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The birds and bees of ferns: KU professor's research proves mainstream science textbooks wrong

Interesting article. Who would have guessed? Congratulations on a successful research project.

There should be no problem getting publishers to print an updated edition of a textbook. That is how they make money on their overpriced textbooks.

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Downtown convenience store set to close; where Kansas ranks on list of states most likely to lose college graduates

I agree with Janet. I lived and taught in the public school system in Oklahoma for several years. There is a sense of pride and loyalty there that I have not encountered in any other place I have lived.

A lack of opportunity for a good job might have something to do with the college grads leaving.

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First Amendment scholars question KU’s immediate discipline of cheerleaders connected to ‘Kkk go trump’ social media post

If someone used the young lady's phone and was responsible for the posting, the KU athletic dept. owes her more than an apology. And, yes, I am an alum.

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Restaurant files plans to become first in downtown to have rooftop dining; popular KC restaurant closes its Lawrence location

The Lawrence Jazz was nothing like the one in KC. The food, service and prices left a lot to be desired.

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Douglas County residents, the federal government says you made a lot more money in 2015

It is hard to believe $38,000 is the average wage in Douglas County. This must be the average wage after the million dollar coaches salaries are figured into the mix.

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Facing possibility of closure, Headquarters Counseling Center starts fundraising campaign

This organization is a necessity. Please donate if you can.

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How to fill a $350 million budget hole in six months

If the top 1% would have to pay taxes, Kansas would not be in economic distress.

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Update on judicial retention as Johnson County votes still being counted; Politico report mentions Brownback as possible Trump cabinet member; some numbers to ponder

Wasn't Brownback a Senator a few years ago? If so, he has been to Washington before.

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National free speech group says KU is among schools with codes that ‘violate’ the First Amendment; University Senate free speech committee continues meeting

The Supreme Court has skewed the meaning of free speech to include such things as burning the American flag. Free speech has too broad a definition.

Shawn, I agree that free speech to some people means only if a person agrees with them.

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