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Kansas House committee wants Board of Regents to study benefits of privatizing many functions at state universities

Rep. McLeland, I would respectully submit that the Association of Phy. Plant Admin has done a great deal of research on this issue via indepent means. http://appa.org/

After about 40 years of being associated with this issue may I share?

This is not new to Kansas or the Regents. KU privatized custodial once and it failed

What will you find in the APPA research and our Kansas historical record is:
1. It will be a given that a private contractor will not bid unless he can cut costs.
2. Contractors will come in and the first year they will be great to the existing employess
to learn the lay of things
3. State employees will lose their KAPERS and other benefits
4. In a year or two after coming the contractor will look to make a 5 to 8% gain on profits
cutting services and employees
5. If anyone wants to read further from the tons of research done by APPA on this topic
they will find that contractors will last at an intitution for about 5 to 8 years

All the while they genernally have:
1. Applied for NO grants to assist the institution
2. Made little or no efort to improve the energy efficency of the agency
a. As a matter of fact the ESCO's who serviced the State of Kansas some years back
as private contractors were a failure
3. They generally will repair major items like central industrial chillers, boilers and the like
as an ADD to their contract
4. Many regents instutions have OUTSTANDING journeyman. Some even have
MASTER'S LICENCES yet they work for the State out of loyalty and many times for the
health insurance and retirement. Yet they make ONLY $18 an hour while those in
the private world make @$40 or MORE. Do you think any of them will be here if one
removes the only reason that they work for the State (ie: benefits)
5. Sir, have you ever heard the term"IN LOCO PARENTIS? It applies to the University's
responsibilty to serve as a "parent". Would a contrtactor care?
6. Sir, please help me find a successful example of your suggestion to privatize.
7. Some regents schools are the most energy efficient in the Midwest. Would a
private contractor work hard to secure grants for such an effort? No. Can you
point to where a contractor on any campus has worked towards being among the
most energy efficient of their peers at NO EXTRA CHARGE?
8. Some regents schools have PERFECT POWER FACTORS. I would respectfully ask
if you know what this means and it s wonderful impact on an institution. Some R.
schools qualify for this and it was done by loyal state workers
a. Has any private contractor done this without a huge charge?
This points to privatization being a failure to my way of thinking.


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