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Graczyk: I ate at the Basil Leaf for the first time this ev...

Thank you kindly for your friendly and honest review and for coming in and dining and giving the gas station guys a chance. Hopefully we will see you again soon and may have earned another customer, look for some new menu changes in the coming weeks as we are always changing things up a bit and will have more seasonal items on the way soon. And by the way I agree on the sun dried tomatoes I am not a fan of them per say but many people are and I just pick around them anyway lol. Your review and comments were taken to heart and appreciated thanks again and please come again soon. Have a wonderful day..
Sincerely Brad Walters..."Walt"

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mksjohnson: Keep your head up Basil Leaf you can't please ever...

Thank your so much for your kind words, review and encouragement. You are right we cant please everyone all the time but we certainly take all comments and feedback to heart so we can improve and be better over time. New menu arrives Tuesday next week and I will have copies for preview by the weekend they are at the printers, No breakfast lasagna for now but look for it on lunch special in the coming weeks. We certainly appreciate your business as we do the repeat business from the thousands of people we have had the pleasure of serving and deeply apologize to any visitors who had a sub-par experience. Our goal is to do better and be better and with time and patience we will achieve it. Thanks for your review and all the reviews we receive good and bad for they help us see where we may be wrong or need to improve and become better. Have a great day and should you or any other customers wish to speak with me directly my email is
Sincerely Chef/Owner. Brad Walters

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SBerrie: Are all of these posts from the owner?...

Two bad reviews in a week is someone out to get me?? F.Y.I ..After working 12-14 hour days I hardly have the time ,energy, or will to come home and sit in front of a computer and make fake profiles and give out fake reviews just to boost my establishments profile. People like us and love our food on the rare occasion someone doesnt maybe we just had an off moment or someone just doesnt know what they are ordering or dont have a taste for the bold flavors..So to answer on my behalf..NO I havent made any comments or reviews on my establishment on here or any other review page. Thanks for asking though and have a great day..And if you have an unsatisfactory meal please talk to someone on staff and we will gladly take care of you and make your experience better and work with you so you are happy and leave satisfied

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twieb: Went there for the first time the other night base...

Hi, I am the owner of The Basil Leaf and am sorry to hear you had a sub-par experience at our establishment. We try to please everyone to the best of our abilities but it seems we have let you down on your visit and we do apologize, if I may inquire as to the date and time you were in the establishment I would be happy to look into whom was there and who made your food and get to the bottom of what may have happened to ensure a better experience should you decide to try us again at anytime. My email is and I would be happy to discuss your experience further should you so desire..Again we apologize and hope you try us again sometime.Thank you for your comment and calling this to my attention and we will do our best to improve each day..Also our New Menu comes out next week for spring and summer please stop in and give it a try, if I am not there to cook your food first hand and give you a better meal tell my staff to call me and I will come in and make it personally..thanks
Sincerely Brad Walters..'Chef Walt"

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Panamint: Food is OK but service and attitude is flawed. Go...

The only bad attitude in this transaction was from the other side of the fence, We are always happy to accomodate customers and make all situations right when we are wrong however there is a mutual respect involved and before the staff could right the wrong said customer jumped down their throats and hung up and would'nt have an adult conversation. I am more than merely a gas station cook I am a highly skilled chef with more than 16 years experience in this field and as far as the food my following speaks for itself. We do the best we can with what we have and will continue to improve and grow and get better with age like a fine wine. And as far as being in business in a year come by and say hello and I will throw you and free meal and dessert on the house. We arent going anywhere.
We here at the Basil Leaf believe in great food, good portions and a fair price we strive to be the best everyday and grow everyday and dont hold grudges or belittle people for accidents that happen in life. It has happened to others before you and may happen again the only difference is having respect and understanding in the situation. Thanks for your business and great review and we look forward to serving you again one day. We are sincerely sorry for your bad experience but before we could offer to fix the situation you acted out and hung up before we could offer a solution, Next time take a deep breath count to ten and lets talk it out and fix it instead of escalate it to a war or words online We are sorry for your experience and wish you the best have a great day

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