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Whitewater group explains how $70 million Clinton Lake project would be funded; it involves help from the public and a new shopping center

What a great idea. I always wanted to my own private sales tax district and for a little money I can finally own shares in one. Instead of helping to pay for our schools, roads, police, fire department, and other city services I can stuff my pockets with sale tax money like I'm a big time Lawrence developer.

But seriously, how many times are we going to be sold the same scam? Why doesn't someone tell these guys we're broke? Don't they know that we've already spent all our money on a new recreation center and we'll be lucky to have the money to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of it.

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Lawrence City Commission to discuss parking problems as part of new plan

Brett, are you serious? What parking problem? How about the "longstanding parking issues" mentioned in this article? If there isn't a parking problem, why is the city commission and their consultants doing a new study and developing a strategic plan to fix the problem? It would seems to me they're wasting a lot of time and money if what you're saying is true. Believe it or not, we're not making this up. Just because you don't understand the problem and continue to repeat the same misinformed rhetoric isn't going to solve anything. I'm glad you don't think there is a parking problem, but there are a lot of people who disagree with you. Maybe you'd change your tune if someone built a seven story apartment building next to your house or your business with no additional parking to support it.

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Lawrence City Commission to discuss parking problems as part of new plan

Tony, the city did indeed do a study of downtown parking a decade ago and decided to build the parking garage at 9th and New Hampshire to fix the problem. The new garage was not only supposed to fix the parking problem downtown, it was also supposed to work as an incentive to developers to build new retail on New Hampshire street to make it similar to what we see on Mass. street. This new retail would have only needed short term parking for people to go shopping or grab quick a bite to eat downtown. But instead of the desired retail the parking garage was intended to bring, the city allowed huge apartment buildings to be built instead. These new apartments needed long term parking and they effectively took over the new garage. As long as the city continues to allow new apartments to be built downtown without new and adequate long term parking, we will continue to see this problem grow. If a developer wants to build a seven story apartment building downtown the city needs to require that they build a three story parking garage to meet the long term parking needs of their tenants.

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New plan in the works for downtown condo project that was denied incentives

Brett, the only thing we can be sure of is that in a hundred years we'll all be dead. Schumm owns valuable land downtown. It'll still be valuable no matter what he decides to do with it. If it isn't economically feasible for him to build beyond his own means so be it. Now, instead of the city giving him a tax handouts to help him to develop this property he's going to scale back on his plans because he's not going to be spending our money. Think of it like me needing to buy a car to get to work. I decide I'll buy a Ferrari if the city will give me $200,000 in tax breaks to do it. When the city rejects my proposal I still want a car and I decide to buy a Ford truck instead. What's wrong with that?

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HERE apartment complex near KU lands first two commercial tenants; more on the way

Brett, you're like a broken 80's Duran Duran record repeating the same weak comments over and over again. I hope the developers you're cheerleading for are paying you or at least allowing you to use their pool when they're away on vacation. The only thing antiquated about the parking requirements downtown are that there are none. Developers are building huge apartment buildings with no additional parking for all those new tenants who need long term parking. Brett, I'm sure you practice what you preach and only walk or ride a bike, right? So, maybe you'd like to give out your address so all the people who live in or near these new apartments downtown and now have fewer and fewer places to park their cars can park in your driveway or in front of your house? Come on Brett, how about it?

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Update on the future of East Lawrence's debated Quonset hut; longtime Lawrence chef joins local brewery project; more plans for affordable housing

Adam Williams, that's a great idea to buy the old Quonset building for possible expansion of the brewery. And taking on Ken Baker to help run the kitchen is another brilliant move. I can't wait to see what's on the menu. I think a project like this could really bring tourists and others from surrounding cities to our town. I know I'll be taking friends and out of town guests to check it. I'm real excited to see this place open.

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Plans emerge for nearly $15 million hotel project next to Rock Chalk Park

Well Mike, we can count the 23 million we tax payers put into developing this farm land in the middle of nowhere as the greatest of incentives bestowed on a private developer. Plus, I think the whole property has private tax district that gives a % of the tax collected directly to Fritzel. I'm glad to see Fritzel's gift is finally paying off handsomely for him and we as a community have an extra place to play pickup basketball when the real owners aren't using it.

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One of Lawrence's longtime Mexican restaurants to close at the end of the month

La Familia is a family favorite. I'm going to miss the chicken empanada and their sweet salsa. I can't understand why a landlord wouldn't want to renew a lease with a stable tenant like this restaurant. I hope this doesn't mean they're selling out to some deep pocketed apartment developer.

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City asked to financially back outdoor rec center at Clinton State Park

Better yet, I think we should put aside the city's tax revenue for the next 10 years, break it down into one dollar bills, stack it up in a big pile, throw some mud and dirt over it, and make a downhill skiing tourist attraction. Think of all the tourists we're missing because our neighbor next door already has skiing and whitewater rafting readily available. We could call it something cool like the Me First and the Gimme, Gimme, Public, Private, Artificial Downhill Ski Partnership.

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More information about the group behind the proposal to build large whitewater rafting, outdoor adventure park at Clinton Lake State Park

Why hasn't someone told these out of town developers that we already have all our tax dollars tied up with our own local developer's private pet projects. This reminds me though, the land out at Clinton Lake between the damn and arboretum would have been a great place to build our new recreation/sports complex. It already has the lake, the bike and walking trails, the ball diamonds and batting cages, and an indoor public exercise and workout facility would have been a great addition out there. Plus we wouldn't have had to pay Fritzel to build it, maintain it, and stuff his pockets with the proceeds from years of parking and concessions sales.

My question is why would anyone want to go to a man made white water rafting park in Kansas? If I wanted to take my family white water rafting I think I'd just book a trip to Colorado. Which reminds me, you know what else is a popular outdoor sport that we don't have here in Lawrence? Downhill skiing, and I think we need to change that if we're going to bring in more tourist to our city. If the city would give me a donation of 30 or 40 million and my own private tax district, I could build a small mountain out of discarded tires and other trash in the train park next to the fake skating ring by the library. People would come from miles around to ski and hang-glide and for a small fee of $30 (that goes directly to me in perpetuity for proposing, building, and giving it as a gift to the city) you could buy a lift ticket and parking pass and skii down Massachusetts street. Why would anyone leave KS to go skiing ever again? Let's bring those tourist dollars to Lawrence and built it here.

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