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Report: Kansas needs average teacher salary increase of almost 8 percent to match top neighbor

Peter, Before your readers get the impression LPS pays better than the state average, please clarify is the $50,325 figure average pre-tax income or does it include employer’s contributions to benefits and other “employment expenses?”
LPS regularly cites the “total cost” of employment (including employer contributions to Social Security and Medicare plus state and federal unemployment taxes)
rather than what many reasonable citizens would call their income. The difference between total cost and real income (what teachers actually have deposited in the bank accounts that they can spend on their mortgage, etc) is >6.2% (>$3,120) which leaves average LPS teacher pay at $47,204. NEA doesn’t count employer contributions to SS, Med, and unemployment in their figures.

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A progress report on the school district's Beyond Diversity training

"The option of simply tacking professional development days onto the beginning or end of a school year in order to move more teachers through Beyond Diversity is, due to LEA contract terms, essentially a non-option, Stubblefield said."

LEA contract terms define the number of days teachers are contracted to work. If the district would like the option to add contracted days, they are welcome to negotiate this for next year's contract.

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U.S. Postal Service to cut Saturday mail delivery to trim costs

Fed Ex, UPS and DHL could care less about privatizing the USPS.

Currently all three private companies drop off packages that are not profitable for them to delivery at...wait for it...the closest Post Office. It is USPS carriers that deliver the private companies' packages to some of the most remote (not profitable) locations. Remote can be defined by these companies as further than 20 miles of their next stop.

I hear complaints about the price of stamps increasing, but what will happen to prices if private companies are the only ones to offer flat mail delivery? For pennies I can guarantee a letter will arrive 100s of miles from me within days. This is only possible because of the scale of an organization like the US Postal Service.

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Care act praised

Do you realize that the Affordable Healthcare Act is NOT a single payer system? Do you realize that the government is NOT picking your insurance?

Can you prove the percentage you cite?

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District ponders moving ninth-graders to high school

It seems to me that even Dr. Doll's facts should be checked. The best source of information on how many 7-9 schools are left in KS would be the KSDE. It worries me that the LJW isn't double checking what district officials say.

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School options

As I said I was referring to gl0ck0wner's post.

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Lawrence school board examining options for closing $4 million budget hole

Merril is somewhat correct. While the state is providing $4,012 in BASE aid per pupil, MANY students are in programs that are funded BEYOND base state aid. So if a student needs special services or if they are involved in career development that state provides additional money. Not sure that the final number is $6,000 per pupil though.

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School options

gl0ck0wner: While I don't necessarily agree that we HAVE to keep all of our current elementary schools, having a knowledgeable academic share his expertise is NOT political. Just because someone earns a paycheck from the state doesn't mean their opinions are strictly political. Sounds like a way to silence someone who makes a point you don't like. Who WOULD you like to hear from? Other than yourself that is.

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Scammy scams.

Step 1: Do what Marion said.Step 2: Checkout www.snopes.com before believing "too good to be true" emails. Snopes has background research on everything from scam emails to "guilt trip" emails. Usually all it takes is copying the subject line of the email into their search bar to find out where the hoax began or why it is a hoax.Step 3: stop forwarding "guilt trip" emails (you know the kind where you prove your faith in Jesus or you help a little Guatamalan boy with his homework assignment by forwarding it to everyone on your contact list) NO MATTER WHO sent it to you. When you forward these emails, you are just adding your email address to a list for scammers to use. If you just can't resist sending an inspirational message to a friend, copy and paste the message into a new email rather than forward the original.

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Wetlands supporters prepare for next battle

It sounds like the majority has spoke. Unfortunately the majority is often times in favor of what is easiest, cost the least amount to each personally, and in its short term interest. We are seeing a surge in Global Warming/ Environmental awareness in the media. This issue is where the rubber meets the road, literally. Do we believe in making inconvenient choices for the long term good?

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