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Brownback appoints his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Court of Appeals

Ask the folks in Jefferson County what they think of him. Seems like when he was county attorney there, he was constantly whining to the county commissioners about how his budget was woefully inadequate for that hotbed of crime...Jefferson County.

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Opinion: Pro basketball, not Rubik's Cube, in Kevin Young's future

Thanks for the article, Tom. I have heard good "humility" stories about Coach Self's family also.
Gotta like the folks who keep a level head when others in their situation might go big-headed.

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KU outlines significant cuts if Legislature cuts higher education funding

If cuts have to be made, I think I would look at the Diversity expenditures. But I am no expert in college finances, for sure.

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Undercover task force cites 17 businesses for selling alcohol to minors

Now, I could be wrong, and if so I know folks will correct me, but I counted 17 "general" stores and only four "liquor stores." I say don't let the Dillons type stores sell hard liquor when they have enough trouble following the rules on weak beer.

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Man with illegal gun, bulletproof vest detained at Lawrence bank on Tuesday

I also, budtugly, recently closed my BOA accts and opened them at a more local bank for HALF the fees.

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Order in the court: Attorneys make concession in fight over judicial selection

Why change a process that is not broken? Stephen Ware needs to get out of the ivory tower and watch some trials in Douglas County and report back to us how "liberal" he finds the district court judges. (One atrocious case four or five years ago notwithstanding, and that got corrected on appeal).

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Training regimen pioneered at KU now spanning generations

The Lockwoods were and are an asset to their school district.

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Opinion: Obama may be transitional figure

Less of a mandate? How about NO mandate. 51 million to 49 million is no mandate.

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More roaches found at Lawrence schools during inspections

It is about time the district change pest control companies!

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Attorney fired over tweets during Kline hearing

Well, there was that time Lawson Nuss, now Chief Justice, commuted acts referred to as the Nuss Fuss.

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