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KU law student organizing animal cruelty prosecution clinic

One is not exclusive of the other.

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A family affair: Josh Selby, Tyshawn Taylor hot topics at season-ending banquet

tuschkahouma--I'm not sure why wanting our KU basketball players to play as part of a TEAM means that we have an unhealthy attitude. And I would say that we are doing just fine when it comes to competing with Kentucky and Duke. Are you knowledgeable about KU basketball over the years? Or are you just here to get in your shots?

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Monster in the making: Markieff Morris no longer just ‘the other twin’

Wow, you've got it all figured out.

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Wind industry could take toll on Kansas highways

How much time have you spent in Kansas? When ISN'T the wind blowing...

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Kansas House gives preliminary approval to voter ID bill

Yet another fool who parrots every talking point ever heard...I hope you feel secure in your beliefs. Have you ever bothered to research anything?

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Texas snaps streak, Jayhawks cope with loss of Thomas Robinson's mother

geekin_topekan: Nicknames have been around a lot longer than so-called G-speak.

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Website picks Lawrence among top 10 college towns in nation

Then you don't know much about Lawrence.

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K-State's Curtis Kelly to sit out 6 total games for NCAA infraction

It says "while purchasing clothes" not "by purchasing clothes." Any number of things could happen WHILE purchasing clothes.

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Police investigating unattended death outside the Out House

Wow, you sure have a lot of great opinions and great advice.

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