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Golf course and area winery team up to offer 'Nine and Wine' events; winery plans expansion

This is awesome news, Chad! I love BlueJacket's setting in the country & their wine. More space will be even better.

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Douglas County oil production up 12 percent in 2012; outpaces statewide growth

So why are gas prices ALWAYS so much higher in Lawrence than surrounding areas like Topeka or Kansas City? Investigate THAT LJW!

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City hopes challenge to Census Bureau will add 2,400 to Lawrence's population total

Let's get it started again from the top:


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This is Varsity House as it’s being reconstructed at the northwest corner of 11th and Indiana street

It doesn't looked finished to me. Why all the fuss already?

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21st-ranked KU volleyball team takes care of No. 14 Kansas State in four sets

GREAT Job, Coach Bechard and KU volleyball women! Rock Chalk!

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Bermel leads FSHS at state golf

Is this KU golf Coach Bermel's daughter?

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Veritas volleyball wins Paravel title

Good job, Girls!

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Who is your favorite KU basketball player of all time?

Thomas Robinson

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Group at Dole applies dials to Romney, Obama during debate

I felt the same way about Obama. He looked pissed and uncomfortable to me. I will be voting for Romney to send a message. Obama had 4 years to fix a few things he talked about last night, and he couldn't accomplish much because of attitudes with Republicans. THIS NEEDS TO STOP - I liked that Romney said he will work with Democrats FOR the people. Of course, that is to be determined down the road.

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Driver in head-on crash had prior DUIs

I just don't understand why we can't figure a way to stop people that have over 2 DUI's from driving. Do they have to KILL before we pay attention to their danger?

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