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Style Scout: Natasha Kastl

Any man that wears skinny jeans should be shot. How do your balls breathe? I do NOT like that trend and there are plently of hipster/emo spazoids in Lawrence that wear them--they all look like they are in pain and I have a feeling they will have trouble procreating later in life.

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Rape charge prompts national fraternity to investigate local Delta Chi chapter

First of all, Delta Chi is NOT a bad bad pledge doesnt mean the whole frat is horrible. The undergrads and their alumni are a great group of guys and its unfortunate that one pledge (not yet a member) has to tarnish their good reputation at KU and in the community.

It's a shame that it happened (for both individuals and the fraternity) but people should drop the stereotyping and realize that this could have happened ANYWHERE at ANy PARTY, HOUSE, or APARTMENT.

There are so many negative connotations of fraternities because, yes, there are some questionable ones out there--but that doesnt mean all of them are bad. An no, I am not, nor was I ever Greek.

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What's one of your dad's favorite sayings?

"go do something--blow the stink off of ya."

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Mother feels unfairly singled out at local drinking establishment

I judge your posting skills as poor. Stop saying the same thing and stop telling people they would make bad parents. I PRAY that you're not a parent--you'd be teaching your child to judge others simply by their response in an online forum.

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Alcohol-awareness gathering honors memory of KU students

They are trying to be proactive and stop it from happening to others--the target audience was other members of the KU Greek Community and, yes, probably the kids parents and Fraternity HQ's. They arent just sweeping it under the rug and forgetting about the brother they lost.

You dont think the entire Chapter was affected by this tragedy? It doesnt matter what they do because some people will just assume the worst because all that goes on in a frat is drinking, right? Gotta love stereotypes--this Chapter does a lot for the community, as do all of the Greek chapters on campus.

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Green day: Parade brings out the Irish in St. Patrick’s revelers

You cant blame Lawrence for the mean people--blame the mean people. If they pushed their way past you, I'm sure you could have said something...

One of the guys walking alongside our float handing out candy refused to give some to a 16-year-old girl and told her it was for the kids. Her reply..."You're an a$$hole." It amazes me how rude teenagers and even young kids are becoming these days.

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Rivalry reborn: K-State fans have returned to chicken-throwing roots

emaw=Every Man a Wildcat...dumb saying if you ask me.

I'm pretty sure this article is "biased" because the kstate fans were the ones throwing live chickens and bananas on their home court. KU fans have more respect for Allen Fieldhouse to throw live chickens, fruit, or anything other than a random piece of newspaper that might get past the seats onto the court. But yeah, we might yell some things...better than throwing stuff.

I'm sure other teams have rituals but this article is about KU/KSU.

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Political newcomer announces Democratic campaign for Kansas governor

perhaps he gives money to candidates with whom he identifies and shares the same political ideas.

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Political newcomer announces Democratic campaign for Kansas governor

People need to learn how to read before they make comments, jeez.

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