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Do you like snow?

Hell NO! If I had my 'druthers" & the money to survive, I'd return to San Diego, Ca. I loved the weather there, but the cost of living was too high. I now live in the Missouri Ozarks (Branson) & love the climate and the fact that there is always something changing. The people are nearly all from somewhere else in this GREAT COUNTRY, & extremely friendly. Having grown up in Lawrence, the scenery is much better, and I am used to driving on steep roads. These offer a challenge due to all the twists & turns.
After living here for ten years, one can immediately pick out the tourists from the locals by the way they drive. I would NEVER return to Kansas much less Lawrence in the Winter due primarily to the fact that when it snows, the brunt of the storms seem to by-pass us and hit the metro area of Springfield (except two years ago, when we received 12" of the white stuff. Yuck!) We get 1" - they get 4-6" & most of the blizzards. Again I HATE SNOW!!

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Mental exam for suspect in chase that killed girl

Mr. Uhrich: Seems to me you should spend time riding with or undergoing LEO training. When faced with someone threatening bodily to the officers or to the general public with the use of DEADLY FORCE, the officers will use deadly force to stop/subdue this individual.
It's too bad this child got caught in the crossfire, Don't blame the PD. I'm quite sure thy did not know that there was a child in the vehicle. Had they known they would have held return fire until the child was out of harm's way.
You seem to think the life of a cop is an easy one. It wasn't easy for Cpl. Harwood in Topeka last week. Don't you wish you could have prevented that shooting??

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Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

Yes, back in the late 80's when I lived in San Diego. I went out on a Sunday morning to get the paper and went back in sprawled out on the couch when I heard what I likened to a freight train rolling thru within a 1/4 mile from the house. OOPS! No trains anywhere near my house only passenger airlines coasting O/H coming in for a landing @ Lindberg Field. When the house began to shake, I realized it was an 'quake. Before I could get off the couch to rescue an antique clock sitting on a piece of furniture across the room, the shaking was over.
What worried me the most, was a water tower on top of the hill directly behind the house, If that thing were to spring a leak, my house and several others, would be history.
My other half & I were out pumpkin shopping one fall and we were standing about 15 feet apart when tremor hit. She felt it and I didn't. Of course locals don't fear small quakes and take them in stride, much like we here in the "plains" (you know where all the Indians & bison roam free) take thunderstorms in stride. I do at least! Tornados do not scare me. I know what to do if one comes....I would NOT hide in a bunker or a concrete shelter with only one way out, If debris falls on your only exit, you better be prepared to cut your way out if you want to survive.

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Man who allegedly struck Lawrence girl in crosswalk issued citation

The additional charge of Inattentive Driving is one that is difficult to prove in court unless the person signing the citation actually observed the person being charged doing something other than watching the road, an after the fact charge or charges are set up by the DA NOT the arresting officer. I'm sure the DA didn't/couldn't find significant evidence from the PD report and thus the only charge he could find is that the driver failed to YIELD to a Pedestrian in a Cross walk (or at an intersection) The pedestrian ALWAYS has the ROW at an intersection, marked crosswalk NOT controlled by a signal.
As to her medical bills resulting from this incident, the drivers insurance carrier will definitely pick up the tab. For the girls sake, I hope there are no lingering problems in the future resulting from being hit. I was hit from behind on a freeway in SD years ago and was treated for what I thought was a non existent whiplash and now some thirty years later I have lingering neck pains and since there was NO police/HP report, I am SOL!

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Witness: 12-year-old struck by car in downtown Lawrence 'flew 30 feet'

Many years ago when I took DRIVERS EDUCATION courses in the Lawrence Public school system, (something no longer offered due to cost restraints--sporting events are more popular) I was taught that PEDRESTRIANS, no matter what they were doing, or what their physical condition when they entered the crosswalk, the pedestrian had the RIGHT OF WAY at all crosswalks, whether that crosswalk was in the middle of the street or at an intersection.
IF all drivers no matter their age were to take a mandatory drivers education (refresher) course every two years, there would be fewer accidents involving pedestrians AND bicyclists.
Today with all the bicycles on the road, the bikers tend to think that they should be able to or allowed to ride in the center of an traffic lane whether it be on city streets or country road or out on the open road. Not so. Unless they have emended all uniform traffic codes in the last fifty years, that bicycle riders MUST yield to motor vehicles and pull to the right shoulder of the road and give said motor vehicle time to pass them safely.
Bike riders, no matter how fast or slow they can travel on the flat surface street or highway should not try to out run the automobile or give the motorist the evil eye or give that motorist the "fickle finger of fate" award just because they passed you doing the speed limit (now that's a laugh) or because you as a bike rider could not keep up with the flow of traffic.

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Will you visit a cemetery to pay respects to loved ones this weekend?

Unfortunately no, because all my family, for generations, is resting in the Vinland Cemetery, & I am in Branson, Mo, the friendliest place I have ever lived.

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Brother: Text message led to fatal Mother's Day shooting in East Lawrence

Without knowing these two indviduals, or knowing the messages content, If the victim had no weapon on his person (other than a spatula for turning burgers or some other tool used for cooking outside) and since he had no immediate way of defending himself, and since the shooter was using the staircase as "cover", it sounds to this layman, like a case of "Aggravated Assault" (with a weapon), or first degree murder as he entered the outing with the intent of doing bodily harm to someone.
Let us all go back to what we learned in Kindergarten : "Sticks Stones will Break my bones, but Names will never hurt me." In years past, if someone had a "beef" with another, it was settled with fists......NOT guns! Are the NRA members proud that another un-registered firearm did not do any body any harm, Why the need for guns? You don't need a gun to hunt for food.....there is plenty for everyone at the local grocery. "Don't take your guns to town, just leave your guns at home"

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City prepares to begin work to expand intersection at Sixth and Iowa streets

At a busy intersection such as this, why not limit construction to the nighttime hours- 11p.m. to 7 a.m. In this manner little disruption to traffic will occur. Thee is always some exception to the rule, but this intersection was designed and built in the early 1950's. Little if any changes, have been done since it's inception. I do not know the traffic statistics or that area, but as far back as I can remember, it has ben a nightmare for vehicles of all shapes & sizes.
Isn't about time to consider building a "fly-over" for traffic going Westbound to Southbound and doing away with the tunnels? After all, this is the 21st century & Lawrence is going to nothing but expand in the future years. This outdated "T" intersection is strictly outdated. I believe after living in larger as well as smaller communities over the years, that a solution such as the following would be feasible however the cost would no doubt knock one's socks off. I suggest that "fly-over" bridge be built to carry traffic going Westbound sixth to Southbound Iowa, and from Northbound Iowa to West-bound Sixth. Widening Iowa & sixth to accommodate a turning lane(s) from Northbound Iowa to Eastbound Sixth. A "fly-over also to take traffic going to the Turnpike would be allowed to continue Northerly to the toll road and business in that area. Princeton Ave would most likely be re-routed or closed t allow construction of access ramps.
My ideas, however flawed, but it is one solution to the growing nightmare at this corner of Lawrence.

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40 years ago: Gasoline to reach unaffordable price of 70 cents per gallon, energy official warns

If only.....I think we would ALL welcome with open arms 70 cent a gallon for gas. I think the oil companies are ripping us off!

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