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Longtime Lawrence resident creates bandana to commemorate 150th anniversary of Quantrill's raid

@HootyWho, you're exactly right! From my point of view the raids and killing of pro-slavers were committed on the right side of the issue. Taking out folks who advocated the subjugation of an entire race of people was a good thing. Too bad John Brown wasn't around to continue his work. Did some innocents get killed? Probably. It happens in any war, declared or not. My great-great-great grandmother came to KS from AR after escaping from her owner. No, I have nothing bad to say about those folks who raided into mo.

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KU AD Zenger: Memorial Stadium changes coming ... just not for a while

I haven't been paying attention. What's this controversy about Kansas University and University of Kansas? Enlighten me, please.

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Of all the luck: Events unfortunately scheduled at same time as KU game

People, companies, organizations should realize that to schedule an event from mid-March through the first week of April in Lawrence or the KC Metro is not the thing to do. Attendance may suffer, people will call in sick or just not show up. In '08 the company I worked for schedule an all-department meeting on the evening of the regional final. Over 50 people were watching one 55" flat screen when the head of maintence calls out, "OK, let's go! Meeting's starting." Nobody moved. It was the final 3 minutes of the game. The meeting couldn't and didn't start til the final buzzer sounded. Check your calendars, people. Realize that you can't compete with Kansas Basketball. Avoid the disappointment.

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Lawrence commissioners considering renaming street after former KU football coach Don Fambrough

1) No street in Lawrence, KS should be named "missouri".
2) The folks on the current "Rebel Way" are just too lazy to change their addresses.
3) When did the map of Lawrence first have a missouri St.?
4) I, too, support TopJayhawk in the opinion "Make 'em gone for good."
5) Fambrough St. (Rd., Way, Blvd, Lane) should not be in some new neighborhood blocks or miles from Memorial Stadium. Coach belongs in or near the stadium.
6) It's too bad that Kivisto's ego was so big that he had to have his name on the field. "Fambrough Field" has a nice ring to it. It's a name that means something in Lawrence.

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Pat Ruel knows keys to winning

Go with the known quantity. Get Ruel back to Lawrence.

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KU's Self not fretting over Missouri's decision to leave Big 12 for SEC

You go, Bill! Really like a coach who speaks his mind (too bad they can't do it with officials). Why is the SEC so happy to be mu's second choice, anyway? The SEC already has 2 Tigers down there. LSU & Auburn don't get along. Tigers are solitary cats. They only come together to mate. That bodes ill for mu.............I hope.

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McClinton not limited to football

The fact that Paul Robeson was blackballed during the McCarthy nonsense should serve as a badge of honor. McCarthy was a bully and not a good representation of what a man in his position should have been. In the end he got what he deserved.

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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: J.R. Giddens on leaving KU

What an idiot! Guess he doesn't believe in "guilt by association". Players continuing to hang out with him would, sooner or later, get sucked into his troubles unfairly. Hope he reads his comments a few years down the road and realizes how childish he was then and sounds now.

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2011 Rock Chalk Roundball Classic

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you B21H! I don't think we disagree. I just believe "once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk" without the time stamp. Coach Fambrough is (yes, I know I said "is") a former Jayhawk coach, but not a former Jayhawk. I feel the same about your daughter. Yes, she's a former student, but she's still a Jayhawk. I'm sure that game was great, as the Alumni Game will be this weekend. Nice to see the former 'hawk athletes come back!

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Leftovers on menu for KU

Am I the only one who thinks that creating the Big 12 with the Texas schools was a bad idea in the first place? This isn't hindsight. I felt this way when the talk first began years ago. The almighty dollar kicked tradition and loyalty in the ass and now KU is on the brink of who knows what.

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