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Monument Rocks in Gove County up for auction

Kansas Land Trust?

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Lawrence earns ‘Playful City’ title

It would be great if improvements could be made to Peterson Park--a slide climber would help a lot in terms of making it a place where kids could play for a longer period of time. I love that the park is there, but it just feels like it didn't quite get finished.

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Program to help with sidewalk repairs

actually, businesses in Kansas just received an epic bailout, courtesy of our Governor and set to take effect until 2014. it's balanced on the backs of schoolchildren, our seniors, the kids in foster care, and those in line for disability benefits. the kids in this equation have done nothing to make them less meritorious of a quality education, decent housing, nutritious food, and opportunities--but you want to talk about "fairness," and demand that all of us use your construction of that idea, any time you see an entry in your business's expense column. newsflash: that isn't "fair." it's self-centered, and the irony is, this kind of thinking doesn't even benefit the individuals arguing for it in the medium-to-long run. there are real consequences to taking all available resources with no thought to the betterment of the whole, but lately, we seem intent on calling that attitude "Americanism."

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Sound Off: Where are public tornado shelters located in Lawrence?

no kidding--why is this not a priority? do we think Joplin couldn't happen here? and don't make the argument that people have made the investment in safety that they see fit--we literally could not FIND a house with a basement when we purchased. A walk-out was the best we can do. The available housing stock is not built with basements, and the city doesn't feel the need to invest in tornado shelters, either? interesting decision.

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KU eliminates 80 jobs at medical center campus in Kansas City

you mean, as promised by Gov. Brownback? I would assume so, as the last I checked, he is the last word in STATE OF KANSAS funding decisions affecting STATE UNIVERSITIES and their facilities. We won't even get into the sorry state of financial affairs nationally in November, 2008--the reason we needed hope and change. so yeah, funding cuts. as promised. if you don't like it, vote differently next time--at the state level.

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Lawrence district doesn’t serve kids ‘pink slime’

Jon, you may want to take a look at this: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/04/hea...
The NY TImes broke this story a couple of years ago--since reading it, we only source our meat locally, and consider ourselves lucky to live in a community where farm-to-table eating is actually possible. I was surprised that this report didn't get more publicity when it was first published . . . evidently, a viral video is worth 1000 words.

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Boy saving up to buy rare lorikeet bird stolen from Lawrence pet store wants it returned

Ryley is a "he", not a "she." Pronoun in third paragraph indicates otherwise.

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Who is most responsible for the Lawrence Elementary School Consolidation Working Group not reaching a consensus on which school to close?

and yet you spend your time not just reading the local paper, but trolling the comments section? um, rock on, dude.

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Who is most responsible for the Lawrence Elementary School Consolidation Working Group not reaching a consensus on which school to close?

Why is the important thing that we blame someone? Circumstances seem to have changed a bit--I, for one, am glad that we are not charging full speed ahead at a goal that may no longer be what makes the most sense, long-term. Let's wait and see what happens in this legislative session and at the enrollment projections for the next few years and go from there.

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