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Brownback, Davis discuss gay marriage at Kansas gubernatorial debate

The only reason this issue is being debated is because it is the ONLY issue that Mr. Brownback can acquire voters at the last minute. It is a desperate strategy and a shame that the debate didn't focus on the issues that affect most Kansas citizens...there are so many issues that have negatively affected a lot more people than the issue of gay marriage in this state in the last four years. Isn't it obvious? The Governor of this state should be held accountable for the deplorable fiscal experiment that has failed and severely hurt people who are already struggling in this state...and the cronyism! The lack of regard for anyone except those who take Kansas resources out of state and have no regard for the people here. Where is the debate around those issues? Where is the outcry from the population? This isn't about Republican and Democrat...this is about Kansas Common Sense...where is the outcry from the conservatives about accountability??? Hold this man accountable for his actions...not for his ability to pander at the last minute.

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If you could start your own charity, what would its focus be?

Performance Development Group.

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Lee McBee, renowned blues musician from Lawrence, has died

So many of us knew and loved Lee. So many GREAT memories of music and laughter and people. He was a real entertainer, with style and whatever that unnamed characteristic is that makes you stop and pay attention...he had that charisma...and style...Lynch and McBee at the 7th Spirit...The Rhythm Kings....Mike Morgan and the Crawl....and of course the Confessors... not to mention all the places and times he sat in..and shared his talent and raucous sense of humor. We will miss you Lee, always.

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Community recognizes longtime homeless shelter director

Thank you Loring for your boundless compassion for those less fortunate....for helping the rest of us understand that this work benefits us as much as it does those we lift up. You have led us by example in your quiet but determined way...I hope that we will remember what you have done and follow your example. Thanks so much.

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Kelley Hunt album-release concert to benefit Just Food

Thank you LJWorld for covering this amazingly talented musician. Of all the articles and all the musicians that have been featured, Kelley Hunt has achieved more and given back more than anyone. What this marvelous article doesn't mention is that for decades, Kelley Hunt has played and contributed to charities in Lawrence and all over the world. Douglas County Aids Project...she was the first to offer concerts to raise money with an annual appearance. She has raised money for Just Food in many concerts, and she deserves our gratitude and our applause. Kelley's latest CD is winning critical acclaim...from people all over the country...the leading names in her genre of personalities, magazine writers, entertainment correspondents; and thousands, not hundreds, but thousands of people flock to hear her in New York State, in California, in Minnesota, all around the U.S. She has fans in Switzerland, in Spain, and around the world, and she has given all of us her down to earth, daughter of Kansas, ever-lovin spiritual care and devotion. We all know how amazing she is...but sometimes I think we fall short of recognizing how far and wide the healing power of her music has reached. She is the standard by which so many others of us measure our own musical paths. Kelley Hunt continues to impact lives and make a difference. There are so many, many stories, testimonies, if you will, of people who have travelled miles to hear her, and thank her for the message in her music. And always, she has counted herself a Lawrencian...she is our ambassador in so many you can see from the article. Humility, talent, wisdom, compassion...she is still the rockinest girl on the stage. So, thank you again for the article; more importantly, thank YOU, Kelley Hunt for your music, your talent, your spirit, and your love for so many. See you all Saturday ....

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Praeger, Henderson receive Substantial Citizen Award

Absolutely GREAT choices! Both are outstanding people!

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Two Lawrence sisters enjoy a love for boxing

I believe so....MMA fighters also train there with Sifu Dwane Lewis, thanks to Coach Riley. By the way Sifu Lewis has trained kids for years in martial arts and kick boxing...local man whose family dates back to the 1850's here in Douglas County...former Light Heavy-weight world champion kick-boxer K.I.C.K. Haskell boxing club is a great community and a great place to learn. Many thanks to Coach Riley!

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KU proposes 3.4 percent tuition, fee increase for incoming freshmen

Once upon a time the mission for state colleges was so that every child in Kansas would have the opportunity to receive a higher education degree. Have our universities become so engrossed in their own institutional competition that they have forgotten the spirit on which they were founded? There are those who will say that we do not understand the pressure to attract more students and the need for more and more money, but I would counter with the mission of educating Kansas students; all Kansas students, that's the goal. With tuition soaring, only those who are wealthy or those who believe they can bear the burden of school loans will be able to get a degree. There is no positive outcome in increasing disparities already so deep within our nation. Education has always been considered a necessity for success, and has especially been touted as the road out of poverty. Cutting Pell Grants, increasing student loan interest rates, and raising tuitions threaten the very foundation of our belief that education should be available to all who can make the grade.

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Lions softball strings together hits in 13-3 rout of Firebirds

Love the team. Morgan Byrn is one to watch!

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Lawrence High softball v. Free State

Way to go LIONS. What a talented team. Way to go Morgan Byrn! ! I am sure Grandma Pam Murphree Byrn Boldt was there to cheer you on with cousin and softball player Sami Byrn! Great photos Ljworld!

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