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Letter to the editor: Colyer deluded

"It is a sad day when rigid, simple-minded ideology poisons common sense and common decency."

Well put, Mr. Warrick.

You pinpoint the core problem from which "conservative" mis-rule stems.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Dave, skip the cherry-picked anecdotes, and opinions of whoever.-commentator or -editorialist. The question is Americans' political self-image. Isn't that your point with your claims about "Free Individuals," and "victims" ?

So what is Americans' true political self-image, Dave: are "We the People" the government of the U.S., taking corporate responsibility for our mutual welfare ? The Reagan-right gives lip-service to that traditional American model (when it suits their purpose of opposing "Big Government"): but they (you) actually believe the contrary doctrine of their Dear Leader, that "the government" is a malevolent external entity, and "...the PROBLEM !"

See the self-pitying victimhood of that mindset, Dave ? Big, bad (not to mention "illegitimate" and "over-reaching") government is keeping us down ? Denying us our "rights" ? ignoring our needs and wishes ? Sending our jobs overseas ? The list goes on and on.

Kinda makes you want to tell them, "Stop sniveling," and "Take some SELF-initiative !!," doesn't it ?

Poor victim "conservatives" ! Hopelessly oppressed by evil "Big Government" and its "liberal elites"...politically marginalized, with nothing but control of the presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court.

I shed a tear, Dave.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Sorry, Dave. "Free Individualism" isn't reality...especially not political reality, which necessarily involves more than a single "Free Individual." Side-track studies and anecdotes don't really obscure that problem.

That's the problem the founding fathers tried to deal with realistically in writing the Constitution. It's disingenuous...indeed, perverse sophistry...to cite the Constitution in support of your view that "Free Individualism" is NOT a problem...and is, in fact, itself the complete answer.

Wake up, Dave. Be honest: most of all, with yourself.

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Trump rescinding DACA program protecting young immigrants

Obama's popular vote total in 2012 was approximately 5 million more than Romney's.

Even with your supernatural ability to read minds and tell us Obama's true motivation, BS...and even if all "Dreamers" were eligible to vote, and all voted for Obama...800,000 votes didn't decide the 2012 election.

Nice try.

No, I take that back. Stupid and pathetic try. And pitiful math skills.

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Kansas lawmaker says he would rather give money to North Korea than to public radio

You put your finger on the central question, Dorothy: "facts." To live at all successfully in reality, a person has to know and be guided by facts.

The 40 years I've been an NPR listener, facts, and intelligent treatment of the facts, has been their strong suit. Still is.

Interesting that Rep. Claeys and his faction always find honest treatment of facts an "enemy" attack on them and their political principles. Says a lot about their faction and its political principles, doesn't it ?

Odds-on, Rep. Claeys gets his idea of "reality," by which he makes decisions for our state and ourselves, from Fox "News," Breitbart, WND, and Trump-tweets. If you hate facts, "alternative facts" are your only choice.

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Trump rescinding DACA program protecting young immigrants

The operative reality here is Obama issued the executive order creating DACA because Congress refused to act. They refused to act because the Republican majority in Congress considered their job was to keep Obama from getting anything he asked for...including immigration reform.

The same Republicans now claim DACA is unconstitutional because it was done without Congress' approval. Well, yes: could that be the definition of an "EXECUTIVE order" ? And when it was the Republican Congress' choice NOT to do anything about a situation that something needed to be done about...tell me again, how is that Obama's "unconstitutional over-reach" ?

Now Trump threatens that if Congress doesn't take action, he will. Granted, the Republican Congress isn't united in monolithic blind oppositional hatred of Trump yet...but they've given ample evidence that they can't, or won't, do the evil things "their president" wants (since they have to face voters before he does). So aren't we back to square one: congessional inaction ?

And if Trump responds to Congress' failure to act by autocratic executive order ending DACA, without Congress' approval...would his action too be "unconstitutional over-reach" ?

Gotta love hypocrites. But that doesn't mean we should elect them to public office.

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Trump rescinding DACA program protecting young immigrants

So Jesus would tell us to be personally kind to "Dreamers"...without telling us to put honest and compassionate people in direction of the government which we corporately are, and are responsible for ?

I don't think so.

Yet, strangely, that's exactly what "Christian conservatives" believe.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Dave, thanks for the information on where you're coming from. We're evidently contemporaries, and share some of the same formative life-experiences. I consequently have a bit more sympathy with you personally.

But even less for your "Free Individualism." It's a callow philosophy, and more reprehensible in a person who's had some experience of life, than in a day-dreaming adolescent.

Mark Twain observed that a cat who sat on a hot stove would never sit on a hot stove again. And never sit on a cold stove either. There's such a thing as getting the wrong lesson out of our experiences.

If the lesson you got from your experience of life is "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul," you got the wrong lesson. If you truly believe "we provide everything for ourselves," you're missing reality.

Maybe your personal motto is "I Did It My Way;" and you consider everybody else should say the same. But the real world doesn't work that way. I'd recommend you consider the traditional American motto "E Pluribus Unum," which can be glossed "We're All In This Together."

I'd recommend even more those things Jesus said...you surely know them...about caring for each other.

You might want to re-think that "Free Individualism" stuff, Dave.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Armen, I spent a few years once as a convinced philosophical anarchist. (The belief that "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul" often appeals to callow adolescents.)

But anybody who thinks it through eventually realizes anarchism can't possibly work in the real world.

Anyone who thought it through knew American government couldn't possibly work by the anarchist principle that "government is the PROBLEM." But those who believed Reagan have been trying anyway, for 40 years: and so we have massive, continuing, proof it's an unworkable theory of government.

Or at least those who live in the real-world see it doesn't work. Many "conservatives," unwilling to abandon their bad theory, still insist (like Sam Brownback) that "it's working."

"Libertarianism" is a theoretical half-fig-leaf for "Reagan conservatives" who aren't honest enough to admit anarchism doesn't work, and can't work. They believe in "the rule of law" so far as it protects (what they convince themselves are) their inherent autonomous "rights." But law (government, society) that in any way hinders their "Free Individualism" is (as the letter-writer asserts) "Totalitarian Socialism."

I'd put it this way: "libertarians" are anarchists who lack the courage of their convictions.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Yeah,yeah, David, right. Mao's Little Red Book. Franklin School. Sophistry, David. BS. (That doesn't stand for "Bob Summers." or "Bob Smith," as much as it applies to both).

The first "founding document" of American history you would probably find, if you paid any real attention to American history and tradition, would be the Mayflower Compact. A communitarian document. Constitution, likewise. All sane theories of society and government are.

Basic sociology, David: there are self-directed and other-directed people. If you're all about yourself and your "rights"...you're not living in reality.

I'll say again: wake up, Dave.

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