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Lawrence's newest Wal-Mart opens to public

Its funny to see how people complain about having to drive 30 minutes across town to get to walmart, and their answer is to put one on the other side. Has anyone cared to guess why the hell it takes 30 minutes to get across lawrence? It is ridiculous. The planning is horrible. Walmart just contributed to the 14th stoplight on 6th street within probably an 8 mile distance. Congratulations.

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Traffic problems spur city to restripe Tennessee St.

I agree... what about 9th street. NO lines

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Severe thunderstorm warning for Douglas County has been canceled; severe thunderstorm watch still in effect

I believe the weather service announcement is required by law. I got it in Kansas City, and am getting it here.

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State revenues miss projections in latest quarter

Breaking news? Economy problems?

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Northwest Lawrence Dillons set for expansion

well, im just glad that within a mile distance, i will have 3 grocery stores to choose from.Walmart <- will never go there, they are dirty as hellDillions <- OKHyVee <- BetterI think we need another one somewhere in town. I counted up 13 with the new walmart, and having an odd number of grocery stores for a town the size of lawrence is just insulting.

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Northwest Lawrence Dillons set for expansion

Mr_B_PositiveThere is a BIG ***** difference between a super walmart and a residential business like a McDonalds. If it was zoned so close for residential and commercial, then shame on the city. PISS POOR planning. I see that they plan on doing some changes the the adjacent street on 6th to keep traffic from going through the neighborhood, should i except something to block off the traffic around and behind the Walmart. haven't heard anything. I also wonder what you mean by progress? 2 super Walmarts, 4 Dillions, 2 Hy-vees, a target, the Merc, a Checkers, and an Aldis... couldn't be a regular walmart, had to add more food stores.. good gawd

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Northwest Lawrence Dillons set for expansion

im glad they are expanding. Anything to take business away from that walmart that butts up against the residential neighborhoods. What a stupid design and idea to put a large SUPER WALMART! next to a neighborhood. People around 24 fricken 7, the traffic lights, the noise, gawd... way to drop home values.

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Wetlands supporters prepare for next battle

build it

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Douglas County under tornado watch until 3 a.m.

After that first big wind storm, lets hope they haven't forgotten how to sound the siren if needed.

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Wal-Mart nearly ready to build city's new store

Im glad to see they are taking care of the neighborhood south of 6th, but what about the neighbor hoods behind this new Walmart. I sure am glad, when I look out my window, I will see traffic and the garbage that is the back of Walmarts.

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