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Sound Off: Does Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby have any plans to recruit two more schools so the Bi

im really missing a title getting back to 12 is essential...with ND gone...what do we do....these are our choices....BYU...SMU....New Mexico...ColoSt....Louisville....Cincy.....maybe lure Nebraska back...maybe Arkansas...not a lot of good options....i would say BYU...and maybe Louisville...those are the 2 best out of the list

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Kroger recalls spinach over Listeria risk

OH BY THE WAY ....DILLONS IS KROGER...which is needed to be emphasied in the local should have said...Dillons recalls spinach

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Ninth, N.H. project won’t be opposed

Flannery was right..growth must be made laterally.....amd what can i say...Joe is a favorite...and shop WEAVERS...and SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES!!!!! ...and that growth will help all businesses lets get behind this ..its stupid not to ...DUH!!!!!!!!!

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Town Talk: Rumblings of a major youth fieldhouse proposal for The Legends in Wyandotte County; new numbers about Lawrence recreation center operating costs

Walt Shublum David Verser...Pierre Russell ..Brad Watson...Lucius Allen...Moe Werner...the greats of WYCO..Harold Ogden....Coach Ogden was a true great...Frank Bingham...another great

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Town Talk: Questions and answers on changes to city's trash system; Orchards Golf course on market for $385,000; other courses on market too

ill call my hedge fund and ill write a check for eagle bend and the the orchards...and ill keep ff all the wannabe losers that want to play golf..ill make them courses for the affluent..and if you aren't...go back to college and make something of yourself..i dont care if you are fifty..get busy loser.. the orchards will just be a practice facility and eagle bend will be expanded and made into something special...for the rich that is

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Lawrence man, 51, charged with driving drunk with child in vehicle

Porn people meaning child molesters and losers that watch it all day long...that is so sick.and nobody does anything about it

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Lawrence man, 51, charged with driving drunk with child in vehicle

Drinking and driving use to be legal..until they realized the gold mine associated with arresting people...their should be a charge for drinking...then another charge for drunkeness .Drinking or beer breath should be a fine and drunkeness should have maximum penalty of fine and community no jail time...jails should be for porn people and violent should be jail is worse for society than drinking is.

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Happy hour officially returns to Kansas

Happy hour is for alcoholics...and Kansas has a lot...there is so much to do here

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Law grads go rural route

Penner..... get a hold of

Penner... get in contact with Jamie King Harrison in Dallas


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Two men arrested after altercation with police

I've lived in this town a long time...the cops are very good and fair....losers like this guy are what college towns have and the low life scum that are local in origin...welll....duh!!!!!


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