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Kansas ordered to repay $3 million from 2009 fee fund sweeps

And this taking of funds from other fundsto balance a budget happened under Sibelius. Hmmm!!

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Topeka man arrested on suspicion of killing 3 people in downtown Lawrence

Good job by the law enforcement involved with the captures. Glad to have these three off the streets and behind bars. I wonder if they are the ones that attacked and rob the man on Jayhawk Boulevard.

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Kansas schools may no longer group students by grade level as part of plan to remake education system

It didn't work then and I doubt it will work now. They are not taking into account the social age and physical development of the student.

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Yoder hears complaints of negative tone in Washington toward teachers, public schools

DeVos is the worst possible Dept. of Education Secretary our country could possibly have. During her nomination hearing, she said she did not know what a Pell Grant is. She has been employed by the for- profit charter schools and that is her big push. She is not for public education which has served this country well for several decades. There are problems in our schools that money won't fix but charter schools is not the answer.

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Yoder hears complaints of negative tone in Washington toward teachers, public schools

Schools in many foreign countries do not allow students who have low aptitudes or disabilities to attend their schools. They are more elitist than American schools who have to take every child.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider $1.6M grant for pedestrian tunnel under Iowa Street

Tunnels are a good place to get attacked.

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Lawrence school board candidates express views on equity, transparency

Scott, you are absolutely right. As a retired teacher, I can attest to what you stated.

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Lawrence City Commission candidates share their views on affordable housing, living wages

Economic development has little to show for its efforts. Pay in most Lawrence jobs is very low. Watch the traffic on K-10 in the early morning and late afternoon. Those cars belong to people who are going to the good paying jobs in Olathe and Overland Park.

Amazon is looking for a new place for its headquarters.Has Lawrence made any move to get companies like that to come in? . I doubt it because the Chamber of Commerce thinks small.

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Financial errors could leave city short on funds for Farmland remediation

After all this mess, the commission still has the nerve to want to raise taxes and property taxes. Shame on them. They need to get their act together and do things right.

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Online survey testing the waters for proposed name change at South Middle School

I agree. Pelanthe tried to warn the people of Lawrence when he saw Quantrill and his gang approaching Lawrence. He was a real hero.

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