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Letter: Lawrence memories

Oh, so Chuck was offended that Dr. Kincaid referred to the young women as girls? I didn't realize that it was offensive to refer to young men and women as boys and girls. I must be getting old, too, because I'm having a hard time understand how someone is offended by that.

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Letter: Lawrence memories

Chuck, seriously? His describing the attractive women in the photograph as "all beauties" is offensive to you? That seems like another example of political correctness run amuck if you ask me. I don't mind people being honest and telling it like they see it. Look at the picture, I think his description is an accurate one. Am I missing something?

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New Lawrence mayor confident commission ready to tackle issues, rebuild trust

It's unfortunate that our mayor has to rebuild trust. And Jeremy, that time spent listening to people? Guess what, that's what we elected you to do. I hope you enjoy it, it's your job. I don't want to sound too negative, I'm happy to hear that you are listening and thinking about both sides of the issues. I'm open to hear what you have to say, too. I remember thinking you had some good ideas when you were running for office. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you've got planned to make our city a better place to live and visit.

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Bill Self and Scot Pollard team up to buy Mass. Street property; BBQ event coming to Rock Chalk Park

Jake, thanks for the information. I'm glad to hear the move is only a temporary one. I've always enjoyed these events at Broken Arrow Park. For some reason, the whole atmosphere there reminds me of a family reunion or a huge outdoor party family and friends. I'm eager to taste what everyone's going to be cooking up this year!

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Overland Park approves 165-mile bicycle network

I'm impressed that OP is doing something like this. KC is a great city to ride a bike and I'm happy to see that OP is committed to making it easier and safer for people to ride. Bicycles are probably one of the most efficient machines ever created and they're a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors. I'd love to see something like this happen in Lawrence. We do have many walking and bicycle paths and trails, but they don't seem to connect very well. As our roads and highways become more and more congested with cars the bicycle should be encouraged as an alternative form of transportation. Thumbs up OP!

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Lawrence community offers feedback on Ninth Street Corridor Project

Just another thought. Why don't we make the "art district" loop around our downtown? It could start informally at the Lawrence Arts Center or our new library where people could get a small map pointing out places of interest and other information on the artists and their work. It could be a loop people could walk going down New Hampshire or Vermont and crossing over at 6th Street and looping back at 11th Street and ending back at the Lawrence Art Center or Lawrence Library. Obviously Massachusetts Street would be prominently on display as a central point of the district, too. We'd basically just enhance or enlarge the scope of the art one sees on Mass. street now to include the two surrounding streets into the "district". It just makes more sense to me to keep visitors in our "commercial" district than to encourage them to walk around among new hotels and apartment buildings.

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Lawrence community offers feedback on Ninth Street Corridor Project

OK, so I'm just throwing this out there as a question, I'm not really opposed to the arts corridor one way or the other. Why is 9th street the only street being considered for this upgrade? It seems to me this "art district" is only going to benefit a couple of developers who have taken that area over. It's as if they've said to the city, build us a parking garage, give us tax abatements, give us our own tax district, and one last thing, give us some art and aesthetic improvements to make our investment look more presentable. It would be great if the new hotels and apartments in that area were helping to pay for these upgrades and improvements to their properties, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

So, that being said, if our goal is to have an "arts district" why don't we consider Vermont Street, New Hampshire Street, or even Massachusetts Street? I'd love to see an "arts district" starting at the turnpike in East Lawrence where out of town visitors get their first impression of our city. Imagine driving from I70 and seeing art and other improvements all the way from the turnpike, past the library, and down Vermont Street. Or it could start at the turnpike and continue down 6th and New Hampshire to the courthouse? I know the new loft apartments are supposed to be artist centric, but do they really need their own street, too? Again, I'm not really opposed to the idea, I'm just questioning why this is the only street being considered.

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Lawrence community offers feedback on Ninth Street Corridor Project

I agree with you about the Dillon's store. It was nice of the store to bend over backward to appease the neighbors, but the lot is so small I've only parked in it once even though I go to that store probably two or three times a week. I'm not sure the "compromise" was a good one, but I'm sure glad they updated the store, it's a huge improvement over the old one.

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New campaign finance reports in City Commission race; Rasmussen apologizes for accepting Crossland donations and returns funds; City Hall details projects to delay if police HQ moves ahead

Let's be honest, CadreLawrence are the personal cheerleaders of Compton, Fritzel, Treanor, and anyone else with enough money to join the club of elite who don't feel obligated to pay commercial property taxes and who instead demand their own personal tax districts. Driving up the prices of real estate downtown so that no one but the very rich and out of town franchises are able to locate there is not good for downtown or our city. Commercial development that doesn't pay it's fair share of property taxes is not good for Lawrence. Commercial development where the owners have their own private tax district is not good for Lawrence. Giving our tax dollars to developers (Rock Chalk Park) for their own private gain is not good for Lawrence. Zak, you and your organization are doing more harm than good for the average citizens of Lawrence. The only ones who have benefited from your cheerleading are the bankers, lawyers, or real estate developers you and your organization are championing. The rest of us keep having to dig deeper into our pockets to make up for the taxes your friends are not paying.

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New campaign finance reports in City Commission race; Rasmussen apologizes for accepting Crossland donations and returns funds; City Hall details projects to delay if police HQ moves ahead

Zak, come on now. CadreLawrence has done nothing to lower personal property taxes for anyone but real estate developers. Your organization was established to oppose the Lawrence citizens who disagree with giving tax abatements, personal tax districts, and preferential treatment to developers. You guys haven't increased the commercial and industrial tax base, you've worked to make sure developers don't pay it.

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