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What do you think about the proposed increase of U.S. troops in Iraq?

"If we fail in Iraq it won't be because of the military but rather those in this country who continue to demean their mission and give hope to their enemies."

Exactly! If American citizens and press quit being such whiners then we can militarily solve this silly old Shiite-Sunni split that been going on since 632, among other things like Arab tribalism and inherent anti-Western sentiments in the region. Unfortunately all you armchair generals are just too stupid to understand. Man, you guys are stupid!

Thank you so much, optimist, for your condescending rebuke of democracy and apparent wish for military rule.

Now all you stupids shut up and let the leadership keep winning this war. They've done a terrible job so far, and every naive, platitude-laden benchmark that was set by the civilian leadership is now not even on the horizon of possibility, but that doesn't change the fact that all you armchair generals are stupid and wimpy, and don't have the courage to send Americans into a civil war that our leadership doesn't even understand.

If only the whole citizenry was as brave as Bush and Cheney! Sure, they were too chicken to sacrifice themselves in a war, but at least they are brave enough to sacrifice others.

Sure, pretty much everything that they sold the American public about this war has been at best wrong, and at worst lies, but all you dummies need to shut up and let them keep going, because all you Silly Billies just don't understand. Man, you guys are stupid. Just let the leaders lead. Screw accountability!

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What do you think about the proposed increase of U.S. troops in Iraq?

"Thea's first statement bothers me. I don't know that it's accurate to say that he hasn't done "a single thing right." That sounds more like hyperbole than anything. He's done a lot wrong, but I don't think it lends credibility to anyone to make a statement like that."

OH I KNOW! This random person stopped on the street to answer a question has totally lost credibility for me too! She should really be more careful while commenting to a 20something with a clipboard and a digital camera. To think I was looking for hard-hitting honest analysis when I viewed her comments!

Good job, sgtwolverine, you've pointed out Thea's shortcomings.

Now what was the question again? Oh yeah, "what do I think about Matt Millen?" I think he has made one of the worst NFL franchises the worst. He keeps talking about 'victory' and 'freedom' and making the Lions a beacon of hope for the NFC North. But for some reason the Bears are developing a nuclear bomb now.

But at least he made that good draft pick. We should all support Matt Millen. He's made a couple right choices in yet another last place finish in the NFC North.

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Brownback: N.J. marriage ruling deepens "constitutional crisis"

"Some things change and some things don't. Marriage is one that doesn't."--kansanbyheritage

I agree, marriage hasn't changed at all, never, it is the same in every culture, exactly the same. it has never changed! Contant as the setting sun!

When I was sold for a few hogs to my husband as his forth wife we had this very disussion. He then took my virginity and hung the sheet outside our room for all his relatives to view so to prove that I was indeed a virgin. When he died his brother married me and all my husband's other wives. It was so breathtaking to be part of such an unchanging constant.

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Preachers draw jeering crowd at KU

"Why is it always ministers, members of the Minutemen, or conservative who always get SHOUTED DOWN!! !! !! Those who disagree with a point of view do not have the right to yell, shout, belittle, block or throw condoms at those with whom they disagree."

I agree with Settingtherecordgstraight! It's just so terrible out there for conservatives. Conservatives have no platform to speak, and when they do speak they are always shouted down! You never hear anything conservatives have to say.

Rest easy, Settingtherecord, someday we will take down the liberal-commie-fascist-Islamic-atheist-secular armies of intolerance and Kansas will be a conservative state; and, maybe just maybe, we'll get some political power nationally--maybe even a president who claims he was selected by God himself, and who God speaks through. That'd be so awesome! Finally conservatives would have a voice.

Then maybe the conservative position will get heard. Especially the awesome parts like how much God hates certain people. That stuff is totally rad!

(Although, I for one, as a conservative, hope that we can still play the victim card even after our glorious victory, because it really energizes our base.)

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Grass-fed beef and a football field

In Argentina the beef is virtually all grass-fed. Argentina is famous for having arguably the best beef in the world. There of course are climactic reasons that contribute to this, but grass-fed beef can be very good.

I assume Kurtis has eaten plenty of grass-fed beef. The taste of grass-fed beef is different from grain-fed, but not necessarily better or worse.

The green or yellowish tint in the marbling is due to carotene in the grass--nothing at all to be grossed out about.

Might it not be ickier to know that pure-white marbling is a symptom of feeding the animal feed that it is not natually set-up to process--not to mention a symptom of energy-intensive industrial agriculture? It is, I suppose, a matter of perception, and what one is used to.

One of the great things about grass-fed beef is the sharp reduction of the energy needed to produce the beef. This does not necessarily translate to cheaper prices at the store counter, but it could help to lessen this country's dependency on foreign energy sources.

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Latino Fest thrives in downtown venue

"Why are todays "new Americans" so hesitant
To learn engish? For all the trouble they go
To becoming "citizens" and then only care
To speak in their native tougue seems a bit

I totally agree with macon and his revisionist (or possibly just fabricated for his own needs, or maybe just ignorant) history about how fast immigrants today learn English as opposed to past immigrants! And to add "duplicitous" in order to allude to some sort of conflicted allegiance, well that just brings back the great memories of Japanese internment camps that were such a proud moment in our nation's history (among so very many)!

It's just so fun and cool to say today's immigrants learn English slower than past immigrants-it's not true, and in fact immigrants are learning English faster than ever before; but man, when you say this stuff a lot, it starts being true! It's so fun to make lies true! It's like changing history. So, so, fun! And when it's done with a touch of old fashioned ignorance of fact and xenophobia, well, boy howdy! I start giggling like Rush Limbaugh after a rail of oxy.


"U.S. immigrants are making the transition to speaking English much more quickly than did past immigrants. Historically, this transition took three generations, with adult immigrants who often did not learn English, children who were bilingual in English and their parents' language, and a third generation that spoke English almost exclusively.

Today, however, more first- and second-generation Americans are becoming fluent in English. In a study that followed more than 5,200 second-generation immigrant children in the Miami and San Diego school systems, Rumbaut and Princeton University professor of sociology Alejandro Portes found that 99 percent spoke fluent English and less than one-third maintained fluency in their parents' tongues by age 17."

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Homeowners want no trash left behind

hahahahahaha. okay. Good job! (WINK WINK)

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Homeowners want no trash left behind

mom of three-

Did you see the "On the Street" question today?

So, I assume you turn to insults?

Thanks for getting my post removed! (WINK WINK)

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Homeowners want no trash left behind

mom of three,

OMG, I'll start here:

If I was your parent I would be appalled by your lack of ability to spot obvious satire.

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Homeowners want no trash left behind

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