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Kansas proposal would allow concealed carry with no permit

Please stop this insanity. More guns mean more accidental shootings; escalated violence. I don't care if you own a gun...as long as you are trained and licensed or certified. But, I am not interested in seeing people walking down the street with their guns in their holsters..creates a pretty scary visualization for me. Even Wyatt Earp knew better. If you want to hunt, go for it; that's generally not allowed unless you have gone through hunter education and certification. But this whole debate surrounding wanting to have your gun tucked in your holster at the school play or the Christmas show, just loses me. There is NOTHING productive about carrying guns unless you are law enforcement or security. In my opinion, that increases the likelihood of innocent people being shot; just by the numbers; do the math; check out the increased probability. How many of you are trained on how to react in a violent or stressful situation? How many of you are trained on how NOT to shoot the innocent bystander? How many of you know how to keep a stronger aggressor from taking your gun from you? And alcohol and guns? Do you really think drinking establishments will be safer? Schools? Grocery stores? What is the REAL reason for this underlying NEED to have more guns, America? I don't think its the Christian thing to do. So what is it?

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Kansas lawmakers to hold informational hearings on marriage

Wow...it took the Irish years to allow divorce and alot of people standing around in chains in protest...that's what this reminds me of...where on earth do these people get off thinking they have the right to limit choices people make about their families??? Unfathomable....these people are from medieval times....they will prevent more marriages than stop divorces. Wow. Someone tell them we do NOT WANT the 1950's again.

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Kansas House panel eases off plan to delay school aid funds

Where's all that increased revenue from cutting income taxes? What happened to all that growth that was going to make all the cuts worthwhile? So, let me get this straight...don't drive in Kansas because the roads won't be fixed (watch those bridges folks! Remember, a seat CAN be used as a floatation device), don't get educated in Kansas (unless you have a rich teacher who can buy students all the educational resources for classes), don't work for any government entity in Kansas because you won't ever be able to retire...awesome.

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With looming cash crisis, GOP leaders see need to fix Kansas budget quickly

Unable to drive on Kansas roads and unable to retire if you work as a public employee...brilliant.

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If President Obama has a chance to dine out while he’s in Lawrence, where should he eat?

The ORIGINAL JOHNNY'S in North Lawrence gets my vote. But they will probably settle on Free State.

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Lawrence resident's art, energy lead to deep community involvement

Ursula is and always has been a talented, intelligent, and wonderful person. Her family has long history in Douglas County. So glad to see her honored by an article. Way to go Ursula!

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Brownback, Davis discuss gay marriage at Kansas gubernatorial debate

The only reason this issue is being debated is because it is the ONLY issue that Mr. Brownback can acquire voters at the last minute. It is a desperate strategy and a shame that the debate didn't focus on the issues that affect most Kansas citizens...there are so many issues that have negatively affected a lot more people than the issue of gay marriage in this state in the last four years. Isn't it obvious? The Governor of this state should be held accountable for the deplorable fiscal experiment that has failed and severely hurt people who are already struggling in this state...and the cronyism! The lack of regard for anyone except those who take Kansas resources out of state and have no regard for the people here. Where is the debate around those issues? Where is the outcry from the population? This isn't about Republican and Democrat...this is about Kansas Common Sense...where is the outcry from the conservatives about accountability??? Hold this man accountable for his actions...not for his ability to pander at the last minute.

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If you could start your own charity, what would its focus be?

Performance Development Group.

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Lee McBee, renowned blues musician from Lawrence, has died

So many of us knew and loved Lee. So many GREAT memories of music and laughter and people. He was a real entertainer, with style and whatever that unnamed characteristic is that makes you stop and pay attention...he had that charisma...and style...Lynch and McBee at the 7th Spirit...The Rhythm Kings....Mike Morgan and the Crawl....and of course the Confessors... not to mention all the places and times he sat in..and shared his talent and raucous sense of humor. We will miss you Lee, always.

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Community recognizes longtime homeless shelter director

Thank you Loring for your boundless compassion for those less fortunate....for helping the rest of us understand that this work benefits us as much as it does those we lift up. You have led us by example in your quiet but determined way...I hope that we will remember what you have done and follow your example. Thanks so much.

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