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Do you think Lawrence Police should focus on college students' off-campus behavior?

Everyone's off campus behavior should be scrutinized. It is the big world, students need to understand how society works and what is expected of them. If they didn't get the training at home on how to blend into society then I suppose the police are the ones who will help them with their tutoring. College is more than an on campus experience, it would appear some are finding that out.

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Senate approves bill allowing alcohol consumption in Statehouse

Why is this a good Idea? I have worked at a few places during my working days and I don't recall alcohol every being served or sold in any of them. As a matter of fact you could loose your job over its use or abuse. Maybe the message here is they aren't doing anything anyway so lets get juiced.

Where is Brownhack on this boondoggle. Surely he will bring hell fire and brimstone down on these clowns for even thinking it s good idea.

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Topeka man injured in accidental shooting at Perry Lake

One of the topics of discussion in the concealed carry training course is the restriction of carrying or handling a fire arm when legally intoxicated, .08% in Kansas. No where in the news article did it mention that this individual possessed a concealed carry permit, although he may have in fact been carrying a concealed weapon. Some of the individuals made reference to concealed carry in their comments. This is exactly how misinformation, uninformed opinions are formed and conveyed to others. The gun topic in general is a red hot one right now. Comments made that are not based on fact are only misleading at best. I would also think it would be common sense by now that booze and firearms, cars, motorcycles, boats, power tools, heavy equipment, etc. don't mix well. Why can't we get it!!!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A poet warrior fights to tell story of Vietnam

I had the honor of working with John in the late 70's at TRW. Even then, he was soft spoken and never wasted many words. I have known many other vets from that war and none of them came back the same. The military experience, and certainly combat leaves an imprint on you that lasts until you receive last taps. And now with all of the troops coming home from our last two wars I hope the peace carnage will some how subside. We and our government need to do more for these women and men who come home and try to pick up the pieces and carry on. They are hurting every waking hour, and their sleep ain't to good either. I don't pretend to know the answer, but losing them at the rate we are is a shame, and such a waste of young and potentially productive people.

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Police officer testifies family believed two children, ages 5 and 7, possessed by demons

This ladies 911 call has had such an impact on so many lives enough can't be said about it! I don't want to hold trial in this posting but I know in my heart this womans brave actions saved the lives of these children. Too many times we get the news about the bodies being found somewhere. This one, relatively speaking, has a happy ending for the kids. As for the parents, I know justice won't be served. Although most feel they know their intent, proving anything really happened beyond child neglect will be tough.

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City says it underbilled two Lawrence golf courses by $325,000, seeks settlement

As long as the CC's didn't do anything illegal in regard to this situation, the city has to eat the cost. It is completely the cities responsibilty. Their purchased technology, their equipment, their administration policies, their oversite, etc. In private industry, a company making this kind of mistake will usually have to bear the cost of their mistake.

If the meter system was incompatable with its componet's who's responsibility is it? Why didn't the city recognize the error sooner than it did either in the gallons being used or the billing amount charged to the CC's. Poor or no software to monitor these situations and/or poorly trained or incompetent personel including managment right up to the city managers office door. $325,000.00 is a lot of money, but as we all know education costs are constantly going up.

Based on past performance on the city's behalf. Why would anyone believe the new numbers that have surfaced. Where did they come from? Why are they better than the old ones. What facts went in to generate those numbers. Why do they need the money now? The city has been operating just fine for the last few years with out this revenue.

The city always has the ace in the hole. The wrench to the meter. Some one should file something legal to stop city government from shutting off the water as a means choking the bucks out the CC's. This needs to be settled in court. I have no affilation with either of the CC's and never have had and don't care if the float or sink, but I don't think it is fair to go after them and hold them hostage for something they had nothing to do with.

Did the CC's recognize they were getting a deal on the water. Who knows. The city made the abitrary decision to switch to a new bigger, smarter technology. Who wants to second guess that. What good would it have done. My vote is the city gets to eat the whole nut.

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Gov. Sam Brownback warns of storm dangers

He can't afford to loose any tax base. He could care about us!

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Hallmark to offer buyouts to long-term employees, including those in Lawrence plant

A prudent, responsible, and classy approach to their situation. A lot of companies would have had a blood letting and have been done with it. They have a responsibility to their company to run it profitably. Requires running it to scale.

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Concealed-carry changes

For the most part all of this discussion has never, and will never go any where or change anyones mind on where they are regarding concealed carry or guns period. Why don't we get some bad guys opinion on this topic. You know the ones who bust into your homes, rape women, hold up stores and people, defend their drug turf, car jack, and just shoot the hell out of things because someone disrespected them, or so they think. Their take on it is real simple, they pack 24/7 and really don't care what the law says.

We as citizens should not be required to have a permit as long as you are not a felon, and of course there are a couple more reason 4 sure. The bottom line is that 40k people in this state have permits to carry. What has the permit accomplished?? Who does the permit protect??
The bad guys don't care, their still packing, and banging. One thing that I see it does is generate some revenue for the counties and state, and not much of that. The whole constitutional argument is mute. If you need to protect yourself by all means and by any means do so. You folks can continue to explore your navels if you want, I prefer to be locked and loaded.

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Kansas Senate leader rejects bill to allow guns on college campuses

Its not about land acreage, its about population density and the age group and maturity level of the people packing heat. I don't really think if the carry or not will make much difference about anything. The one that won't change is that the bad guys always are carrying and they really don't care what the laws are at any level. So you have a choice of either protecting yourself on a sanctioned level or not. This is as debatable topic as abortion. Actually, in some cases it could be regarded as retroactive abortion.

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