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KU law student organizing animal cruelty prosecution clinic

Prosecutors and juries across the country are beginning to send people to prison on felony convictions for allegedly abusing animals. Not just for running dog fighting rings or illegal and inhumane puppy farms either, but for taping their boyfriend's dog to the refrigerator.


I certainly hope that Ms. Barnett and her group is exploring the ethics employed by lawmakers and prosecutors, or lack thereof, in cases like Abby's. It's a long road in our society when you have to spend the rest of your life explaining a felony. The door won't ever open for Abby, and for what?

And here's something else to chew on. Many dogs will kill a cat or other small animal (including other dogs) without hesitation, no matter how well trained and affable they may be around humans. I've seen it. It's the dog's nature and all breeds are capable of killing without remorse (a higher emotion unique to humans). People who kill without remorse are branded sociopaths or psychopaths, but dogs, as a category, are on track to get rights equal to us? The current foray by our legal community into animal rights as an absolute end in itself is flawed, and dangerous. Bring back reason. Bring back democracy.

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Report: Drug violence crossing border into U.S.

What is happening now with the cartels is no different than what happened in the 30's with organized crime. Prohibition and the Great Depression gave the bad guys everything they needed to cause an almost unstoppable crime wave. The answer is to make drugs legal and to regulate production. It's not a good answer, just like alcohol isn't a good thing for a lot of people, but at least regulated production would break down the supply chain for drugs being smuggled into this country. There is no other way.

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In what setting do you experience the worst public etiquette?

Women over 50 who try to pick up young guys at bars.

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Student charged in brutal attack

Martial Arts at KU are an excellent program where self discipline, leadership, physical strength training, personal life balance, and restraint are paramount objectives of the various programs offered. It should be noted that this article makes no mention of a connection between this student and any program offered at KU, only that he happened to be a KU student.

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Murderer-husband plans prison wedding to witness

This forum is more punishing than prison.

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Anti-SLT letter going to the feds

What has happened to the Lawrence community? Ultimately, natural resources are all we have and the wetlands are a natural resource. How much extra would it cost to build an elevated roadway with sound baffles to protect the sanctity of the wetlands? Petty bickering doesn't get anything done. Instead, how about a handshake and an acknowledgment from the "economic developers" that the wetlands ARE important to a lot of very well informed people. Would this road even be an issue if, instead of a wetlands, the land had already been developed as an Alvamar golf course? It's really all about socioeconomic values and the country-clubbers just don't care. And, oh yeah, your president still can't say nuclear.

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Wittig is sentenced to 18 years

Wit wants to go to a hospital so he can help the infirm. This was his plan from the start. Steal millions, get convicted, and try to get into a state medical ward as a way of helping people. You go Wit.

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Concealed carry bill advanced

How many trees will be cut down as a result of this legislation? Save a tree. Impeach Bush!

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Taking stock of Brownback's presidential prospects

Brownback is, for lack of a better word, a conservative sissy. He has weak oppinions and a record of followship legislation. I'll bet old Skinnyback even thinks George Bush prays for him. Lets get real everybody. Just put cho hands in da a-ya...and wave em like ya just don't kay-ya...

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Do you think $30 million is too much for the city to spend on a new library?

What kind of bookmobile can we get for $30M?

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