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Lawrence City Commission's maximum budget would include mill levy increase

Why have a city manager if the commission ignores his recommendations? They plan to spend the money anyway. If they have the money or not, they will spend it.

The city auditor needs to stay. After viewing the latest audit, it is obvious some things are not what they should be.

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Street maintenance funding $3 million less than requested in 2017 budget proposal

Money could be saved by leaving Kasold as it is. Don't try to fix something that is not broke.

Street maintenance is one program that should not be skimped.. No driver wants to drive on streets that are full of cracks and potholes.

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Huelskamp draws opposition from Chicago Cubs and WWE owners

Paragraph 7 "she is the husband" ? Does this need to be corrected.

Interesting article. We don't know who is funding many of the political ads.

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Lawrence ranked as a top city in the Midwest; reggae festival coming to downtown; Herbert issues apology for Topeka comments

If you have ever been to Traverse City, MI. you will know why it won. It has a lot more to offer than beer and wine.

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Capital city begs to differ with Commissioner Matthew Herbert's Topeka bashing; Herbert apologizes

Private donations is the way to go. Apparently, Topeka was successful in getting that kind of funding.

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Signs that a large chain fabric store is coming to town; Kansas community has best Main Street in USA, and it is not Lawrence

Now if Emporia could just get rid of the smell from the meat processing plants,esp. in August.

Judy, I agree - too many bars.

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What's the farthest you've ever run?

1 mile - a long time ago.

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