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Kansas House wants to block funding to Planned Parenthood clinics, even though funds don't pay for abortion

John Kyl from Arizona said 90% of Planned Parenthood is abortions and when questioned about it his office said the statement was "not meant to be factual".

So apparently anyone can say anything they want as long as it is not meant to be factual.

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Kansas House advances bill putting restrictions on sexually oriented businesses

Without bans it really wasn't possible to go anywhere without being accosted with smoke. Every restaurant had a smoking section and it was unbearable to be anywhere in the building. If the establishment banned smoking then there would be a huddle of people outside the door smoking so patrons would have to walk through the cloud to get in. I may actually go to the Sporting KC matches this summer because to smoke there you actually have to cross the street and be off property.

Smoking is long term suicide and suicide is illegal right? Smoking causes health problems which in turn increase medical premiums costing taxpayers billions.

It is no ones right to force smoke on another person. People that are not trying to kill themselves shouldnt have to hide in their homes while self-centered jerks parade around killing themselves.

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Brownback named in complaint about C Street House; spokesman denies the allegation


When you said "as we vote against any and every democrat we can find" you paint yourself as one of the reasons our country is in this situation. That tells me that you could care less about issues or ethics. You do no research you just check R. Vote the candidates not the party.

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