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Garden Variety: Companion plantings can help deter insects

We had marigolds in our garden last summer and were amazed in the fall at the number of Monarch butterflies they attracted.

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Publicly traded firm buys Lawrence-based engineering company; Holiday Inn closing banquet area for renovations; city to consider adding police dogs to force

The area behind the United Way building is not an ideal place for senior citizens to be living. It is close to the high crime area of Redbud Lane. I hope these older people do not become victims of those who would prey upon them.

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Lawrence conference center feasibility study due mid-February

Hopefully, the people who are elected in the April election will consider the Lawrence community's wishes before they spend any more tax money on this type of project. Most of these projects are coming from monied people. Let them spend their own money for their projects.

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ACLU asks Lawrence schools to suspend mentoring program

Title IX has been to the detriment of boys. KU now has more women's athletics than men. Excellent men's tennis and swim teams were eliminated so more women's sports teams could be added. The men on these teams were excellent students who had 4.0 or near 4.0 grades. They often were at the top of the scholastic scale of the athletic teams. With their sport eliminated, those who were underclassment transferred to other universities.

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Lawrence voters overwhelmingly approve keeping local option budget at 33 percent

My property tax keeps going up and my home valuation keeps going down. Explain that.

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Lawrence voters overwhelmingly approve keeping local option budget at 33 percent

If you own that much property in Lawrence, you probably don't have to worry about money. Some of us do.

I thought the big push for this was that it would not increase taxes or property tax.

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What do you think about a straight-party voting option?

Bad idea. People need the freedom to cross party lines when they vote.

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Wicked Broadband pulls request for $300,000 loan guarantee

I wonder what kind of e-mail the Wicked owner sent Farmer?

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Letter: Premier facility

The flaws in Rock Chalk Park need to be completely fixed before any more money is given to the contractors. One million dollars is a lot of money and should be withheld until the audit is complete.

Fiscal responsibilty is of the utmost importance.

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