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Expect severe weather today

P.S. Py - - that post made me giggle. Suppose I'll have to use up some back up batteries to play some Slayer music. "Hippies hate Slayer" - -Southpark

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Expect severe weather today

They also have Midland radio's at Hy-Vee with the Topeka Station, Douglas County Preset is at 4 ..Learned that the hard way after being woke up at midnight for storms in Chase County (that I had to program County specific). Now, I need to learn to program the thing to only squawk when I need to head to the basement, and, not when there is possible creek flooding in the area . .Have a feeling the thing will be pretty active this evening.

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Emergency officer: 'It never crossed my mind to activate the tornado warning sirens'

I have no problem with the law, I have a problem with someone using a statute number that stands for indecent liberties with a child, and since, given your history of postings, you are relatively new to this, and this is one of the few forums that you've posted on, this is why I'm bringing this up now. I think you using that as your sign in is sick.

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Emergency officer: 'It never crossed my mind to activate the tornado warning sirens'

KSA 21-3503 . . . really? You're using that as your screen name? You're using "indecent liberties with a child"? Unless, you yourself are over the age of 14 but less than 16 (per the statute), this is not *cute*, it is sick.

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Jaeger bonds out of jail

dotslines . .
Well, truth is a defense to defamation!

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Jaeger bonds out of jail

actually, I think that once Papa Jaeger opened his Pie Hole and started defaming the victims character and saying that she had been with another man, etc., I'm hoping that he opened himself up to a lawsuit. I mean, would it have killed him to say, "this is a tragedy for all involved and our thoughts and prayers are with this young woman for her speedy recovery". Even if you don't mean it, it sure as heck makes for better PR.

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Jaeger bonds out of jail

They should've sent this guy to Larned State Mental Hospital.

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Victim describes brutal attack

wow. in her complaint for an order for protection, the victim describes Matt Jaeger as coming into her room and knocking her unconscious then, waking up, with vaginal trauma and being shoved into a car, driven around and not taken to a hospital until the police eventually pulled the vehicle over. Now, given that we don't know all the facts based upon that document, here is what we do know:
1. even if he did find her, he did NOT call 911, but, somehow, called (or had) a friend along with him?
2. the police felt it necessary to pull him over, thus, it does not appear that he drove her straight to the hospital.
3. Dad hired Carl Cornwell. He's not playing around.
And, for this dad to say that the girl was with another guy before his son found her is just totally classless and just plain gross. IF that is the case, then let that come out in the investigation and trial and not in the media. It makes you, Dad, look like an idiot (would use stronger word, but . .) and it is completely obvious where your son gets his *respect* (cough, cough) for women.

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Hero rides to the rescue of horses suffering neglect

?? as to the previous posts. Are you referring to Kathy Grissum? If so, those aren't HER horses to sell/trade/barter with. If you will read the article . . .
The Humane Society, a veterinarian and the Bureau of Land Management, which protects wild horses, joined forces to rescue the horses from a family that neglected to take care of them. Grinstead said the family couldn't afford to feed the horses properly.
It goes on to say, how the horses are up through adoption through the humane society . .once again, not HERS! Besides, who doesn't *hate* their ex? If they didn't, there would be no need for a divorce.

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Former LHS teacher pleads guilty to sex with student

katiep (Anonymous) says:

BABBOY: who said she abused her position FOR sex?? All she admitted to was that she had sex with him. It may not even been about sex. She probably wasn't out searching for 15 year old boys to have sex with. Plus, she was originally charged with 4 counts: and it was brought down to only one.. so obviously it's not as serious as they originally thought.
Are you kidding me? "not as serious" . .but yet, she pled to the most serious charge. Obviously, katiep, you have a lot to learn about criminal law, plea bargains and such. If it wasn't as serious, they may have pled it down to the lesser count of "criminal sodomy", or, even lower count of just abuse of a child, without any sexual connotations whatsoever .. but, she admitted to the more serious charge of "aggravated indicent liberties" . .not just "indicent liberties" but AGGRAVATED Indecent Liberties . .and for the person that posted after that commenting on the fact that she had a good lawyer .. ought to look up the history on her lawyer .. who's been disbarred. The DA charged with what I'm sure they thought that they could prove, and accepted the plea ON THE MOST SERIOUS CHARGE, so that the CHILD wouldn't have to go through the trauma of a court battle.
So, to recap . .Ms. Kane is an admitted pedophile, whether she thought a 14/15 year old was "in love" with her or not. It happened multiple times, and she KNEW his age as he was a STUDENT in high school (not, like she met this kid in a bar and he had gotten in with a fake driver's license and she was going on that information to gage his age.) Nope, she knew it, and she abused it . .and him. And, she pled to that fact to avoid even MORE jail time by adding multiple counts of the same crime. Furthermore, just b/c you may have mental issues yourself, does not give you the excuse to harm other people without expecting to face the consequences. Whether it's a criminal punishment (jail) or, civil commitment (a state hospital facility, or equivalent .. for which, there really isn't a set "sentence"), or, some kind of combination of the two, society and the victim, deserves the pedophile to be punished for her actions.
Oh, and "bleh" to the comments that the kid was stalking her, etc. SHE WAS THE GROWN UP, she was responsible for her actions . .notice, again, she pled guilty .. not "guilty by reason of mental defect" or whatever other watered down, no one is responsible for their own actions, kinda plea or, taking it to court trying to get a jury to buy her "diminished capacity crap".. but, a black and white "guilty".

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