. Considering this possibility, would the AG then have to look at every abortion medical record regardless of the woman's age? Also, if Roe v Wade is overturned, what will happen at that point to AG investigative powers over medical records? Will the AG then look at all pregnancy medical records for evidence of rape? What then? Where does justice go at that point?
This may all sound outlandish, and perhaps my ideas are poorly presented. I guess my point is that Kline seems to be taking a shoehorn approach to justice. Lets just round em up and take care of the problem once-and-for-all. Isn't this how the North Koreans do things? Stalin did this. So did Hitler. Summary justice is un-American.

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Shooting revives gun debate

Baxter Springs? OK. So where is the history of violence in Baxter Springs? Cowboys weren't the problem so much. Lawless men and loose women were the problem. And Wyatt Erp was the solution (him and Chuck Norris). I know, let's ask Chuck what he thinks.


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Shooting revives gun debate

No OMB, wheremyshoes not wherearemyshoes. Say my name.

wonderhorse--I would pay to see a heard of cattle driven through Lawrence.

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Shooting revives gun debate

TOB. Missing white girls? Sorry, I'm lost. That just doesn't make any sense. But, OK as long as you're chill.

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Shooting revives gun debate

No TOB. You missed the point. Wyatt Erp (we are in Kansas you know) knew back then why it wasn't even a question. Guns are designed to do one thing and that one thing is irreversable. You can buy a machine gun in the Middle East and look what happens there with impunity. You missed my reference. Go drink a beer and chill.

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Shooting revives gun debate

Lets hope TOB and OMB don't run into each other on the street. We could have the OKC all over again. I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride.....

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Shooting revives gun debate


When (not if) Kansas ok's this, will cities able to trump state law and ban concealed weapons?

When some drunk ends up shooting empty beer bottles in his neighbor's East Lawrence front yard. Or do you avoid that part of town?

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Shooting revives gun debate

The new law would stipulate that people with a history of mental illness would not be given permits to carry guns. If you were a recovering rape victim with a "history of mental illness", because of treatment you received for severe trauma resulting from the crime, would you be denied a permit to protect yourself from other rapists? Also, who makes the final decision to grant the permit? A court? The Sherrif? How about the NSA? How about the NRA? Only dues paying members need apply.

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