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Nurse's lawsuit alleges that Lawrence Memorial Hospital falsified records

My doctor thought I was having a stroke and called ahead to LMH to let them know I was coming. When we entered the emergency room, my son had to fill out all the paperwork before they would let us through the door to ER. It was almost an hour before I received the help I needed. Fortunately, the stroke was not severe.

LMH advertises that it is in the top 100 hospitals in the country. They do not acknowledge that those 100 hospitals are community hospitals and not all hospitals. I do not have much respect for LMH.

They let my grandson walk around on two broken ankles;- misdiagnosed my mother and she later died in a Wichita hospital.

There are hospitals in Topeka and KC but sometimes in emergencies, there isn't time to go there. People just have to take a chance with LMH and hope for the best.

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SLT project would create major changes for west Lawrence traffic; city auditor urges more protection of certain City Hall files

Ask some of the KU engineering students to come up with a better plan. I bet they could do it and it wouldn't cost a fortune/

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

Please remember that Federal Grant money is still taxpayers' money. Just because it is there does not mean it has to be spent.

I have an option 3 to the engineers' option 1 and 2. Leave Kasold alone. The four-way stop at Kasold and Harvard works just fine. I have traveled this stretch of road several times a week and have not noticed excessive speed. Put a crossing guard at Harvard and Kasold if there is a problem with children crossing the street.

The money spent on Kasold could be better used on streets in east Lawrence and north Lawrence where there are streets with little pavement, no curbs and no sidewalks.

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Great Kaw Adventure to pay tribute to physical activity, environmental awareness

With Topeka dumping their raw sewerage into the Kansas River plus runoff from cattle yards and fertilizer from farm fields, I can't imagine anyone wanting to be in, on, or near the river. When fishermen are warned not to eat the fish caught near the Bowersock Dam in Lawrence, that should be the first clue.

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Kobach: Trump correct on immigration proposals

Your plan may work all but #3.People who are here illegally should not be put on a path to citizenship. Too many people are waiting to come into the country legally. It would be unfair to them.

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Lawrence Planning Commission recommends approval of SLT shopping center

How close to this is the Wakarusa River?

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Opinion: Black lives demand focus

When will the black community protest the drive-by shootings of blacks by other blacks. Seven children have been killed this year in Kansas City due to these shootings. What is the black communities defense on that?

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Editorial: Kasold questions

I have noticed no speeding in the 8 block area to be affected. Kasold is one of the few roads going across town from north of Peterson Road to 31st street. I cannot envision a round-about at Harvard and Kasold without taking out someone's yard.

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Large class sizes at some Lawrence elementary schools concern parents

Transportation costs are a big part of the budget. Students in east Lawrence north of 15th St. are bussed across town to Free State when Lawrence HIgh is much closer. Hutton Farms elementary students are bussed to Sunset on 9th St. Students north of Peterson road are bussed across town to Central Jr. High.

Athletic teams are bussed sometimes to out-of-state tournaments such as the one in Enid, OK. These trips cost a lot of money. Some trimming needs to be done in the transportation area. Maybe then a teacher could be hired for a classroom.

The excuse that money cannot be transferred from one account to another is always the district's excuse..

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