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Three Lawrence assistant principals to add teaching to their days

Why is the only school reporting things that are potentially negative? Why no article about the many teachers who have recently won awards at their schools or at the follies? What about all the high test scores that Lawrence kids have been getting on state tests recently? What about the great things our teachers do all the time? All we ever hear is the negative things, so it is no wonder people think all schools are doing poorly.

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Self staying at KU

Easy road? Only to a non-bball fan who and or complete moron. UNLV, Villanova? 2 big name teams with skills. Davidson! Of the four number one seeds, KS faced the hardest teams because we were the fourth #1 seed. Always some loser trying to rain on the parade. KU deserves the Championship and earned it. Whine elsewhere biatch.

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Public library on park site unlikely

Godot is right; the powers that build want the taxpayers to foot the bill for a library that we can't afford.

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan

Godot, I'm not a union leader. Lighten up, you're reading way too much into a tongue-in-cheek response to an off-the-cuff post by offtotheright that was shallow, cliche, and stupid.
You can't tell ANYTHING about my "utter contempt" because I harbor no such feelings for thosed "forced" to pay their taxes for fairly negotiated contracts. You are the one with a very obvious bias; wrongly stating that unions "extort" salaries and benefits, when no such thing has ever happened here in Lawrence. Far from it, the district has held most of the power in negotiations here for years. The LEA does not hire any "high powered negotiator" to "hold our children's education hostage," the teachers do their own negotiating. You are misinformed and just repeating tired, incorrect talking points.
So spare me the weak lecture on what "real" working people do; because teachers are real working people too. We pay taxes, we get additional education "on our own time and our own dime to advance" In the much-heralded private sector, pay is often NOT merit based, but a matter of your gender and who you know; the same with opportunity.
Since each class has its own challenges and one teacher may teach the children of university professors and wealthy stay-at-home parents who are very invested in their child's education while another teacher may have a class of students who have lacked basic nutrition, clothing and shelter and have lived in poverty all of their lives, I am skeptical of the efficacy of your proposal. It does illuminate the depth of your lack of understanding of the complexity of educating our children.
To Review: 1) Sarcasm, get over it
2) Did you make those sophisms up? No. But they are still wrong
3) You persist in repeating untrue statements
4) Strong anti-education bias and anti-union bias
= pretty much impossible to have a discussion about education with you.

Bye, back into lurk mode

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan

You are right offtotheright, workers should know their place! When something is wrong and has been for a long time, they should never try to remedy the situation. No worker should ever try to improve their working conditions, they should just be thankful they have a job. Heaven forbid that they should ask to be paid for work above and beyond their contract; I mean, contacts were made to be broken, right? Teachers should just "get over it" instead of trying to improve the situation. Teachers always want whiny stuff and their benefits are so much greater than the rest of "the working community" that people are just lined up to take their jobs away; I mean there's never a teacher shortage right? Gosh, the nerve of these people to try so hard to improve their working conditions. The nerve, the sheer audacity.
Just like people working at minimum wage and still living in poverty (40 hrs per week at $5.10 per hour = less than 11,000 a year) should just get another career, right? It's always just that simple! They should give every minimum wage worker a medal for being a true American hero who doesn't try to fight to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions. Back to the good old days, right! Things were just SO great back in then when everyone knew their place; right offtotheextremewackoright?

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Virtual School helps boost district enrollment

Macon 47 hasn't closely witnessed diddly squat. He/she just loves to bash schools with no real rhyme or reason. No matter what they do, they are always wrong to the troll that knows all, macon47. Once again, someone asks Macon to put up or shut up and describe in detail, providing specifics, the massive waste he always refers to (since this person posts about virtually every school story in a negative way and often cites waste). Once again, no details have been forthcoming.
Hawkman has hit the nail on the head, Macon47, you know little or nothing about what you are talking about. No one but you knows why you carry such a grudge against schools, but your bias is evident and you never back anything you say about schools up with facts. Go away.

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Early morning fire kills at least two; three others missing

I am sorry to report that my earlier post is incorrect. I was told that one of the youngest children had survived, but sadly this is not so.

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Early morning fire kills at least two; three others missing

I have heard that one of the 2 infants survived. I can't officially verify this, but the source is a good one. Pray for the grandmother, for she is a wonderful person loved by many.
Please give those in the New York school community some time to contact each other before posting any names here, because this is too shattering of a loss to just read about in the news.

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New York School's locked-door policy upsets some parents

New York Elementary has rising test scores, so I guess your theory is wrong.

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