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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

Using the k-state.edu address was a big mistake. KU has a specific policy about that and I bet KSU does too. He needed to use his own yahoo or gmail address.

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Statehouse Live: Legislative maps create incumbent slugfest

Yes he is. I don't know anything about TerriLois Gregory. I do know about Anthony Brown. I can hope the Dems put up a good candidate, but I won't since the Dems seem to be playing up their strengths of lack of organization.

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Was there in the first week so they were still working out a few problems with service. I expect that to change once things get settled and that is why I gave 4 stars. My party had the fish and chips which was very delicious. Someone also had the sausage roll. We all left very full and pleased with the food. I will be going back again.

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KU numbers tell troubling story

Endowment money is restricted. It can only be used for what the donor stipulated. If the donor gives money to be used as a scholarships for students with purple polkadots, then that is what we have to abide by. Athletcis Corp. is an afiliate corporation and their money is separate from KU proper.

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KU showing effects of prolonged budget squeeze

I don't know if there is an actual hour requirement, but I know that tenured/tenure track faculty are supposed to teach 2 classes a semester. There are exceptions. Chairs, program directors and the like only need to teach two classes in an academic year. Faculty can "buy out" a semester of teaching, but I'm not sure what all that entails. Visiting faculty or lecturers can teach 2-3 classes a semester.

two classes are 9 hrs a week, add 3 + for office hours, then time for class prep, grading is around 20 hrs a week.

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Lawrence schools among weather-related cancellations and closings for Tuesday, Jan. 11

The KU Alert page didn't update to say KU was open until around 7:30.

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State Rep. Anthony Brown criticizes Lawrence, KU

As a resident of Eudora and an employee of KU, I agree! There is a good sized portion of Eudorans who are employeed by KU.

Didn't KU students help with the rebulding of Greensbug? There are other things KU has done for the state. KU needs to do a better job of selling to the rest of Kansans (not just legislators) what we do for for the state-create jobs, rebuild cities, educate doctors for small towns, etc.

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Cyclists on lookout for hit-and-run driver

If you read the link above that takes you to KS law-you would see that they can ride 2 abreast at most.

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Student plans to file complaint after being confronted by Eudora police

That sucks. That would also explain why the black man whose house I walk by frequently isn't very nice when I try to say hi.

I wish Eudora cops would take more interest in Noah who likes to bash the gas lines by the Grandview Trailers. Two gas leaks in 2 months. Way to go Eudora cops!

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Chancellor: Raising admission standards a priority for KU in the coming year

good suggestion, but that would require the legislature to fund the public schools. a faculty member said the other day that he thought we were seeing the results of No Child Left Behind-a whole pack of students who don't know how to think critically.

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