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Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood

Thanks, the new one is better.

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Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood

Not sure if the headline is the AP's or LJW's, but it is seriously misleading. The funding that was cut, and that this ruling restored, was federal Title X funding. As in, for family planning. As in, preventing abortions. This headline veers way too close to suggesting the funding was for abortion care. Kansas unfortunately does not allow public funding of abortion care.

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Statehouse Live: Readjusted population counts will impact legislative redistricting in Lawrence

Wait, did the population reported in this piece originally (somewhere around 110,000) just change to 87,643?

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KDHE board to meet Wednesday on abortion clinic regulations

They're being drafted and changed and changed again as I type. The ones I've seen from June 17th are 36 pages long. It was in pdf form in an email; as far as I know they haven't been published anywhere.

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Edible landscapes: Lawrence activists want orchards for private, public use

The New York school is the only place in northeast Kansas where the ground isn't frozen and covered with 4 inches of snow?

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Domestic abuse center that serves Douglas County changes its name

Wrong Dena, there should be a political litmus test. If you think you know better than the woman in the situation, you don't belong there. YOU'RE the one blaming the victim. The point is to give the woman information and support, but not to choose/force/nag/belittle her. Again, you're doing absolutely nothing to stop the men who abuse. My guess is you know at least one, because one in every four women will experience abuse in their lifetime.

Open up your own judgmental shelter where you tell women what to do, support only the abused men, and see how far that goes ending violence.

The sexism of the posters on this website never fails to disgust me.

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Domestic abuse center that serves Douglas County changes its name

Dena, the fact that you can't see the connection between feminism and ending domestic violence means you wouldn't have been, in any way, an asset to any organization whose foundation is based on that connection. Instead of whining about how you weren't chosen to volunteer perhaps you should focus your energy on ending male violence.

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KU grad student is first candidate to file for school board

Woo Vanessa!!! She is a fantastic supporter of education, and Lawrence will be lucky to have her. Good luck!

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