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Simons' Saturday Column: KU Medical Center leadership crucial to success

Thank you. Keith. There can be only so many "inside baseball" editorials before one simply skips the darn Saturday column. So many column inches directed at so few readers. What a waste of potential influence.

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Court staffer suspended over Kline tweets

Such poor judgment by Judge Marquart's staffer. This is an explosive case, as one can tell by reading the majority opinion in State v. Kline ("We'll be watching you") and the blistering partial dissent by then-Justice Kay Mcfarland. Throw in Governor Brownback's lust for altering the judicial selection process and you have a situation where all state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals attorneys obviously should refrain from tweeting their predictions.

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Mah criticizes voter ID law, Kobach as counting of 54th District votes continues

Ann Mah sends amazingly concise informational emails to her constituents, including a "Let's Get To Work" section listing places nearby that are hiring. If Mr. Corbet prevails, he might consider including that info in his constituent emails.

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Kansas panel's choices will spur debate on courts

This sounds like fake outrage to me. Lordy, how power hungry can the governor be?

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GOP raises specter of Medicaid expansion as campaign issue

I'm not sure why this writer lumped in the elderly with the poor and the disabled as the three groups eligible for Medicaid. My 91-yr-old mother relies on railroad retirement Medicare and the supplemental Blue Cross for which she pays $240 monthly. Her eldercare specialist attorney has not mentioned the possibility of Medicaid assistance. Either sloppy journalism or sloppy lawyering.

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In efficiency fight, school officials counter that cuts have already left deep wounds

Dr. Colyer's nephew sat beside me for three evenings at the Capitol Plaza Hotel "Falling Water Grill" and recounted some of the "transition team's" discussions earlier in the day. He was a former Wall Streeter accustomed to analyzing budgets in the millions and billions. He told me that public schoolteachers would not like the new Administration. It may have been an understatement...

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Moore, Hensley tangle over taxes, transportation plan, other issues

Summer school for that particular school is only six weeks, and it does not last a full day. I just assumed Mr. Hensley got a pro-rated salary. Oh well, this is a matter for Topeka USD 501 I suppose. Some large school districts allow a teacher to spend half a day on K-NEA work, I believe. Perhaps 501 can spend less on lobbying knowing that Mr. Hensley has its back. Sounds like it may be a sweet double pension though.

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First Bell: School board seeks community input on bond proposal; Lawrence Memorial Central MS set for annual ‘Fun Run’

And what has Rick Doll done about the cockroach problem at the LHS cafeteria? It has been suggested to me that a different exterminating company should be given a shot..even if they were not the lowest bidder. That cafeteria feeds several other schools, I am told...

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School board hears cases for new learning standards, bond issue

Your school system rocks..may be a tad political, but dang, the kids learn. And if the folks in charge choose depth over breadth..well they know a lot more about such things than I do. Kind of reminds me of KU choosing to drop Western Civ for some majors in order to let the students have more "depth" in their majors. (That one sort of hurt, but on reflection I decided I was prejudiced due to a history major)

But please, folks in charge, take the cockroach problem at LHS seriously. OK, you may run your school again!

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Jenkins says Schlingensiepen should apologize to her for comment

I agree with Wilbur. If I hear Jenkins whine one more time of how awful it is to try to send a child to college on HER salary...

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