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Editorial: The ‘fake news’ problem

Exactly !! Well (and much more succinctly) put, Allen.

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Editorial: The ‘fake news’ problem

Thanks for this thoughtful, measured, rational word on "fake news." That approach, with examples from real-world events, is itself the perfect counter to those who rant against "fake news."

It's worth noting that the only reference-point for those who cry "fake news" is themselves. "Fake news," in their values-system, is any information which presents them in a bad light.

When a person believes no fault can ever truly be ascribed to him- or herself, our take-away has to be that their self-image is their own flawless character and wisdom, by which all else should be measured.

For we who live in reality, with its seven billion counter-examples, no human being is ever of such god-like perfection. Those who self-delude that they are the sole exception are deeply, completely, insane.

No wonder then that those decrying "fake news" show their fundamental opposition to reality, at all points. No wonder they are consequently the worst possible guides for those who live in reality.

But their real enemy is truth: which remains firmly anchored in reality, not the unstable dictums of a wannabe-god. Their attack on truth is also manifest in the "alternative facts" (what we who live in reality call "lies") with which they mislead the gullible, the malevolent, and the very, very stupid.

Spoiler Alert: I've read the end of the book. In the war against Truth, Truth wins.

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Opinion: Take Rosa Parks' name out of Trump’s mouth

Uh-huh, Gary, yeah, yeah, I know: "lefties" are the total evil of all reality.

But your opinion (which we've all heard before) is your personal conclusion how reality is: that wasn't the question. I asked what "irrefutable proof" (from the real world, Gary) do you offer to support your opinion ? If your opinion is your personal conclusion how reality is, and how reality works, surely reality shows some evidence of the truth of your opinion ?

Careful, now: the questions get tougher. If you don't have some good real-world evidence for your opinion/conclusion about reality, I'm gonna ask you next to consider there may be a disconnect between your opinion and reality.

But let's take it slow: one step at a time, O.K. ?

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Opinion: Take Rosa Parks' name out of Trump’s mouth

BS...this is the second CONCURRENT simple "yes" / "no" question you can't, or won't, answer.

There have been others (remember a couple weeks ago: "was it GOOD for America that legally-elected President Nixon had to leave office ?").

Should we take these strange silences as your tacit admission you don't really know anything about topics you pontificate about, on a WIDE range of subjects ?

If that's NOT what you mean by your silences, BS, just say so.

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Letter to the editor: Strategy for Trump

Does your refusing to answer mean you don't know enough about what you're talking about to answer a simple "yes" / "no" question, BS ?

If that's NOT what you want us to understand by your unresponsiveness, BS, just say so.

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Letter to the editor: Strategy for Trump

Richard, if you are saying anything meaningful about Truth, it's surely because you have an understanding of what Truth is, and what's its nature. You're therefore the kind of expert who should be able to easily answer a simple "yes" / "no" question about Truth.

So...does Truth change with every new political change of presidential administrations ?

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Opinion: Take Rosa Parks' name out of Trump’s mouth

Hello...Gary ? You there ?

Wanna give us your irrefutable proof that all reality comes down to the difference between "liberals" and "conservatives" ?

If you can't, that pretty conclusively shows there's no such proof, doesn't it ?

Want to prove otherwise, Gary ?

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Opinion: Take Rosa Parks' name out of Trump’s mouth

You there, BS ?

Simple "yes/no" question: can you handle it, BS ?

Helo...? BS...?

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Organizer apologizes for Confederate flag appearance at Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

Gary, I'm sorry that bowel-obstruction that makes your eyes brown is still causing you problems.

Remember we said...Reality is not really either/or "conservative" or "liberal" ?

Don't take my word for it. You can see it yourself, by a couple simple steps.

Open your eyes.


And if you believe that "liar" and "crook" is not a truthful characterization of the current president, this may help you figure it out:

think of as many examples as you can of the current president telling the truth (the real thing: not a questionable partisan "truth"); and as many of his totally unselfish acts as you can.
You might want to write them down for your own reference: you may need a small sticky-note.

Please document your hero's many virtues without any negative reference to Obama or Hilary, if you can.

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Letter to the editor: Strategy for Trump

Gee, BS, you wouldn't be dodging the question, would you ?

is "truth, justice, and the American way" the winning "side" (as you choose to construct reality)...or principles for "losers" (as you choose to judge people) ?

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