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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I see where LJWorld is coming from...I feel that people will really be more civil with their names attached, but I won't be commenting anymore. As a business owner and someone who also works for a local business owner, I don't want my name tied to any "controversial" things I might say/believe.

I'm not really one to sling hateful words at people by any means, but people get SO tied up in politics, etc, that I don't want the bad association if I'm not agreed with on any point.

Also, I don't think its fair to require people to have a facebook account. I have one and all, but for those who don't...sad.

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Shutdown hurting U.S. image abroad, top pollster, KU grad tells Lawrence audience

I kind of feel like the rest of the world already thought that we're a bunch of wankers anyway.

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Do you think the city of Lawrence needs a policy about drones?

ok, why would a drone give a crap about someone sunbathing?

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Editorial: Too poor?

So, these working poor who are "too rich" to qualify are now going to be forced to STOP WORKING in order to be eligible.

Nice work, dumb*ss, nice work.

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Does Lawrence really have a shortage of gyms?

We may have a shortage of gyms, but we also have something that most don't have...Dog Days. :)

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Legislation seeks to block federal gun laws on Kansas firearms

Once again, I pose the question.

Why the heck does anyone NEED an assault rifle? (If you say that the gov'ment is going to come after you and you need to protect yourself...I will sucker punch you through my screen)

Fun to shoot? Maybe they should make those rifles only available to rent at an approved range?

This is so stupid.

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How often do you wear a seat belt?

pun intended

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How often do you wear a seat belt?

It just feels "off" if I try to drive without it.

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How often do you wear a seat belt?

ten feet to a payment?

hehe ;-)

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