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Crews extinguish 'heavy fire' at Bigg's on Mass

Having restaurants in old buildings is risky at best. The wood in some of the downtown buildings is a century old and have to be dry as tinder. Next time you are downtown, look up to see the dates on some of these structures.

Glad everyone got out in time.

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No asterisk necessary: Jayhawks come back to win Big 12 outright

A great win. Thanks to everyone who was involved in any way.

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Loveland, Harmon win school board primary, will face off in April 7 general election

Which schools will Loveland want to close next?

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Plans being developed for former Sunrise Garden Center in eastern Lawrence; sales tax numbers show local holiday spending down slightly

Will there be any unpleasant odors from the tofu manufacture? I lived in a town with a cheese processing plant and in the summer, the smell of the kurds and whey was overpowering.

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Missouri man charged in Lawrence triple shooting near KU

Attempted murder should be the charge.

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Compton purchases former Borders Bookstore site; Incumbents, Rasmussen leading the pack in City Commission fundraising

A person doesn't have to spend a lot of money to be a serous candidate. Maybe Lawrence needs more people without money resources to run for the city commission. Then maybe the general public would be listened to by the commission..

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Kansas House delays vote on bill easing marijuana penalties

Boog is trying to legalize marijuana in Kansas. That was part of his platform while running for election.

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Kansas Senate approves concealed carry of guns without training or permit

Bad idea to just let any one have a gun with no training.

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Kansas Senate passes bill that would move local elections to November

Another example of state government intruding on local politics.

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