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State Rep. Anthony Brown criticizes Lawrence, KU

As a resident of Eudora and an employee of KU, I agree! There is a good sized portion of Eudorans who are employeed by KU.

Didn't KU students help with the rebulding of Greensbug? There are other things KU has done for the state. KU needs to do a better job of selling to the rest of Kansans (not just legislators) what we do for for the state-create jobs, rebuild cities, educate doctors for small towns, etc.

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Cyclists on lookout for hit-and-run driver

If you read the link above that takes you to KS law-you would see that they can ride 2 abreast at most.

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Student plans to file complaint after being confronted by Eudora police

That sucks. That would also explain why the black man whose house I walk by frequently isn't very nice when I try to say hi.

I wish Eudora cops would take more interest in Noah who likes to bash the gas lines by the Grandview Trailers. Two gas leaks in 2 months. Way to go Eudora cops!

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Chancellor: Raising admission standards a priority for KU in the coming year

good suggestion, but that would require the legislature to fund the public schools. a faculty member said the other day that he thought we were seeing the results of No Child Left Behind-a whole pack of students who don't know how to think critically.

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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

The loud speaker announcement didn't say anything about a gun. The email I got about 15 minutes later did.

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Senate Republicans deliver budget bill, ask for State Finance Council meeting

logrithmic -that depends. i'm not 100% certain but i think this is what will happen.

Unclassified Professional Staff are part of the state employee classification along with Classified Staff. You work for SRS or in the capital building or for the prisons, etc. you are one of those two classifications.

several years ago the Classified Staff at KU left civil service and became KU Support Staff. this allowed SS to get raises when the rest of the state employees didn't get raises because KU pays the wages.

therefore, i think that SS at KU will get paid regardless since it is coming directly from KU. faculty and other UPS are still under the state (unless they get paid through Endowment). if nothing is resolved, i can see faculty and UPS not getting paid friday.

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State suspends paying income tax refunds, may miss payroll as budget tightens

there are several different types of employees at KU. there are Unclassified Professionals and Support Staff.

it is my understanding that UP are still state employees, part of the Unclassified Professional and Classified classifications for state employees.

Support Staff are not exactly civil servants any more. SS money comes from the university's budget.

if i'm correct, UP will not get paid and SS will get paid.

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Keeping in touch: Attachment parenting encourages physical contact with children

LawrenceAPDiscussion at yahoogroups dot comwe ended up being AP by accident-i didn't really know what it was when my daughter was born, but we have had a family bed almost from the start.

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Dangerous K-10

Eaglepass-I had no idea the T went all the way to Independence! WOW! Do you think it would take me to Wichita?I'm so glad I no longer need to drive K-10 on a regular basis. When I do, I keep to the speed limit and keep my eye on other drivers and the road.It doesn't do anyone any good if you drive too fast and don't make it to your destination. Slow. Down.

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National survey ranks KU as a 'great college to work for'

OldEnuf2BYurDad said: but, so sorry, no raise again for the 7th-8th year in a row. as support staff i've received raises every year since KU removed the classified employees from civil service. you wife must either-a) be support staff and not get satisfactory evaluationsb) not be support staff, but work in food services or another entity that is a subcontractor for KUc) be unclassified profession and I don't know how they do their raises.while my pay could be better, i am getting raises. what makes for the headaches are those faculty who feel they don't have to follow any policies, wait until the last minute to get stuff done then try to make their emergency my emergency and generally be condescending and rude toward the staff.

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