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Brownback signs anti-abortion bill

Just wait for the first law suit when a woman dies because of this law. I guess the state has plenty of money to pay to lawyers.

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Obama learns foreign policy on job

My question is, how much foreign policy experience does Ronmey have. Two has anyone in his family or the people that advise him served in the military. It is not as hard to make certain decisions if you dont have any skin in the game.

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Ignoring history

Dont know about government creating jobs, but just look at our highways and bridges. You do not see private companys saying that they will repair them, they are falling apart. Think of the next bridge that falls and the people that will be killed, who will get blamed, the government, but people say we can not affort to repair them because taxes may have to be raised. How much is your life worth, you could be on the next bridge that falls.

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Lecompton post office to remain open but have hours cut under new plan; more than 300 other Kansas post offices to have reduced hours

A couple of facts; UPS does not deliver to all addresses especially in rural areas, they use the Postal service for finial delivery. Mail is covered by federal law if it is tampered with, how much of the internet is hacked every day, no federal law covering this problem. If you do away with Postal Service that would mean everyone would have to have internet connection and a computer, talk about subsidising an industry. As for privitizing the Postal Service, there is no company that would take over that responsibility.

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Stay out of it

Get the church out of my government

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GOP redistricting fight could mean courts make final decision

Kind of funny watching the politicians trying to cut each others throut so they can have a district that they do not even have to campain in to get elected. They are too afraid to have an election where they wough have to campain, all they want is a sure thing so they can stay on the government gravy train. All I hear is that people are going to have to sacrifice so we can get out of the debt problem, except I have not seen a single sacrifice comming from the State or Federal elected officials.

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New study says proposed tax cut measure would benefit wealthy

Dont know what will happen if the tax plan goes through, neither does the legislators or any of the so called experts. What I do know is that if it does not work Kansas will be in trouble, I know that the Governor and legislature will find some one to blame the failure on besides themselves. See there is no responsibility taken by these people they will just shrug their shoulders and continue trying to stay on the government gravy train, when was the last time the Governor did not hold a government job.

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Kansas House revives Kobach voter-citizenship plan

Find it strange, if there is so much voter fraude in Kansas it must be on the Republican side, they control the stste government. Of course there are people that believe if anybody votes for the democrat it must be a fradulant vote. Where is all the legislation about jobs,

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Wrong on jobs

Talking about jobs, what has the Kansas legislature done about jobs, nothing.All they are worried about is drawing lines so they can stay on the government gravy train.

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Pharmacists could refuse to dispense contraception based on moral grounds under bill

What is really funny when you hear people saying go back to the old days when you did not have sex before marriage. I am 73 years old and remember the old days, there was just as much sex before marriage as there is today. People used condumns, if the woman got pregnant a number of thing occured, the rich would either marry the daughter off or send her on a vacation, the poor would use a back door doctor, marry the person that got them pregnant or have the child and live in shame. Wake up people, the good old days were not so good.

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