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Audit finds problems in Kansas Department of Commerce handling of economic development programs

"PEAK allows companies to retain employees' state withholding taxes in exchange for creating new jobs retaining existing jobs."

Create new jobs to retain existing jobs? What does this mean?

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Statehouse Live: Brownback administration releases estimate on expanding Medicaid, $600 million over 10 years

Hoping the report includes the additional costs to hospitals (and thereby the public) of loss of the Medicaid disproportionate share payments, as well as how much in federal dollars the state stands to lose if Governor Brownback chooses to not expand Medicaid.

Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, and North Dakota, all with Republican governors, have said they support Medicaid expansion. This will be a true test to whether Governor Brownback is more interested in policy or politics.

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Court: Kansas Legislature's level of funding for schools unconstitutional

The word "federal" appears nowhere in this article. Why are you asking if the requirements could be federal?

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Domestic violence victim advocates withdraw bid with SRS

Just to be clear, you're saying the victim of the assault is the one that has something wrong with them, not the assaulter?

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Senate approves redistricting plan after heated debate

Is there a link to this map?

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Critics say KU Medical Center remains in jeopardy under abortion bill

Some legislators wish to do that. However, Lance Kinzer, R-Olathe, the sponsor of this and several other anti-abortion pieces of legislation, sees an outright attack on Roe v Wade as a losing strategy. He believes that would be struck down by the Supreme Court. Instead, they have spent the last two years trying to regulate away so that abortion remains legal in name, but impossible to actually get in Kansas.

However, trying to stop abortion care in the state is not their end goal. HB 2523 is still before the House Judiciary committee. It would allow an extremely broad expansion of the "conscience" refusal for not only abortion care but also birth control and emergency contraception. In fact, during testimony on the bill on February 15th, the intent from the anti-women Kansans for Life and Kansas Catholic Conference was clear: they want to ban birth control. Like the national attack on no-copay contraception, our state groups want women's sexuality tightly controlled.

Here's a summary of the bills that restrict women's reproductive health currently in the Legislature:

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Lawrence to the 1st under congressional redistricting proposal

The link to the plan results in a 404 error.

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Feminist author featured at Kansas NOW event

written completely devoid of irony.

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Brownback administration seeks input on proposed tax changes

Are some kind of reservations required?

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Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood

Some states' Medicaid funding covers abortions in cases of rape or incest, or life of the mother, as allowed under the Hyde amendment. Unfortunately, like I said, Kansas is not one of them.

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