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Senate panel votes to block United Way payroll deductions for public sector employees

I fail to see what the problem was in the first place. If employees would like to have deductions taken from their paychecks, who are these people to deny them? And now, this? Throwing the baby out with the bath water? Why are voters supporting these people? With everything else that we need our legislators to work on, THIS is where they land? And they get paid for it? Ok...how about this. Since they want to take away everything that protects workers so that the government can be run more like a business....let us pass a law that does not allow the state to pay legislators as contracted workers unless they successfully complete their job (and the consumer gets to decide what that looks like) and their work realizes a profit for the state. No bonuses. No healthcare. And we should be able to fire them, yes?

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

Posted duplicate.

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

Ok...here's the thing...I know the laws regarding bladed weapons too....but your point doesn't really seem correct, since a gun fires multiple projectiles at a high rate of speed and can do so in multiple directions. But rather than argue what weapon will do more damage to people, since one is too many in my book, how about we just do what we can to make sure that people know how to handle the weapon before they walk around in the school play with one? The gun rights folks are acting from a fear of their own...fear that someone will come and take something from them and they want guns to protect them from "government." I don't share that philosophy; I admit it. So, I just want people to have training before they walk around with a deadly weapon---meaning GUN.

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

Disregard this...the reply was applied to the wrong discussion point.

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

I have been through hunter training twice and it was firearm safety and training; so I am not sure where you were instructed, but our training certainly included safety with rifles and shotguns...of course, that is what I was referring to...I did not mean to imply that it was training of any kind for handguns. Frankly, I think if you walk around with a side arm on display in public, you should have to have government mandated training. You should have to have a license. Most people that I know would leave a store if someone came in bearing a firearm. And if there is no license for conceal carry? It won't make us sleep easier.

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

Whoever has the unnamed donkey for an icon....my answer to you is no...but first amendment rights 1) don't kill people, generally and 2) it is regulated somewhat as is constitutional; so I do not believe this argument is germane to the topic.. I believe strongly that gun ownership should require a government regulation requiring specific training before a license to conceal and carry in public is issued. Hunters go through hunter training to get a license...so to shoot an animal you need training....I guess I think that to be able to shoot another person you should probably have training as well. Training that makes you better able to handle a weapon in an emergency; and to shoot accurately. Law abiding citizens shoot themselves and could potentially shoot others who are innocent especially if the person shooting is under stress in a crowd. Just ONE death this way is too high a price to pay. Just ONE. I don't want any of my loved ones to be that ONE. Do you?

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

I would think that responsible gun owners would want all gun owners to be trained and certified. Its not like we instinctively know how to handle a gun properly or how to react in a stressful situation with a firearm or when to shoot, or how to shoot accurately.

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Kansas Senate passes Brownback's school funding overhaul

I am concerned for the future of the children of our State; our future. I am concerned about the influence of the Koch Brothers on our education system. When I see this rush to pass such an important measure, I am concerned at the lack of real analysis in favor of some loyalty to a political philosophy. All of this makes me question whether this legislation is just part of a gradual series of moves to eliminate public schools. When I see funding cut; when I see laws that create a hostile environment for teachers, I cannot help but wonder if this isn't a means to set public schools up to fail. Without money, there are no resources or facilities to properly educate. With laws that prosecute teachers for ambiguously "inappropriate" materials, and laws that take away teachers' abilities to negotiate their salaries and pensions, I see a means to defeat the recruitment and maintenance of outstanding teachers in the public school system. I see a legislature that does not value public education for all. I see a legislature that seems to favor private education and limiting who gets an education. I see a departure from the long held value that education is the key to eliminating poverty and so many other social ills....the power of education to overcome socio-economic barriers... we know this is true...we have years of studies that tell us that education is key. So what IS the agenda here? Am I missing something?

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Kansas Senate approves proposed ban on abortion procedure

This reporting is not complete enough. Are there any reasons why this procedure (as Cille just said) should be used? Is there some time when the fetus has expired in the womb... can she have this type of abortion then? Are there any exceptions to this ban? When reporting on this bill, shouldn't those questions be answered? The procedure is explained, but all the reasons why doctors might use the procedure is not? Are there any reasons that would mandate that this procedure should be used to save a woman's life??? What are the details? and why don't we care enough to ask?

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Kansas proposal would allow concealed carry with no permit

Please stop this insanity. More guns mean more accidental shootings; escalated violence. I don't care if you own a gun...as long as you are trained and licensed or certified. But, I am not interested in seeing people walking down the street with their guns in their holsters..creates a pretty scary visualization for me. Even Wyatt Earp knew better. If you want to hunt, go for it; that's generally not allowed unless you have gone through hunter education and certification. But this whole debate surrounding wanting to have your gun tucked in your holster at the school play or the Christmas show, just loses me. There is NOTHING productive about carrying guns unless you are law enforcement or security. In my opinion, that increases the likelihood of innocent people being shot; just by the numbers; do the math; check out the increased probability. How many of you are trained on how to react in a violent or stressful situation? How many of you are trained on how NOT to shoot the innocent bystander? How many of you know how to keep a stronger aggressor from taking your gun from you? And alcohol and guns? Do you really think drinking establishments will be safer? Schools? Grocery stores? What is the REAL reason for this underlying NEED to have more guns, America? I don't think its the Christian thing to do. So what is it?

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