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Al-Zarqawi opened deep sectarian wounds

again, no ranting?

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Al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist blueprint shows weakening insurgency

mmm where is all the outrage here???

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Cat lovers, get ready!

expensive pussy!

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Pointless visit

Here James, i fixed some of your errors...

That's okay. I'm sure the dozens of people murdered that day, (by insane, scumbag insurgents)
those kidnapped that day, (by insane, scumbag insurgents)
the soldiers killed that day, (by insane, scumbag insurgents)
blah blah blah what ever the rest was.......

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Pointless visit

mmm KOOL-AID...I bet he would serve and remove the cups from the correct side and let you sit down first. that's what a gentleman does.

I think they just held their first election over there. at least i thought that's what all the inky fingers were about. I don't know that you could call the morass of pain and murder that they lived in before a democracy could you? Or maybe YOU could... you seem ot have an enirely different idea of good and evil than I do.

As for who was in the crowd, I again point out THERE IS A WAR GOING ON OVER THERE AND THE ENEMY WANTS TO KILL AMERICANS. that's people like you who come from America. So I'm ok with not having 'average iraqis" in the crowd.

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Vandal strikes garden

Adky, insurance premiums NEVER go DOWN!

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Pointless visit

Itchy did you see the look on the prime ministers face?
Did you hear the cheers of the crowd?
I worry so much about you guys... how do you function on a daily basis with your perceptions so skewed.

I guess I can't expect you to understand, really. Your humanity filter is so clouded.

SceneB. yeah in someways it is a kindergarden party. they are a brand new baby country. they need support and confirmation that it will work. Having the leader of "the greatest Country in the world" come to say GOOD JOB! is a great boost to their self esteem... do you know what that is? self esteem?

Bush knows more about diplomacy, bravery and class than most people, including you and me.. you wouldn't catch me going over there, even for 5 hours. And if I did, I'd shoot my mouth off and have to hide till the shooting died down.

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Police say rapes may be related

Fatty are you one of those, "lock your doors, take your key's, don't help a good boy go bad" people.

I wonder if that girl who got raped was dressed too seductively and caused the poor fellow to just have to have her?

This is the type of situation that calls for a nice little .22 under your pillow.... one well placed bullet and we'd know exactly who this scum bucket is and he wouldn't be raping again either!

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Pointless visit

LOL I know, you're right and I'm sorry for the rant but ... jees o pete, ....

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Pointless visit

Karl are you insane?
Yeah Bush should have taken out a full page ad in every major newspaper and announced his intention on all major news channels... hell he should have sent a personal hand engraved notice by camel to all the insurgents in the area laying out his itinerary and flight pattern.

What is wrong with you people. WE ARE AT WAR!!!! WAR IS DANGEROUS. Perhaps you should look up the meaning of the word in a dictionary.

I am so freaking proud of Bush for having the balls to go there at all. What a way to show support. To go look those people in the eye and say. We are still with you!
We support you and think you are going to be a great country and we can't wait to see how you do.

It's called diplomacy! And the fact that he had to do it quick and undercover is a non issue. To remind you incase you have forgotten... WE ARE AT WAR. There are people over there who want to KILL AMERICANS. Killing the head American would be a coup for them....

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