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20-year-old man taken to hospital after stabbing incident

it was would help if i could read--we'll blame it on DST.

:) Joe Dirt was a happy guy---he didnt need to stab anyone, obviously this guy was NOT fully in character.

"Life's a garden...Dig it" not stab it.

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20-year-old man taken to hospital after stabbing incident

who stabs Joe Dirt?! c'mon.

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Lawrence Fire and Medical work the scene of an early morning fire at the Aberdeen Apartments South a

I live at Aberdeen South and woke up with all the commotion but didnt think much of it because fire trucks and ambulances go by all the time--living close to Station 4 and K-10 its a pretty common thing.

I was also awake early this morning when the lightning hit and thought to myself that it was super close but of course didnt think anything of it.

I am glad that everyone is safe as this could have been much more devastating.

I'm wondering if anything else is being done for the people displaced by the fire--since they are neighbors I would like to help out if I can, so if anyone knows of any efforts, please let us know! (not that I wouldnt help out if they werent neighbors..its just closer to home and I cant imagine losing my home) This could happen to anyone--scary.

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The best friends: Swimmer sees perks, pitfalls as country star’s confidante

umm Todd Reesing is a Phi is another starter on the team

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Have you ever done a Red Dog’s Dog Days workout?

the place they have it now has plenty of room...

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‘Red Dog’ to lead attempt at record-breaking workout

Jack-- you still didnt answer my question about the areas in lawrence where people cant make exercise a normal part of their day....

Id love to know where they are.

Speaking of making walking a part of everyday life... there will be people at the workout tomorrow in support of the Walking School Bus Program--everyone stop by and get information about this important program!

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‘Red Dog’ to lead attempt at record-breaking workout

and I meant to say "choose to go for a walk or jog after work"

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‘Red Dog’ to lead attempt at record-breaking workout

You just dont get it... stop talking about SUVs. Get over yourself.

Yes...WE KNOW--people use to walk everywhere--but these days its sometimes not feasible to walk everywhere so people choose to go for a walk or job after work.

Where in Lawrence is it impossible for people to incorporate basic exercise in their lives? Do the people in these areas not have feet? Do they not have the ability to take a walk or do some sit ups on their floor? I guess I dont understand where these parts of lawrence are.

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‘Red Dog’ to lead attempt at record-breaking workout

Your comments really dont make any sense. Cant you just support the effort Red Dog has made to get people to be more active? Each year Dog Days attracts more and more people who want to lead a more active lifestyle. What difference does it make if they go home and relax after the workout? That's better than the people who choose to not do any type of physical activity...

What is so bad about driving to a workout? How many people drive to the various gyms around Lawrence? Who cares if people dont walk to work or the store, or anywhere else for that matter? If you think the America or Lawrence are such horrible places to be simply because people drive to go workout or wear fitness apparel when they walk/jog around their neighborhoods (including the sidewalks in West Lawrence), or we have remote controls for appliances, then maybe you should leave instead of criticizing people for their choice to be more active in any capacity. At least they are making the effort. Do you own a TV with a remote, or do you get up and change the channel manually? Do you ever go out for a walk on a nice evening? Do you walk to work or incorporate walking into your everyday life? Maybe you do...maybe not... but dont criticize those who are doing what they can.

As for Dog Days, its a wonderful program with a lot of support from not only the Lawrence community, but surrounding communities as well. Red Dog brings together young and old all year round for a common goal of being more active. If you've never been to one of the work outs, you have no room to criticize or say this is all just a PR stunt. It is getting press because day in and day out the morning and evening work outs are attended by hundreds of people. It's getting press because Red Dog is a motivator and instills the values of hard work and positivity in those who attend the workouts. Everyone is supportive of eachother and of Red Dog. He has made a big difference in this community--and maybe he does deserve a little PR. Those who show up to contribute to this community workout will do so because they believe in the program and dont mind being a part of setting a record.

Get off your hippie high horse. If you dont like it, that's your problem--but keep your negativity to yourself.

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51-year-old man arrested in murder of George Tiller outside his church

Im astonished that people are so shocked that he was a member of a church--not everyone believes what he chose to do for a living was wrong.

the man who killed him more than likely belonged to a church--does that "astonish" you, too? The most disturbing thing about this was that it happened at a church in front of so many people. Of course he didnt have a bodyguard...he didnt think he needed one at church. To me, this says that his killer knew he wouldnt have any protection. Stalking, pre-meditated murder... what a world we live in.

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