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Update on Spin pizza coming to Lawrence; keep eyes open for another hotel project; more updates on northwest development

What is going to happen to the KFC building at 6th and Wakarusa south of McDonald;s? Any word on the Steak and Shake building on 31st st?

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Lawrence Parks and Recreation to hire new concessions vendor

I, too, was disappointed that HyVee would open such an operation. It just doesn't seem to fit to have a bar in a grocery store.

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Band Day 2016

Why did the parade start at 8 a.m. when the game did not start until 1:30?

We used to start at 9 or 10 and still make to the Hill on time to practice on the field before lunch.

Nice pictures.

So glad to see KU has returned to the blue uniforms with red overlays.

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Super 8 owner who stabbed his wife sentenced to more than five years of probation

His culture should have nothing to do with the sentencing. He stabbed someone. Nothing else should be considered.

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Lawrence City Commission votes against Kasold Drive lane reduction

Thank you to the city commissioners who voted this plan down. The round-about at Harvard and Kasold is still a bad idea. Any driver coming up the hill from Lawrence Ave. is going to be challenged when they reach the round-about, esp. in winter when the roads are slick.

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Traffic backups close down Grinter Farms sunflower field for day

Channel 4 news reported it was thought to be social media that caused the sudden increase in visitors this year. More than 2000 over last year. It is a beautiful sight to see.

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Water tests find low levels of lead in some Lawrence drinking water

My water tastes awful but it always does this time of year. My house was built in 1991 so I doubt it is the plumbing.

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Lawrence sixth-grader honors family's history with great-grandfather's horn

I know you will take care of it, Jackson. French horn is one of the most difficult instruments to play but I am sure you will succeed. I hope there is a secure place to keep it at school.

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Douglas County feels earthquake with epicenter in Oklahoma

The best comment yet. Thank you.

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Lawrence City Commission to decide on Kasold Drive reconstruction design

This plan is just wrong. Kasold is the only north-south road in Lawrence that goes from the North Industrial Park by I-70 to 31st St. Other north-south roads only go from 31st to 6th St.

There is more traffic on Kasold than the city staff and the engineers who are pushing for this realize or want to admit.

A three lane road is going to cause a bottle -neck. A round-about at Kasold and Harvard is unrealistic considering the hill from Lawrence Ave. to Harvard.

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