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In State of State, Brownback outlines plan to cut Kansas personal income tax

Brownback looks like a sheep but smells like a wolf; a Republican out to help the rich, the picture is too clear.

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So long: Kansas gives Missouri going-away gift in 24-10 Tigers' victory

All that seperated this guy from being a loved coach was a real good quarterback, thats the make break for a football team, as the coach your life depends on recruiting one.

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Do you plan to make a donation to Kansas University's "Far Above" capital campaign?

Ya when they go to a dry campus.

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Do you have a home remedy for fighting a cold?

Go HEAVY on the Virgin Coconut oil and Grapefruits for a couple days. Works esp great for lipid enveloped viruses.

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Census numbers reveal Lawrence population is more dominated by renters; plus, more houses are sitting empty

Next time you hear ; "Classrooms For Learning", think about it....building permits.

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Animal-health lab to move to KU's West Campus; Argenta plans to provide 27 jobs within five years

Will testing on Animals be involved in the Research?

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Kansas gets more "Obamacare" funds despite Brownback's opposition to the law

The Republicans don't want you to have heath care but they want you to sign your organ donor card. They want the poor/lower mid to wowk hard, die younger and not collect SS or spend any medicare/medicaid funds, also they don't want to have to waite in line any longer to see the doctor as they would with many more people insured. Gotta love those greedy selfish Republicans, they shure love stupid voters

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Man arrested for threatening girlfriend with weapon at area store

The sad thing is that as we have all to often seen her life IS in danger from this very unstable man, she needs help fast from SRS or whomever........

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Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood

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