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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

Catalano, I hear you on the flagrant age discrimination taking place around the country, not just in Lawrence. It is an organized effort to make it so that elderly and near-elderly can't afford housing, and have to live outside in the elements so they freeze to death. That way, social security funding will be freed up for Congress to embezzle. No one is doing anything about it in the federal or state government because there is too much financial incentive for state and federal legislatures to do nothing. They want us dead because they want the social security we would leave behind. It is called eugenics by non-employment to get $$$$. It is an organized effort of the state and federal powers-that-be to hit the jackpot at our expense. That way, they will have us out of the way so we can't create more expenses for state and federal government. It is the beginning of the NWO effort to reduce the population by 90% so the very wealthy and powerful can eventually have their feudal system like they had during the Gilded Age, (about 1885-1929) but without the threat of a civil revolt by a mass of people that outnumber those who are living well at the expense of their slaves. And no, I am not imagining things. Do some real research about what the Illuminati are trying to do. It will scare the hell out of you.

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Statehouse Live: Opponents of anti-union bill say it could shut down nearly all union political speech

The Republican party trying to suppress unions doesn't surprise me. Anything to weaken workers' rights seems to be what Republicans are all about. Next, they will eliminate OSHA so workers will once again have dangerous workplaces like during the industrial revolution. Before you know it, we will be back to sixteen hour days with no weekends or holidays to be with family or have a life. In time, workers will be chained to their desks or assembly area 24/7 and the corporate owners will say "We own you. You no longer have a personal life. You are our slaves." That is how the Repubs want it because they want their Gilded Age to return. That is the time between the Civil War and the Great Depression, and that kind of economy CAUSED the Great Depression because there was no middle-class, only a few rich and a lot of very poor people. Maybe we need to just let the very conservative Republican legislature here in Kansas know on no uncertain terms that if they take away any workers' rights, they will be at the receiving end of a civil revolt.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

I want to remind employers that there are plenty of qualified workers among those applicants aged 50 and over. What? You don't want to hire people "that old?" That is the group that has the knowledge, experience, AND work ethic. They are not likely to show up at work with nose rings or multi-colored mohawks. If they have a tattoo, it is usually hidden. I want to let employers know that older workers are NOT "damaged goods." A lot of the time, we are in better shape than the youngsters we all know you would rather hire, so saying we will raise your health insurance premiums is not necessarily true. We aren't even necessarily asking for a higher salary just because of our experience. We just want to work and make it at least to the current federal retirement age. Otherwise, if you turn us down because of age, you are kicking a lot of good work experience to the curb. In this relatively fascist state of Kansas, we all know that you consider us older workers as throwaways. You will be where we are someday if we are blocked at all turns in trying to improve our lot. Employers, HIRE OLDER WORKERS!!!! WE ARE THE QUALIFIED WORKERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!! You are NOT going to find an 18-year old with 25 years of experience!! I'm telling you.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

The journal is part of my testimony. There is a lot more to itbut I won't go into on this board. I have shown the journal to several people including an attorney, and everyone said that there is a clear pattern of abuse.

Acornwebworks, you would feel the same way I do if you could put yourself in my shoes. I support myself, and have no breadwinning spouse to lean on.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

Acornwebworks, I was no longer even an employee when the item was thrown so that put me out of the time jurisdiction of still being on the job. The boss cannot use the excuse that I threw something. I wasn't even an employee anymore when that happened. Apparently, it is OK with you that bosses can get away with lying to ruin our lives. They already have too much power over what happens to us, and they know that. Often, that power goes right to their heads, and they think that anything they do or say that is wrong or immoral is OK when they have power over others.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

Ms. Bossert, you cannot generalize once you let your colors fly!

Amen to that! Once it's out, and we know where you stand, with the employers whether they are in the right or not, whether they are even telling the truth or not, we know that if we are unfortunate enough to have you decide our fate, we will not get the unemployment benefits even if the employer lies to the point that logic is turned over on its head.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

Amen, tomatogrower, I wish more employers thought like you instead of throwing out their older, more experienced workers who can set the example for work ethic and help the new workers get up to speed faster. You sound like one of the very few employers who is not going to put an older worker out on the streets just because of their age.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

Conservatives better quit calling us liberals "entitlement-minded" because, as you stated, tax cuts are pretty much the entitlement of the wealthy. Conservatives pretty much black-mailed Obama in the 2010 election that they will not allow people to continue getting unemployment insurance they need if corporations and the wealthy can't have their tax cuts. I've known enough conservatives personally to see the trend. They like to hold you over the barrel for anything they want out of you. For all you conservatives out there, like it or not, Merrill is correct on all accounts.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

acornwebworks, that was about five years ago. I could not get any help from any state rep on either side of the isle. I had to move on and just find a job, and lucked into one fairly soon after losing that one. Kansas is one of the worst states, probably, when it comes to trying to get help when you have been wrongfully discharged AND blacklisted. Unless you have a little money, no one will help you. Also, blacklisting is a little hard to prove even when all the signs are there. You just have to hope that one of the employers with which you have applied, have the honesty and compassion to call your employer down on their attempt to blacklist you. All it takes is one "first degree" witness for a case like that. Surprisingly, Kansas is one of the states that rewards quadruple rewards to the wronged in blacklisting cases. This is probably because they are very hard to prove, even though probably not very rare at all since, there are at least two other times I know I was blacklisted. All the signs were there.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

Europeans see the employee as family, U.S. Corporations see employees as tools to be thrown away just when they have the skills and experience to be truly useful. It is just that U.S. Corporations think people need to be put out to pasture at age 40, just when people have established a really good work ethic and expect to be paid for work done right the first time. They should be able to. I am certain that companies in Europe also welcome the over-50 job applicants much more than American companies.
In the U.S., if you are an applicant over the age of 50, you might as well just shoot yourself because that is what they want you to do.

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