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In first for Kobach, noncitizen pleads guilty to illegal voting in Kansas

Whoops ! My mistake. In February of this year Secretary Kobach claimed there were "as many as 18,000" illegal aliens on Kansas voter-rolls.

So Kansas has LESS than it's 2.5% share of the national-total three-to-five million illegal-alien voters the Kobach-Trump brain-trust discovered...? That's a relief for all of us, I'm sure.

My apologies, Secretary Kobach, and I hereby revise my calculations to agree with yours. You've bravely staunched the flood of illegals voting in Kansas, and reduced it to a mere 17,999.

Good job ! Well worth our million dollars invested in your self-serving lies.

I stand corrected. You truly ARE a "Consistent Conservative."

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In first for Kobach, noncitizen pleads guilty to illegal voting in Kansas

In 2015 Kris Kobach requested law-enforcement powers for his office (the only Secretary of State in America to have such powers); and the legislature gave it to him. Also gave him a budget-increase of $408,399 to catch and prosecute all those illegals voting in Kansas.

It's worth noting that Kobach and the compliant legislature are both of the political faction that prides itself on opposing greater power and increased spending for government. Indeed, Kobach's campaign slogan the year after he'd successfully pressured the legislature for greater power and more money was that he is "A Consistent Conservative."

But maybe the $400,000 (increased in subsequent years) we gave him from an already-failing state budget was well-spent..?

The Pew 2014 poll estimated there were 75,000 illegals in Kansas, 2.5% of the national total.

Kobach's recent claims (which he shared personally with the current president, to back up one of the president's tweets) were that 3 to 5 million illegal aliens voted in the 2016 election. If Kobach' and the president's assertion is true, some 75,000 to 125,000 illegals voted in Kansas in 2016 (2.5 % of the national total).

Taking the more conservative figure (which Kobach should like): and Pew's more fact-based estimate (which Kobach doesn't), virtually every single illegal alien in Kansas VOTED in 2016: including some 30,000 children and infants. The current president says that kind of massive illegal voting is the reason Hilary had more popular votes than he did: and Kobach agrees.

But we can be thankful that the extraordinary law-enforcement powers, and million or so dollars, we've given our Secretary of State has made a difference in Kansas.

Granted, seven the eight felons Secretary Kobach has charged were, as I recall, elderly white Republicans: and no doubt Secretary Kobach will discover and bring to justice more such criminals in his war against illegal voters.

But at least Kobach's two-year crusade has brought about the prosecution of one illegal alien voter. Can any other state boast they've made such a dent in the illegal-voter problem ?

Kobach' relentless enforcement of the tough "Secure and Fair Elections Act" he pushed through the compliant legislature in 2011 has made a huge difference for our state. By Kobach' own estimate, he has whittled down the flood of illegal-alien voters in Kansas to a mere 74,999.

Money well spent, I say, even for a bankrupted state government.

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Letter to the editor: Give Trump a chance

Mr. Mackenzie considers that Trump is "...doing rather well on all fronts in keeping his promises."

That seems true. Is it necessary to point out that Trump's promises, which he's now "doing rather well...in keeping," were that he'd do much that's harmful ? Gutting laws that ensure we have clean air and clean water, for example, or dumping millions of Americans from healthcare.

It seems morally perverse to commend someone for keeping evil promises.

I have to apply the same moral criteria to Mr. Mackenzie's opinion that "...we ought to hope and pray that he is successful."

We certainly should pray that Trump repent of his arrogance, greed, hatred, and other sins: no less than for any other human being tempted by sin, which is all of us.

Praying, however, that God make harmful and evil actions "successful" is STUNNINGLY perverse, to any who believe in God's beneficence. The idea that doing evil will have good results is the one satan pressed on Adam and Eve: I doubt God is pleased with prayer that He make it so.

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Letter to the editor: Kobach promotion

Kobach is the man who put 666 in Topeka's zipcode.

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Wichita businessman Wink Hartman running for Kansas governor

Bob, you don't need to wait for a train-wreck as governor. We've got one.

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ACLU seeks copy of Kobach's proposed changes to U.S. election law

Presidential Press-Secretary Spicer upped the claimed numbers today: now it's three to five million illegal voters.

But let's take the lower number: it's the figure our Secretary of State Kris Kobach claimed when he met with Trump. Those three million probably aren't evenly distributed by state: the alleged illegal voters are probably more numerous in the southwestern border states (we all know, wink, wink, we're NOT talking about French Canadian illegal-immigrant voters, right ?).

Pew Research said in 2014 that about 75,000 of the US' estimated 11 million illegal immigrants were in Kansas. If three million of the national total voted illegally, that's about 27.2 % of the illegals. If illegals in Kansas voted at the same rate, about 20,400 Kansas votes were cast by illegal immigrants.

Last time I looked, Kris Kobach (the only Secretary of State in America with law-enforcement powers) had prosecuted six illegal voters. I heard recently he's filed charges on a couple more, so it's presumably eight prosecutions now. That's prosecutions: his conviction rate is something less than 50 %.

Weigh the figures in Kobach's favor: let's say he's convicted four illegal voters. Here's the kicker: not one of the people he's prosecuted (much less convicted) is an illegal immigrant. All are white citizens; most are elderly: some are registered Republicans, like Kobach. That means there are STILL 20,400 illegal-immigrant voters in Kansas, and Kobach hasn't been able to catch even one.

Either Kobach is incredibly incompetent...and we should take back the extra power and extra money we gave him to do that job...or Kobach is simply a huge liar about how many illegal voters there really are.

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Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy showing?

Try to understand, Bob. "Liberal" is one of your (probably binary) ways of categorizing people. Consider it possible the world isn't structured by YOUR way of categorizing it. Greg Cooper's reference (above) to "reality" is worth heeding.

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Kansans split over questions about Melania Trump speech

Most to the point for me, in Melania's speech:

Although the context was a speech in support of her husband, Melania says SHE was taught the value of hard work, keeping your word, treating other people with respect. She never says those are Donald's values.

And, of course, they're not.

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Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy showing?

When people decide it's GOOD to kill another person (killing is what guns are for, Bob), they morally assent in killing. Calling a killer a "lone wolf terrorist" or a "law abiding" citizen is just spin-doctoring from different viewpoints.

"Liberal" ? That's meant as an insult...right ? Oh. Ouch. That stings.

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Letter: Rights have limits

"Tougher penalties" on what (the faction controlling the Kansas legislature wants to say) is no crime, but an unlimitable individual "right" ? That sounds unconstitutional...though I doubt that, or circular reasoning, would stop the Kansas legislature.

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