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Brownback voices disapproval of Obama rule on contraceptives

If the fight is between civil rights for women and religious "rights," I vote women's rights every time! If the religious organization is receiving tax breaks, and we know they are, then they don't have the ability to say "no" to a basic health care product for women, just because they are women. Do they say "no" to vasectomies?

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Mormons and Jews

I've interviewed alot of LDS Native American people, and they do not bear the animosity that you do specifically toward LDS people. Some are converts, some have been raised by parents who are converts, but all are believers. A very powerful and interesting set of interviews from those who continue with their tribal culture, but have incorporated their LDS (Mormon) beliefs.

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Mormons and Jews

My understanding is that there is still choice in the afterlife...even people who are "sealed" or married will have the opportunity to choose, and that NO members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can practice polygamy today and remain an active member. As far as the potential to "become like God," my understanding is that God is regarded as male and female together and is an all-loving being--that people as children of this being can grow over milleniums of time to become more like that. So the goal is actually to become more loving...isn't the term "the pure love of Christ" or "charity"?

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Mormons and Jews

To answer at least a couple of your questions, from what I discovered: 1) Post-mortem baptisms have to wait at least one year from the time of death--and in those cases must be submitted by a family member, 2) there are only rare occasions that people other than family can submit names--and those records are generally over 50 years after the passing of the decedent, 3) For more recent records, the permission of the next of kin is required, 4) Rituals are not necessarily secret, as they are limited to who can attend by virtue of the Temple reqiurements for living within specific parameters; such as the word of wisdom--no coffe or tea or addictive substances, no smoking; honesty, no abuse...etc. The rituals are mechanisms to "seal" families in family groups because LDS belief system says that families are forever. Other ordinances; including baptism for the dead are easily discovered at

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Mormons and Jews

Here's what I know from research on LDS baptism for the dead, which is what the original post is referring to...there is no "gain" for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints except an expression of their faith, the doctrine is a combination of the belief that baptism is a covenant with God that gives a person the opportunity to receive all the blessings afforded through Christ, the LDS doctrine says God is no respecter of persons (which means, if a person has not had the opportunity to hear the gospel, he or she can still accept Christ after death--the baptism for the dead was referred to by Paul in Corinthians: 15:29 Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?) and a desire to perform that rite for those who have sufferend and passed away, in case they choose to follow Christ in the afterlife. This practice, that according to LDS doctrine, was restored to the earth when Joseph Smith Jr. received the Melchizedek Priesthood as part of a total restoration of the full gospel of Jesus Christ, which LDS members believe was distorted over the generations since Christ. When the LDS leaders heard from the Jewish leaders, they stopped the practice. That's all this is about. You will find LDS people of all political and philosophical persuasions these days--pro-choice--pro-gay-civil rights. Remember, Democrat Harry Reid is also LDS--not just Republican Mitt Romney. And singer Gladys Knight is also a convert. If you are not a person of faith, then none of this will really matter at all. Hope I answered the question that was posted originally.

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Opponents criticize latest abortion bill in Kansas Legislature

Women are chattel to this Governor, and all his cronies. Did you expect anything less??? Those of you who voted for them? Guess you don't trust or even like women either.

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Bill would require information on emergency contraception as part of sexual assault examination process

Your comments are offensive. You take away the right of a woman to stop a process that will retraumatize her. If YOUR choice is to carry a child of a rapist (and I hope that you NEVER have to experience that) then that's YOUR choice. But don't take away the choice of other women who may not see it your way. A woman's body must be her own, governed by her alone; otherwise she becomes less than a citizen, a slave. Civil law makes her body NOT your property. As for treatment after rape? The fertilized egg is NOT a human being in my, that's just your opinion, not a statement of fact. Pass the law. Protect women.

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Gov. Brownback’s approval rating falls; Kansas GOP disputes poll

You know, if Adkins had anything substantive in the way of stats that would undermine the poll, she would have been waving the information in front of the faces of reporters. Sure bet, the INSIDE information is something in the koolaid.

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New documents show cost of KBA's legal fees

Wonder how many children who just lost their food stamps we could have fed NOT paying lawyers for the KBA?

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