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Company at center of alleged money laundering, undocumented worker scheme worked at Rock Chalk Park

Its all about the margins.....if you can save on labor....if you can find slaves ....and you think you can get away with it....there will be greedy people that do that......nothing new here...its been going on since the beginning of time.

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Letter: 2nd thought

I miss the handshake culture and the dealing with everyone on the square.....

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City Manager David Corliss to leave Lawrence for job in Colorado

Congratulations Dave....As I am sure you are aware....Castle Rock is going to be facing some serious issues on a lot of different fronts. also the people that you will be dealing with are an entirely different class....I live in Colorado ..and the interesting mix of people and ideas and opinions take a long time getting use to....living here is a lot different from spending 2 weeks in the summer here....Castle Rock will be a challenge for you and I wish you well.

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Letter: Christian values

For the longest time ...I just couldn't make sense of the Bible......it all just seemed so far out and not really believable......then I discovered the works of Zechariah Sitchin ....and then everything began to make sense......I suggest everyone look into his writings.....I think you will be pleasantly surprised.....Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day!

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Opinion: Do voters want more Clintonism?

The Clintons and the Bushs are part of the past and should stay there. If Hillary wants to run and Jeb wants to run.....that's their business.....but all Americans should look to new leadership.....Just because the media likes those possible candidates doesn't mean you should. Quit letting the media do your thinking for you.....I would suggest all voters do a deep dive on the families of Bush and Clinton.....after doing so...if should give you an understanding .......I am looking for a candidate and everyone I see so far I don't really care for.....I have seen Carly Fiorina and find her interesting and I think Jim Webb would also be a great candidate....A Webb -Fiorina battle would be awesome and finally put those other dominant families hopefully in the rear view mirror for good....Remember the media only cares about ratings and selling advertising ....so they want the most buzz...regardless if the candidates are good for the country......my advice...don't drink the Kool-aid that the media is serving you...respectfully decline.. Thank you for reading my post and enjoy this great weather we are having today!.

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Opinion: Standing up to cyber bullies

Bullying in all forms is a part of life and has been with humanity from the very beginning.....The U.S.A. is the biggest bully in the world....I was bullied as a kid and then I was a bully for a while as a kid. Bullies and bullying are an important lesson in life and they aren't going away ever..so it is kind of a topic that hasn't really been thought through by the alarmists out there....people must continue to navigate around it and them and learn all they can from it....I can't wait for the alarmists to have a bully awareness month....What color will the tshirts be?...I wonder........Thank you for reading my post and enjoy your day....hopefully bully free.

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Your Turn: Longtime resident concerned for Kansas

Thank you Kevin for replying....that was very well said....here in Colorado it is proving to be an interesting experiment...and no one knows how it is going to turn out....but if you are a republican....you have to be excited about the states rights being exercised...I wish more states would try different experiments on issues....its not always good to go along to go along....if you believe in something.... fight for it and make it law.....enjoy your day!

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Your Turn: Longtime resident concerned for Kansas

The legalization of cannabis in Colorado is adding millions to the education money chest here.....Kansas should seriously consider some ideas like that to help with the cost ....maybe some additional casino taxes....etc....legalization of cannabis is not likely to come to Kansas or Missouri for a long time....so communities need to get creative and figure out how to afford quality education for up and coming youngsters and also make every dollar spent...to be spent wisely with no waste...which will take a change in mindset...which may not be possible.Thank you for commenting

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Your Turn: Longtime resident concerned for Kansas

I love Kansas...but the reason I moved to Colorado was because...its too conservative....I am a fiscal conservative...but socially liberal......I think its a good balance......I like some of the things the governor is trying to do....but the state is being left behind in many areas because of a "stone-age" mentality in some key areas.....I believe teachers should have to spend their summers being educated and recertified....our kids deserve very dedicated professionals in the classroom and they should be paid extremely well ...but again...they need to be tested each year to make sure they have the right stuff to be teaching and actually are experts in the subject matter they are responsible for instructing...Thank you for reading my post and have a great day.

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Opinion: Florida’s Scott deep in climate denial

Climate change is real....that's obvious....the question is...is Global Warming real...that's debatable.....when you are dealing with a planet that has millions of years of climate history....a 50 or 100 year sample size just isn't enough of a sample size to determine anything ....my suggestion to both sides of the discussion..is...don't be a lock stepper...truly step back and get the big picture...don't be fooled by skewed data for or against....chances are both sides are wrong on a lot of their points......thank you for reading my post and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

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