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Three Lawrence residents sentenced for participating in drug trafficking organization

It says that Troy was arrested twice does not say convicted. A good lawyer has alot to do with it. He will be out in about 5 or 6 years

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12-year-old making plans for getting his pilot's license

This kid is doing something positive. I applaud him. Good Luck to you. Don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams.

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What's your favorite kind of barbeque?

Gates is awesome

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Bristol Palin promotes abstinence for teens

Defender Sorry that went over your head. Here i'll break it down for you. There are choices in life you either use common sense or not. Using the excuse i can't help it its in my nature is a cop out for lack of self control. Murders use that all the time. Wanting to bring up bad upbringing to these are the times.

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Bristol Palin promotes abstinence for teens

I would love to strangle my neighbor. Now should i practice self control or just go with my feelings. Should i listen to someone who has and been down that route with a bad outcome or listen someone who has not but has alot to say on the topic. Choices Choices

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Kansas teen offers sister in Craigslist joke

I love news like this something to laugh about. When they are older they will laugh about this for years to come.

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Mother’s way: Dr. Laura’s new book touts stay-at-home parenting

Everyone can change and has room to do so. I can bet that all of us from time to time made some really bad choices some worse than others. I made more than a few. But Growing up plus the mistakes that i made i might possability be able to steer someone away from those misstakes. Dr Laura made alot of those and learned the hard way from them as alot of people do. To use someones past against them is childish. You would not want someone to judge you on your past.

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Obama's start

Well beobachter if you must know I thought he started out good and ended badly. I would like a president who is going to make choices for my family for the future was well as their own. And the way its going My great great great grandkids are going to be paying off a debt that can at this point never be repaid. He is still asking for money to "help" the economy and yet people are still losing their jobs with alot more still to be jobless. Hes making a change alright that we can be sure of.

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Obama's start

temperance it is very clear that my statement went right over your head. My "criterion for presidency" is alot of things. Having a genuine disposition being just one.

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Obama's start

Obama with family seems scripted and cold. Does not come off as warm and loving more like acting without chemistry. People love him because he has a good speech writter. He is sending us down the river fast and people are happy about it because he says "Change" Need to realise he talking about whats in your pocket. So those of you who love him just sign your check over to him. Hes going to con you out of it anyway.

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