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Opinion: Unusual presidential race is shaping up

Hillary would be 70 years old when the election is over. A little old for someone starting a four year term. -

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Bill Self and Scot Pollard team up to buy Mass. Street property; BBQ event coming to Rock Chalk Park

I hope the move of the BBQ event is temporary. Broken Arrow Park has been a great location. Plenty of room and not too much problem with parking.

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Lawrence high school students compete at state music festival

There are so many talented musicians in the Lawrence School District. Best wishes. I know you will do well.

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Letter: Stagnant city

Also, very few of these rental places are affordable to the average wage earner. With such a glut of vacancies, rents should be much lower.

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Retired Lawrence firefighter killed in Reno County crash

Unless it says on the police report that alcohol was involved, don't mention it in the story. I know someone who lost his sick leave because his employer read that alcohol may have been involved. The driver was not a drinker and the accident was a faulty vehicle.

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Citing changing times and 'growing losses,' KU announces Jaybowl will close

I am sorry to hear the Jaybowl is closing. It is one of the few places kids who are underage or adults who don't care for the bar scene can go for entertainment.

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Kansas State Board of Education to vote on allowing 'innovative' districts to hire unlicensed teachers

It takes more than knowing a subject well to be a teacher.

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Journal-World's Chad Lawhorn a winner of 2015 Kansas News Enterprise Award

Congratulations, Chad. I have always enjoyed and appreciated your columns. The stories are informative and well written. I usually find something in them to smile about. A well deserved award for your work.

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Letter: Climate change

I am old enought to know how to be courteous.

I, too, remember extremes of weather. I grew up during the 1930's dust bowl era. Record highs and lows listed each day show many of these records were set in the late 1880's and the 1930's. I doubt those extremes were caused by carbon emissions.

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