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Former Kansas Athletics official asks for less than 5 years in prison; claims KU didn't actually lose any money from ticket scam

Incredible! Revenues increased despite the pilferage..... well, give her the job back and let's give her a raise too! This is the craziest thing I have ever heard..... book her and lock the doors for 4 years. Consequences people! Consequences!

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City of Lawrence wins nearly $500,000 grant to help build more affordable rental units

Plenty of "affordable housing". For example; Laurel Glen has clean, spacious apartments that rent for less than $500. The buildings are well maintainted and tenants are held to a standard that makes the environment safe and appealing, even for children!

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Details revealed in $1.5 million Carnegie Library building renovation

Jafs- I agree. This should be our "extended library". Secondly, how many "meeting spaces" do we need? We have meeting rooms in the current library, meetings rooms at the Chamber of Commerce, meeting rooms at the LMH expansion, meeting rooms at Bert Nash and last but not least, meeting rooms at the DG County Fair Grounds. What a total waste of space......

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Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, Plastikon Industries announce plans for new facility, 120 jobs in Lawrence

Denny2009-don't rush back to Larryville. Here is the lie that the fantastic economic development group allows employers to tell... that $45K includes a 30% markup for benefits. So $45K is really closer to $30K; which would really be $14.?? per hour. Beth and her crew should do Lawrence right and tell the truth on the actual probability of these jobs materializing. Let's just wait and see.......I have zero faith in these people.

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Furniture stores opening in former food store on South Iowa

I went to Discovery Furniture on Monday and found an awesome bedroom set. Before buying, I thought it would be best to go to Nebraska F Mart to make sure I was getting the best deal. Saw nothing that I liked more than the one at Discovery Furniture and the prices at Nebraska F Mart were WAY higher. So, back to DF last night and signed on the dotted line!

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Kansas Turnpike's East Lawrence interchange to close two weeks later than planned to facilitate emergency services

Classic unprofessional move! Shift the burden of blame before you even start. Rex-you should be ashamed of this quote.

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Health Care Access raises $450,000 needed to relocate

Nikki and Sally are tremendous people! Lawrence is lucky to have such caring individuals who will continue to fight the fight for the uninsured. Congrats to both of them. They deserve this and much, much more.

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Recipe for change: Film battles policies of industrial food giants

BruceF-Not so much... the portions are TINY, flavor is almost totally absent and the price is larger than one can imagine. Local Burger succeeds because it is in Lawrence. It would die anywhere else.....

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City of Lawrence employees in line for higher-than-expected year-end bonus

This is wrong on so many levels. The commissioners that support this will come under great scrutiny. This is not the economic climate to be increasing ANYTHING! Get a grip City Hall. You are about to make a disastorous decision.

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City to weigh changes to workers’ health plan

Hydra-read the latest consumer reports? Cigna is not at the bottom. The city employees need to have ownership in their personal health! They should pay a portion of their coverage too. Get an on-site health clinic. I have heard of a few local employers doing that and it makes a huge difference. They don't have to go to the doc, take time off work and have and $90 office visit for the sniffles. They can see their on-site nurse and be back to work in 15 minutes (no copay either)......Look into it commissioners.

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