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What’s the lowest price of gas you can remember?

You can still get full service at Phillips 66 on 6th St. You will pay more for the gas though.

I remember 23 cents a gallon in the 1950's when I lived in Iowa.

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Should the federal government require healthier school lunches?

The bad reputation school lunches have had for the food served goes back decades. The overall quality of the food needs to improve. There should be food prepared so that it is healthy but also appealing to students. If they don't like it, they will throw it away and what is healthy about that. Michelle Obama went overboard with her choices of what to serve. Kids were leaving the lunchroom hungry.

Anyone who brings a lunch from home should be allowed to bring whatever they want. No teacher or cafeteria worker should be allowed to take it away from them. I hope that never happens here in Lawrence. It has been reported in other states.

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What’s the most important factor in choosing a college?

Possible scholarships.

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Letter: Mental health issue

Mental health care has gone downhill since the Menninger Hospital in Topeka closed. Lawrence desperately needs to help our citizens. I received a letter from Headquaters, Inc. in Lawrence asking for a donation to help with the mentally ill. Does anyone know anything about this group?

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Letter: Mental health issue

I tried to read this link but it is upside down on the screen.

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City officials working to fix concrete cracks at Rock Chalk Park recreation center

Shoddy workmanship for a lot of money.

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Managing editor: Here's what readers said at our first Coffee and a Newspaper session

How about better comics? Some of the ones run now are stale or just not entertaining. Frank and Ernest, Pogo, etc. would be better than Doonsbury. When will the survey come out again asking which comics to keep and which to drop?

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Managing editor: Here's what readers said at our first Coffee and a Newspaper session

Do not report that alcohol MAY have been involved in a traffic accident. Unless you can report that alcohol WAS involved, do not include it in the article. I know someone who lost their sick leave because the paper reported alcohol may have been involved. He does not drink. The police report and the hospital records did not include such information. Channel 6 is guilty of this, too.

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Do you still send out Christmas cards?

E-mail Christmas greetings are convenient and clever but tend to be impersonal. I send cards through the mail.

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