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Editorial: Carry concerns

The funny thing about this whole thing is that 99% of the people that have guns in a emergency situation would probably do more harm to the public or themselves.

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Yoder under fire for nude dip in holy waters

The only problem is if this was some enlisted man in the military or some low ranking federal worker they would have been court martialed or fired. But I guess if you are a member of congress you are treated diffrent in such situations.

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Analysis: Kansas governor owns aggressive tax cuts

Dont know if the plan will work or not. But if it does not work I would like the people responsible for it to man up and take responsibility for their mistake and not try and blame it on some group of people. If it does not work mabey they should resign from their position and forfite their retirement, but of course that would not happen, no skin in the game easy to make decisions that will not affect them.

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Statehouse Live: Bill halting state funds for remedial courses at KU, other regents schools sent to governor

Would like to know how many of the legislators had to take remidial classes when the went to KU or KS. Oh I forgot that they are all smarter than everyone else. Good luck Kansas

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Court denies request to rethink pipeline ruling

the question that should be asked, how much of this oil will be used in the United States. If you really look into it this Canadian oil is to be exported on the world market and will not drop the cost of gas one penny, in fact it may raise the cost of gas in the midwest. If you do not believe this get online and check it out.

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Brownback says tax cuts will help the economy; critics say it will damage Kansas

Brownback is banking on the Republicans winning the Presidency, then he hopes he will be picked for some cabinet job. If he does not he will find some group of people to blame the failure of his policies on. Brownback is like most politicians, they will never take responsibilities for mistakes they make. Good luck kansas.

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Proposal puts part of Lawrence in 1st District

Fun to watch grown men and women act like children. They are making a laughting stock of Kansas, what buisness would move to Kansas.

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Kobach asks federal court to settle redistricting

Another proud moment for kansas.

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Subsidized loans another entitlement

All I hear is there is too much free stuff. people should fend for themselves. It is easy for some to say that especially if they have never had to worry where their next dollar was comming from, or when they went to collage that the state was funding most of the tuition. People do not want to pay taxes so this is going to be what you get, roads will go down hill, education will go down hill, there will be less firemen or police men, less emergency medical services etc. I know that some of you do not need any of these services, but most people do. And if the average young adult cannot afford to go to collage so what buisnesses will bring in educated people from foreign countries that subsidise higher education.

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Kansas may be conservative experiment

Dont know if this plan will work, but I doubt it will. What I would like to know is if it does not work are the people that passrd and signed this bill into law going to take responsibility for the mistake by resigning from office and get off the government gravy train. I doubt it because if the bill fails to do what it is touted to do they will find someone to blame besides themselves.

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