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Sound Off: Does the city have plans to install a traffic light at George Williams Way and Sixth Stre

Not quite,

Section 4C.08 Warrant 7, Crash Experience
"B. Five or more reported crashes, of types susceptible to correction by a traffic control signal, have occurred within a 12-month period, each crash involving personal injury or property damage apparently exceeding the applicable requirements for a reportable crash;"


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Sound Off: In college basketball, why is the shot clock for the women only 30 seconds and for the me

2012 NCAA Division 1 Bball:
Mens avg Free throw = 69.08%
Womens avg Free throw = 68.93%

Source: http://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-...

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Are increased fines needed to slow down traffic along K-10?

I've seen an officer pull over a vehicle that was going the speed limit alongside of a bus also going the speed limit immediately outside of the city limits.

He gave the vehicle about 45 seconds to adjust its speed and then signaled a pullover.

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Are increased fines needed to slow down traffic along K-10?

yep, and I've never heard of anyone being pulled over for doing anything less than 6 mph over the limit

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Crews dispatched to accident on K-10 westbound

Check out the book entitled Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt. In it he cites studies showing that late mergers reduce delays.

The only reason one of these "A-holes" should become injured is if a self-appointed traffic cop like yourself straddles the lane.

It's unfortunate that you wish harm and damage to others.

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Circumcision ban to appear on San Francisco ballot

Why can't the parents just choose whether to circumcise? Sounds like a waste of resources to debate the legality of something so minor.

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Lawrence police advise residents to ignore panhandlers

The one that was with her baby at Bourgeois Pig all the time late at night?

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KDOT secretary to address K-10 safety issues

I sense a logical statement

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Lawrence City Commission OKs Dillons plan

I went there once last summer. I've never seen so many shirtless people shopping

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Do you think cable barriers should be installed in the median on Kansas Highway 10?

Native tallgrass invites wildlife into it

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