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Lawrence man arrested after incident outside bar

CWGOKU- Why on earth would we need to see a picture of the 23 year old woman involved? Would her being super hot make this action ok? If she was unattractive would you say that she should be glad for the attention? The incident is unfortunate, no matter what.

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Try these costume Ideas to ease Halloween stress

Hobby Lobby and Michaels are not local establishments. Big big chains.

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Mizzou alums seek KU students of similar stripe

Hillbilly_jim- That 'boy' in the middle is actually a woman.

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Is the nationwide shortage of ammunition affecting you?

It affects me by feeling safer knowing that lunatics with guns can't get ammunition for them.

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Are you getting a federal tax refund?

There should be another option on the poll reading

Did you have to pay out your A$$ to the government for taxes

That would have got my vote.

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Stolen bass: Lawrence mom selling jewelry to help replace son’s instrument

I bought a pair of earring to help the cause!

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Stolen bass: Lawrence mom selling jewelry to help replace son’s instrument

Wow...You can tell that there are a bunch of uncultured idiots posting here who have absolutely no idea how much stringed instruments cost. Go ahead...buy the cheapest, crappiest bass that money can buy and you are still looking at $5,000. To be able to play music at a professional level one must have professional grade equipment. I have had the pleasure of listening to Ozzie play and he is amazing! A truly top-notch musician. He has been on multiple international tours with professional symphonies and ensemble groups and was (prior to his work equipment being stolen) living the life that every musician dreams of.

How dare you people sit there and tell this guy to go get a job? If a computer programmer had his computer stolen, or if a contract carpenter had his tools stolen they wouldn't be able to work either UNTIL REPLACING THEM. That's all that he is doing...waiting to work until his job tools are replaced.

I am always shocked and amazed at the callous comments posted on these threads. How about if you people stop being so rude and ugly and go back to YOUR JOB.

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Not enough to do

I agree...I am 26, have lived in Lawrence for 8 years and still have a hard time finding things to do in town that don't involve alcohol. With a town this size there really should be a put-put golf course, (There is one in Baldwin) a skating rink, (Olathe, Ottawa and Topeka are your closest bets) or even a good old fashioned arcade. Yes...Yes...there is the bowling alley with it's air-hockey table that is always covered in soda so the puck won't slide and the skee-ball table which only works 40% of the time, but that's not enough! I can't imagine having not grown up with 'school skate nights' and very fondly remember lining up on Friday and Saturday nights to skate my socks.

We put such pressure on our kids to not drink, yet we don't provide them with any alternatives to take up their time. It's a community effort, and by it being a community effort we need to supply youth (and myself!!!) with wholesome, fun entertainment. Let's take that empty Masonic Lodge building and turn it into a fun activity/rec center! I want to skate into the sunset of family fun for everyone.

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Can you watch the KU men’s basketball game at work?

I will be watching it at work! I've got one cool boss.

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