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A bicycle corral was installed in what was previously a vehicle parking space at the southeast corne

Andy, I totally agree. I ride my bike downtown almost daily and I don't think I'll ever use one of these "bicycle corrals". Why? Because they are un-necessary as I can lock my bike almost anywhere, like a light pole, a tree, or any number of other places. Why in the world did we put these on the street instead of on the sidewalk were they wouldn't interfere with automobile parking?

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

I learned about the sidewalk ordinance earlier this year when some of my neighbors got notices from the city that they needed to do repairs. The sidewalk in front of my house didn't need any work because the city recently replaced it when they put in new sewers on my street. In the future I would be willing to pay to have the sidewalk repaired if I could write off the cost on the property taxes. I mean why not, we let developers write off their property taxes for infrastructure improvements, parking, and other costs associated with maintaining their properties? If it will help, I'm more than willing to suspend paying my property tax and instead put that money towards fixing the sidewalk in front of my house or the many potholes on my street.

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The Lawrence argument that won't end: To build more retail or to not build more retail; commissioners prepare to hear SLT shopping center proposal on Tuesday

John, a local business type has already done that, only on a much larger scale. It was a huge opportunity and someone already bought a bunch of farmland on the edge of town for cheap and made a deal with the city to develop the farm and bring in an attraction for them. They "donated" part of the land in the far corner of the field (as a rental to the city) in exchange for 10 million dollars of infrastructure like roads, sewers, traffic lights, and got the city to pay for all the maintenance and other expenses and decided to call it something fancy like Rock Chalk Park. Now that the infrastructure is in place and the attraction (Rock Chalk) is all in place and they don't have to pay to maintain it, they can develop the rest of the farm on the cheap and probably have their own tax district thrown in to make sure their family will be bringing in millions of dollars every year for the rest of their lives. Yeah, I wish I had some capital or my own tax district to raise more capital, too.

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A list of past Thomas Fritzel controversies and the $10 million question that comes with the latest allegations

I'm sure there's a good explanation for all of this. Let's just give Fritzel's lawyers and accountants more time to come up with something. After all, this is the same guy that gave us a 30 million dollars sports complex and it only cost us 20 million dollars. So if we just subtract the 10 million we already saved it might just turn out that we actually owe Fritzel some money when it's all said and done. And let's not forget, not paying taxes and having your own tax district isn't easy. Why should we expect Fritzel to have to keep track of all the money he's been embezzling from the city? Give the guy a break, don't forget he gave us a sports complex in the middle of nowhere for free.

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City proposes adding 74 bicycle parking spaces downtown

There is no enforcement David because it's not illegal to lock a bike to a parking meter or light pole. We don't need more laws for things that don't harm anyone and that cause zero problems to society. Limiting where someone can park their bike isn't going to make things better it's going to make things worse for bike riders. We should encourage alternative forms of transportation, not restrict it or make it more difficult. John, why do you care where someone locks their bike? If you see a bike locked to a parking meter you should be thankful because that bicycle rider has freed up one more parking space for your car.

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Parking questions loom for Here @ Kansas apartment project as high-tech parking company files for bankruptcy, stops work on project

Good point Ann. Why should they build a parking garage when a mural of a parking garage painted on the side of the building stating, garage is full, will do.

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Parking questions loom for Here @ Kansas apartment project as high-tech parking company files for bankruptcy, stops work on project

I think you guys are overlooking a simple solution to this problem. These students can simply park their cars in and around our downtown. Think about it, they're building new apartments downtown without any additional parking, so why should this apartment be any different. Why can't these students just park their cars in and around 8th and New Hampshire where a local developer claims there is an over abundance of parking opportunities? They can just leave their cars there for weeks at a time until they feel compelled to use them.

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Parking questions loom for Here @ Kansas apartment project as high-tech parking company files for bankruptcy, stops work on project

Come on Sylvie, at least they're providing additional parking. Doug Compton is building another apartment building downtown with zero additional parking spaces. Maybe the city could do for HERE what they did for Compton's 9th St. apartment, build a parking garage next to the property with tax payer money and let HERE rent the spaces for $100 a year.

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Parking questions loom for Here @ Kansas apartment project as high-tech parking company files for bankruptcy, stops work on project

Brett, take a look at some of the cars parked at KU's fraternities and sororities. Now think about how much sense it would make for a well to do student from out of state to leave that expensive car parked blocking the driveway at home while their parents continue paying for it and the insurance necessary to keep it on the road. The people this apartment is geared toward are the entitled few, not people who want to share a car and try and get by with less. Ride share cars probably work in bigger cities, but I'm not sure that's a viable alternative at this time or in this situation.

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Editorial: Bicycle parking

We don't need dedicated parking space for bicycles in the street downtown. If bicycle parking is becoming a problem all we need to do is add to the existing corrals we have on the sidewalks in the middle of the blocks near the cross walks. A bike locked to a parking meter or light pole does not block pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. It's the perfect place to lock a bike as it's actually on the far side of the sidewalk away from foot traffic. If you are so worried about access to the sidewalk downtown maybe I could suggest some other ridiculous ideas similar to making it illegal to lock a bike to a meter or light pole. Why don't we make it illegal to walk a dog, push a stroller, or walk side by side in pairs of two? I mean come on, those people are taking up valuable space on the sidewalk, too.

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