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T's future hinges on sales tax vote

Why not switch the plan from sales tax to "tourist" tax - hotels, motels, restaurants - with the recent successes of KU athletics - more out of towners will be spending time during the athletics seasons in Lawrence - make them pay for our problems.

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The national minimum wage is $5.85 per hour. Kansas' minimum wage is $2.65 per hour. What do you consider to be a fair minimum wage?

At $7.50/hour, 40 hrs a week, 52 weeks/year, you would make a whopping $15K a year. Try living on that.

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Ex-official helps erect anti-evolution billboard

It's a nice idea to sum up the idea of entropy in the tendency for things towards disorder. But in actual scientific studies, entropy is an energy factor. Laws state that energy is conserved. Nature dictates that certain things last longer than others. The things that last longer are therefore "surviving" and therefore sustaining a particular genetic strain over those that aren't. Is that increasing disorder? Not really, but if you sum the total energy of the loss due to order and the gain due to the loss of species, etc. they should even out and conserve all energy. Maybe that is the debate someone is looking for (I doubt it).

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KU profs support evolution skepticism

1 - I would like to make note that they make no supposition on this petition about an alternative theory - only that scientists should continue to question things. This is what scientists do. In fact the petition states at the very top of it, and almost any scientist would agree with the statement - "We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural
selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the
evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged." No scientist would ever challenge that careful examination should continue. This petition makes no claim about any other theory that exists as being scientific or not. Perhaps public relations should get out of the science business and let the rest of us get back to work.

3- there are plenty of full prof's and emertius and highly recognized faculty members that will encourage research that challenge any hypothesis.

2- It's interesting that the University of Kansas will make no comment about professors being published in newspapers about questioning Darwinian theory but provide no such backing for those that support it.

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