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Failure of Lawrence airport weather station adds mystery to Saturday's storm

So how long was the outage each time on the Weather Station?

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Internet and cable outages reported as WOW services convert to new company

I agree, it can't be any worse than this.

June 30, 2017 at 9:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Internet and cable outages reported as WOW services convert to new company

Where is the update article for Friday night?
Is it all working, are things still up in the air.
No estimates on household affected and for how long?
Where are the reporters on this, or are they not answering questions.....

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Kansas lawmakers call out Kobach on 'culture of corruption' charge

Another Trump clone, throw sh!t up and see what sticks. Never tells the truth, just the truth he has made up.
Let's not go through this Kansas.

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Midco service outages leave exasperated residents and businesses in the lurch

Hours on the phone, 3 calls not returned and 36 plus hours of cable problems.
The only tech I ever reached was the same person, 2 calls, seems weird.
Finally I printed out my cable card info and read it to him, after 68 minutes on hold, so he could enter it in the system. Whoa, it now works. 36 hours of hell dealing with Midco.

June 29, 2017 at 9:56 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Midco continues to address outages following conversion from WOW; 'vast majority' now have service

After many hours on the phone and 2 call backs not received and no resolution for my problems I have realized that companies just don't plan for roll-outs well enough. They just figure a "I'm sorry" will make everyone happy.
How about reimbursing all of us for our time and trouble, not to mention loss of service that is paid for.

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Drawing Attention: Midco rolls out a tangled mess

Well I have to agree with the cartoon..........
Cable TV above channel 218 are unavailable, called last night and was on hold for 75 minutes. Talked to a rep and gave him info to allow one TV to work, then was told it would be "a while" for the changes to take effect and I would get a call back at 10 am for an update. This morning no call back and still not working. Called again and was allowed to give a call back number and save my place in line............ 2 hours later no call back.
Just called again and gave my cell phone number to call back, let's see what happens.

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WOW outage problems traced to conduit infiltration at bridge; customers to be offered refunds for service disruption

About 6:15 on Monday I noticed I was without an internet connection.
Rebooted my Modem, Wireless router and computer 3 times before I got a connection to the internet.
I thought "Oh NO not again".
On Saturday and Sunday I didn't need to reboot my internet connection just came back. Oh, I'll be glad when Midco takes over for WOW.

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The Lawrence argument that won't end: To build more retail or to not build more retail; commissioners prepare to hear SLT shopping center proposal on Tuesday

So you wouldn't drive all the way to Rock Chalk Park because it is to far???? What about all of us that live in the Northwest part of town and have to drive to South Iowa to do our shopping. Is that fair..... I try to shop in Lawrence whenever I can. Sounds like you would rather shop in KC.
Spread the shopping businesses all over town & not just in one or two large areas.

January 4, 2016 at 2:02 p.m. ( | suggest removal )