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Incentives package for Lawrence downtown apartments comes with accountability

Ok sure, good luck finding an apartment building catering to students in Lawrence that isn't going to have tenants or visitors who indulge in underage drinking, illegal drug use, pose a public nuisance or have conduct from time to time that is considered disorderly. We don't need more apartment buildings downtown, especially if the developer isn't willing to pay their fair share of taxes to have them there. They do require more police, more parking, and a host of other city services that a developer should be obligated to pay for with increased taxes to support them.

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Letter: Minimum wage

Steve, it's not true that Americans don't want or won't take some jobs. Roofing, for example, is a very physically demanding and dangerous job. Americans are more than willing to do it, but they want to get paid a good wage for doing so. Illegal immigrants are willing to do this work for far less than most Americans and they are undercutting the going rate for this type of work.

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Letter: Hitler, Putin

It's hard to forget Brazil, they had a such a big impact on the war. thanks

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Letter: Hitler, Putin

"The world did not have the guts back in the ‘40s to take on Hitler." Wrong. The Soviet Union established the International Brigades to fight Hitler in 1936. The Soviets were the first nation to step forward in opposition to Fascism in Europe and sadly America was the last to do so.

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Letter: Hitler, Putin

Quit comparing Putin with Hitler, it's totally ridiculous to so. Learn your history, Russia was our ally against Hitler in WWII and did more than any nation to stop the spread of fascism in Europe. The American propaganda against Russia is completely unfounded. Did Hitler hold an election in Poland before taking it over? Why should we take on Putin? America has invaded more countries after WWII than all other nations combined. America has no moral authority to condemn Russia for reclaiming their former territory.

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West Lawrence fun center plans on hold again as neighbors speak out; the big question looming for city's rental licensing program

That's not it exactly. Besides the increase in traffic, "Raintree leaders mentioned that proximity as being a problem, and so too did an earlier letter from the Wimbledon Terrace Townhomes Association. It expressed concern about "hundreds of little children who might be intimidated by the large numbers of teenagers and young adults who would frequent the project."
This really makes little sense. At 8 am or 3 pm, when these kids would be walking to and from school I just don't see this being an issue. The fun center probably wouldn't even open until the afternoon and the place most likely wouldn't be terribly busy in the middle of the afternoon when people are at work and most teens and college kids are busy with school. It surprises me that anyone would be against a "fun" center and claiming that little kids are going to be intimidated by it is a really weak excuse to oppose it.

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West Lawrence fun center plans on hold again as neighbors speak out; the big question looming for city's rental licensing program

This sounds like a great location for a fun center. I don't see school kids being intimidated by a business of this sort at all. In fact, as a parent, the only problem I foresee is my kids begging me every weekend to take them out there to enjoy the arcade, go carts, and miniature golf. This would be a wonderful addition to our city. Sign me up, I like having fun.

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Column: Brannen Greene has potential to spark KU in postseason

I'd like to see Greene get more minutes and be more of a scoring threat, but I'm counting more on Perry Ellis, Tarik Black, and Wayne Selden to help fill the rebounding and scoring gaps we're going to have with Joel Embiid on the sidelines. Andrew Wiggins proved he can take a game over in our loss to WV, I'm hoping that his confidence and swagger continue through into the tournament, because I think it'll be a positive influence on the other guys to step up their game, too. Go Jayhawks.

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Joel Embiid ruled out for Big 12 Tournament

Get well soon Joel! Remember your health is more important than any game you might play.

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Compton makes proposal for downtown mural; KU pulls plug on popular downtown shot put event; a tax rebate for apartment project looming

Downtown Lawrence isn't a TIF district or shouldn't be if it is one. It has some of the highest real estate prices in the state and no one should need any financial help to develop property there. Adding more apartments does not equal more shoppers downtown. People need good jobs to be able to support downtown business, not more apartments. We are wasting our tax incentives making a very valuable commercial property even more profitable for a developer who already has a total fix on real estate in our town. He doesn't need the cities financial help as he's already got an almost total domination of the commercial and rental market in Lawrence as it is.

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