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Two Lawrence sisters enjoy a love for boxing

I believe so....MMA fighters also train there with Sifu Dwane Lewis, thanks to Coach Riley. By the way Sifu Lewis has trained kids for years in martial arts and kick boxing...local man whose family dates back to the 1850's here in Douglas County...former Light Heavy-weight world champion kick-boxer K.I.C.K. Haskell boxing club is a great community and a great place to learn. Many thanks to Coach Riley!

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KU proposes 3.4 percent tuition, fee increase for incoming freshmen

Once upon a time the mission for state colleges was so that every child in Kansas would have the opportunity to receive a higher education degree. Have our universities become so engrossed in their own institutional competition that they have forgotten the spirit on which they were founded? There are those who will say that we do not understand the pressure to attract more students and the need for more and more money, but I would counter with the mission of educating Kansas students; all Kansas students, that's the goal. With tuition soaring, only those who are wealthy or those who believe they can bear the burden of school loans will be able to get a degree. There is no positive outcome in increasing disparities already so deep within our nation. Education has always been considered a necessity for success, and has especially been touted as the road out of poverty. Cutting Pell Grants, increasing student loan interest rates, and raising tuitions threaten the very foundation of our belief that education should be available to all who can make the grade.

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Lions softball strings together hits in 13-3 rout of Firebirds

Love the team. Morgan Byrn is one to watch!

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Lawrence High softball v. Free State

Way to go LIONS. What a talented team. Way to go Morgan Byrn! ! I am sure Grandma Pam Murphree Byrn Boldt was there to cheer you on with cousin and softball player Sami Byrn! Great photos Ljworld!

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High schools notebook: Infield leading Lions softball

That young athlete, Morgan Byrn, is truly amazing. She is as smart as she is talented, and her whole family is very proud of her, as we are of all the lions! Special shout out to her dad, Mike Byrn...who played Legion ball, college, coached, and continues to coach women's teams, along with his brothers, John and Bill, outstanding players and coaches in their own right. Mom, Amy, setting an example of excellence and love, just like Shelly Byrn and Rachel Byrn....and the matriarch who is the sports guru of the world and the Byrn, umpire...enthusiast, ever-lovin grandma...who never misses a game...Pamela Byrn Boldt. When they say it takes a village...well, it takes a family...and the Byrn family certainly has what it takes....lots of love for each other...and the game!

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Kathleen Sebelius resigns from Obama Cabinet

Well said. And I heartily agree...although I have agreed with most of her politics and am grateful for her efforts on behalf of those who cannot always speak for themselves. So much easier to criticize than to actually LEAD and solve those problems.

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Retired health department director honored with wall of fame

Kay, you are the epitome of servant leadership. Your excellence, compassion, professional, intelligent direction benefited all of us here in Lawrence and Douglas County, and we are forever grateful to you. Thank you so very much!

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Fred Phelps Sr., founder of Westboro Baptist Church, dead at 84

Zachariah....perfect quote, thank you.

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Fred Phelps Sr., founder of Westboro Baptist Church, dead at 84

Your first two paragraphs echo my thoughts exactly.

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Editorial: Community leader

I just wanted to say--and I know Loring will object, but I think its the right thing to do---we need to rename the Shelter after Loring Henderson. I know a lot of people worked very hard, including Shirley Martin-Smith, Hilda Enoch, John Tacha, and all those on the committees, but the driving force, unrelenting, quietly determined, ever compassionate, the person with grace and mercy in his soul, who, in his 70's saw this project through, was Loring Henderson. He is an amazing man, and I hope that others will agree. I see names on buildings everywhere in Lawrence with dedication plaques to honor those who played a part in erecting the structures. Well, I think Loring deserves that and more. So, over his humble objections, I think its time we, as a community, say thank you, at least in part, by putting his name on a place that will give hope to those who have so little. The name will tell generations that this citizen of Lawrence made a difference; helped us all make a difference. The Loring Henderson Community Shelter sounds GREAT to me.

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