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Lawrence High Lions aim high this winter

Coaches, when you make remarks about your upcoming season, you need to think before you speak! Past players do read the local paper and these comments can sure be a kick in the gut for players that put their all into their teams!

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About 100 Douglas County Westar Energy customers still without power

Still no power at my house. South of Lawrence 2 miles. And I would agree...the storm was not that bad out by my house. The wind was sure not 70 mph, so why do we have no electricity and in town where there are trees and limbs down everywhere....there is electricity?

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Worried for future

riverrat....I agree!

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Worried for future

Ms. Martin....just to let you know that my family has been involved with the 4-H program here in Douglas County for 25 years, and I can tell you that they are some of the finest kids you will find. Your letter to the Editor really bothers me because you are assuming that they are in the 4-H program, and that you are worried about that program and what it is teaching. I can tell you that 99.9% I do not think that these kids are in the 4-H program so you assuming that they are just because they are at the fair is very disturbing! My kids are not in this picture, but I can tell you that this is nothing compared to what you will see if you visit a Junior High or High School in Lawrence or Baldwin. I have visited both and this is very mild to what I have seen in the school. So do not worry about what the 4-H/FFA program is teaching the kids, I am proud of all the 4-H kids and what they represent.

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K-State coach Huggins going to West Virginia

shockchalk, obviously you don't play competitive sports. I played basketball in High School and College. My kids play competitive basketball, and yes it does help a "good" team to play good teams. If you play so, so teams all the time, you start making stupid mistakes, and then it keeps happening over and over. If we played harder teams all year round, and beat them by a lot I would say it makes for a much better rounded team. Any individual should know that, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. That is also why 2A schools don't play 6A schools, but when they do, it sure helps out both the schools, not just the 2A school.

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K-State coach Huggins going to West Virginia

countrygirl is correct, this does hurt the Big 12. Yes, it's great winning but we need the Big 12 to be competitive. If both the recruits go with Huggie, it will hurt KU. And hawkwatch71, Beasley was going to K-State because of Huggins, not because of the school. Bill Walker also went there for that same reason, Beasley will follow Huggins, he and Walker were recruited by him and where he goes that is where Beasley will go. He can follow him with no penalty, poor Walker, I feel sorry for him more than anyone. Beasley already said he would go to what ever school Huggins was at. Most players go where they like the coach, and when being recruited, that is a big part of why you pick a school. Why would you think that Beasley would come to KU?

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On the record

wlpywd, it is in the paper today under the story:

Church needs more repairs after tower's collapse, rooftop rescue
By Eric Weslander (Contact)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

In today's LJW.

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Morgan, Loveland return to school board

I agree with the others. How could we let Morgan and Loveland back on the school board? I would have thought that Morgan wouldn't be back after he ran and LOST. Guess someone talked him into trying again. This time, Lawrence voted him in, and in a big way! It hasn't been that long ago, do we have a lot of new voters?

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Western precincts appear to have stronger voting turnout

Roadkill, you really crack me up. But here again, let's just think of our little KU town that's all great and wonderful. That's also what the paper wants us to think, so let's do that. But if you want reality, talk to people that work for the LPD or even spend a lot of time downtown. But everyone is allowed their own opinions. I do realize that, and I respect yours and you need to respect mine. I have lived in Lawrence way to long to not have seen it going down hill.

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