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City, country clubs still dispute billing

Wagner said "the city’s policy is to try to collect on past water usage, even if the billing issue is the result of an error on the city’s part."

You may rethink your policy. Looks like you'll have to mark a loss. This is about as unethical is it gets.

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City moving forward with new rec center site

I disagree with most of the posting that happens on this blog. It's like all the squeaky wheels in one place. I personally favor and appreciate the work that has been done here. Our "representatives" sacrifice time and energy away from their personal lives and goals and we should respect them for that. I do not believe that these ladies and/or gentlemen are always corrupt or working against what everybody else wants rather just trying to make a difference and give back to the community that has given to them. I commend every one of them and hope that we can all continue to appreciate our community and the wonderful dialogue that usually ensues here...just not within these blogs.

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City says it underbilled two Lawrence golf courses by $325,000, seeks settlement

Wow, this is pretty incredible. What does Eagle Bend pay for their water? Do they pay at all? Snuffing out competition? Seriously, businesses unlike the city have annual budgets and and mistakes like this could be detrimental to their operations. They don't work with Taxpayer dollars! Also, I'm pretty sure these country clubs are doing okay before this HUGE mistake. The city should forgive these business that have been supporting Lawrencians for a combined 120 years.

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Ex-mayor given leadership award

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Lawrence Country Club superintendent tends a rough course

Alvamar all the way baby!

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Fire destroys home southwest of Lawrence

I think the pie comment was supposed to point out how irrelevant the previous comment was. These people just lost everything they own...makes me think about how irrelevant my problems are.

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Spring break daycations

My favorite daycation...GOLF. I play at Alvamar's upper course. We have GREAT golf in the area.

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