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(Almost) Mr. 300: Justin Walthall barely misses perfection; Free State sweeps LHS at Royal Crest Lanes

Hey, Number_1_Grandma, while writing your dramatic and exciting complaint comment, did it ever cross your mind that you just got a great, comprehensive story on a high school bowling team and all you can do is gripe? What gives?

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I'm only human

Of flesh and blood you're made?

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Did you have a crush on any TV characters growing up?

I won a cake on my birthday once from Major Astro. What a sweet birthday. He read my name on the air!

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What is your favorite KU tradition?

Louise's West.

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What is your favorite fair food?

That first guy is Chuck Woodling!

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The thin white line

I practically shart when I think about the bike lane on 50th Street near my house in Minneapolis. The bike lane is half asphalt, half concrete curb, and there is about a two-inch rise from the concrete to the asphalt. Plus 50th is a high-traffic bus route. Not the greatest biking experience. In my 'hood, I stay on the side streets.
However, Minneapolis overall is a great cycling city, so don't go getting the wrong idea.

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Some Kansas Republican employees getting special pay bonuses

Uh oh, Dolph's not going to like this story at all.

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Simons: Four-year Arrowhead deal a slap to Lawrence and Kansas

It's weird to agree with Dolph.

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Franken defense

Wilbur is right - Norm Coleman beat a dead guy. That's the only reason he's in the Senate. He's a total schmuck. Were it not for the Independence Party candidate (Dean Barkley) in this race Franken would have won by a comfortable margin. Coleman is a classic flip-flopper. He is a former student radical from Hofstra and Democrat who sways with the wind and became a Republican who rubber stamped W's policies. Since the Democratic gains in 2006 he's blowing back to center. And I don't think anyone from Kansas should be throwing stones at Minnesotans since Kansas elects nuts like Sam Brownback, Jim Ryun, Todd Tiahrt, Susan Wagle, a school board that outlaws evolution and the grandmother of them all, Kay O'Connor.

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