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Iowa firm likely to create about 20 jobs at Lawrence foam manufacturing plant; Breezedale markers getting restored; Housing Authority seeks to buy apartment building

It will be interesting to see how the newly elected commissioners who campaigned against tax abatements will handle new requests.

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What does Memorial Day mean to you?

It is a time to remember my four brothers and many cousins who served in the Navy during WWll.
Also, it is a time to remember my mother and all of the things she did for me.

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Haskell suspends football program, possibly others, to cut costs

A Potowatomee Indian friend of mine told me the casino on the reservation has a lot of money. They should use it to support Haskell. Those students deserve better than they get.

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What song would you like to hear the city band play if they took requests?

Peaches and Cream by Sousa. It is not a march.

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Tax plans coming together, but business owners' taxes still a hot issue

I agree that the legislators should not be paid for the overtime days to get a bill in place and passed. As long as they are drawing the extra money, they will tarry longer.

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New report finds Lawrence among the top destinations in America for college graduates; new child care center opens

The income average must be including people making millions of dollars; doctors, dentists, KU coaches and administrators. I know a KU grad who makes less that $14.00 an hour. Not everyonein Lawrence is making the money this average $51,732 would indicate.

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Editorial: Lax enforcement

The article also stated that other people besides Kobach had been allowed county descretions. This needs to stop.

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What’s the most you’ve ever spent to buy a pet?

We paid $100 for a collie for my son. She was a wonderful dog for the family.

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Lawrence hopes to hear more about proposed affordable housing trust fund

In 2005, there was $500,000 housing trust fund and it went unspent because the committee couldn't decide how to spend it? Poor planning!

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Letter: School attack

I agree. If the public could see the audit sheets on district expenses, we could probably find places to cut expenses starting with administrators' salaries.

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