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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

I vote NO on the blah uniforms..........

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Government costs

As stated above City/State salaries are well below that of the private sector, they make it up with benefits. How else would they get anyone to apply for the job. Sure our benefits are good (I'm not KPERs) but not having a raise in 3 years is hard to take. When we got raises it was 1-3% at best. Blame the elected officials for the good benefits and not the workers. And the comment about "nearly impossible for an employee to get fired by the govt no matter how crappy and lazy the employee is", get real, people get fired here just like everywhere else.

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Obamacare Doomed! Here's the Loophole that Anyone Can Exploit!

Another worthless article....

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State extends period to renew vehicle tags

No, this what we will be calling the good old days. It is only going to get worse.

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Basehor man dies in motorcycle wreck near Linwood

My condolences to the family.
And what a bunch of moronic posters we have today, Far Right & Far Left comments. Do you have to get your politics into every sad situation.

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Subsidized loans another entitlement

+100 to Orwell

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Sound Off: Is it legal if a person has parked their vehicle in their driveway, but a portion of the

I once had a neighbor that had shrubs that blocked the view of on coming traffic at an intersection. So I talked to them about the problem. Oh, well what did I get for being nice and polite, getting yelled at for "my problem not theirs". So called the city and they had to cut a few of their shrubs down, now I get dirty looks and snide comments from them. So next time I'll just call the city and take the stress out of it. So much for doing it yourself.

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Latest tax cut proposal drives state budget to major shortfalls, according to projection

Kansas is headed to the crapper with this "Great leadership". Whatever happened to moderation. Far Right and Far Left politicians need to think of the people not themselves. Just do your job.

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Kansas Legislature staring at extra days

I agree, let them work (that was a joke in case anyone missed it) without pay after the deadline.

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