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State is back in the business of funding the arts

$1,300,000 > $58,000

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Legendary Lawrence fiddler Billy Spears dies

May the family find peace. His was a life well-lived!!!

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Lawrence among best venture capital markets per capita

I'm much more inclined to believe the "separate ranking" link.

It's tough to trace private money reliably. Even if the original link is somehow accurate, it could be a result of one really big deal. Could also be a one year aberration.

As of now, we can't identify even ONE local success or ONE job created with something like $40MM in outside money allegedly pumped into our fair city.

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Kansas Bioscience Authority approves $1.8 million in investments, loans

$750K for 3.6% means the total value for this business would be $20,833,333.

This is a disgusting boondoggle.

Coupled with the secrecy of this Project X nonsense, these people should be ASHAMED of the way they are deceiving the State of Kansas. And the people of Kansas deserve better.

The KBA wants to convince everybody that they somehow have a monopoly on high-wage job creation. It's just not true.

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Editorial: Tax impacts

Kansas is a laughingstock now all throughout the land
Make slashing cuts, hope for the best--that's the Brownback/Koch tax plan
The corporate interests and the rich get their own special rules
But why would a business move here when we won't fund public schools?

Welcome to Brownbackistan

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U.S.' largest tanker base to be in Wichita

I'm surprised Brownback would be so supportive of taking Federal money.

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Editorial: Shirking state

What about those who are NOT "high risk" but still contract HIV?

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Gov. Brownback signs into law concealed carry measure; campuses exempt for four years

Ha act as if it's unconstitutional NOT to carry!

Of course, that may be what it is coming to. "Welcome to KU. You'll need a laptop computer...and if you don't have a gun, one will be provided for you."

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KU provost's April Fools' Day letter announces barbecue research center, Jayhawk Boulevard swim lanes

Wow...can't believe the negative commentary. I mean, I guess this is the crotchety old LJW hangout for bitter people, but I thought it was very clever. In fact, I would say that I didn't know the Provost had it in him. I'm impressed! Great stuff.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Three decades of defending and judging those in Lawrence's justice system

The number of welfare recipients in some states is MORE than the number of workers? Can you tell me which states or tell me where that data comes from? Frankly, I don't believe it.

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