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Free slave labor from Haskell Indian Nations University Students in Lawrence, KS

Just to clear up some of the stuff you talked about - which is more or less rumors, the BIE gave Redman assistance to move to Lawrence, NOT Haskell. He got a house in Oklahoma because his wife is still in medical school in Oklahoma. I find it admirable that he made sure her wishes and endeavors weren't pushed aside just because he got a position here in Kansas. Now yes, she could've transferred here and all that but I'm sure they, Redman and his wife, figured that out themselves. I'm sure once she has completed medical school, they will find the proper means to move to Lawrence.

"Rarely around" The president has plenty of responsibilities that take him away from the University from time to time. One of them is representing us at many conferences and other BIE related functions. He leaves our campus to find ways to help it.

It is obvious that you care about Haskell. If you aren't already, find a way to get involved. Seems like you have plenty of questions, go through the right channels and seek out their answers. Not knowing something only creates speculation. And when is speculation ever positive?

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Bureau of Indian Affairs begins accepting applications from those interested in being Haskell's next president

I wonder if LJW knows that they are in the process of doing the interviews of the four finalists for the position of President at Haskell today...?

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New season, new stadium

I wonder, if the result would've been the same if they were at Haskell Stadium?

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25 years ago: Haskell prepares for anniversary celebration

Get your information straight. Haskell opened 125 years ago. September of 1884. Oh, and it's Haskell Indian Nations University. Come on...

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Fatherhood, coaching — and a long-awaited degree

Elwood, congratulations!!!
Best of luck wherever you go! I know everyone at Haskell will definitely miss you, I know my family will. We'll be cheering for you tomorrow!!

Your big dawg,

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Senate approves Sebelius nomination

Good Luck Gov. Sebelius

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Haskell women primed for MCAC playoff run

It's only a matter of time. The girls are very capable of taking this tournament. I wish them all the luck.

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Haskell men in MCAC debut

Good Luck guys!

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Central Junior High teacher receives district honor

Mrs. Cox is an amazing teacher, this award is well deserved.

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