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Salvation Army expects final tally of kettle campaign to come up short

That was why I didn't give them anything this year.

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City urged to allow potbellied pigs

I had a potbellied pig growing up. Wilbur (not very original but I was 6) was litter box trained. He didn't smell bad unless his litter box wasn't clean. He is a pig after all and wanted to roll around in anything he could (poo included). Also needed to be included in the proposed city regulations is that they're spayed or neutered. Wilbur could be violent to people/dogs/cats before he was neutered. After that happened though he was calm and sweet with everyone.

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What business would you like to see open downtown?

All you really need is a cute necklace and some really good chapstick!

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What business would you like to see open downtown?

I was surprised to see them for sale at stands at several county fairs I went to this summer. I think they've replaced the cowboy hats with roach clip feathers and the fringed beaded animal print t-shirts of the 80's.

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Landlords trying to fill growing number of rental vacancies

Exactly! I wanted to move into Lawrence but couldn't find a place that accepted dogs (they're both 50+ lbs but better behaved than most KU students). I moved to a house in Eudora where my kind was accepted.

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