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Lawrence school board wants additional input before renaming South Middle School

For those who did not know the land was given by Haskell shows the importance of teaching history. My husband and I both knew this and I at least support the name change to reflect the Native American History of the area.

I guess I'll be sending an email to the school board showing my support of the name change.

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Faculty group says morale among KU professors at all-time low; low pay, 'bloated' administration, concealed carry among factors

So very true. In my office we are asked to do more, offer more programs for students but with no increase staff to do the work. It would also be nice if the equipment we use (software,etc.) worked all the time. But to cut costs KU doesn't purchase quality products, thus making it harder to do one's job. I wonder how many Assoc. or Assist. Deans an office really needs, but by all means, lets get donors for a new football stadium.

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A witch-themed store opens in eastern Lawrence to serve a growing pagan population

No. Wicca is a Western European tradition. Although many Pagans try to be respectful of Native American religious traditions and not steal from them.

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A witch-themed store opens in eastern Lawrence to serve a growing pagan population

While your comment is generally accurate, you do have one error. Pagans do worship more than one god or goddess. Specific Wiccan traditions may only worship the Lord and Lady and see the gods and goddess as aspects of that.

There are parts of the Pagan population that are called hard polytheists. That means we see gods as separate beings, not aspects of one god or one goddess. Athena and the Morrigan are both goddess of war and strife, but they have very different personalities.

All Wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Wiccans. Therefore, not all Pagan traditions follow the Wiccan Rede and Threefold Law.

But as we say, ask 2 Pagans a question and get 5 different answers.

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KU town hall forum on race draws about 1,000 to Kansas Union

I will take a person at their word until I learn that they are untrustworthy. Why? Because _most_ people don't make stuff up like that. There are a few who do, but again, I let their behavior guide my opinion on if their reliability. I don't find the house party story extraordinary, I also can see why it never went to the police, because people like you don't/wont' believe them. If you don't, what makes a black person think LPD would?

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KU town hall forum on race draws about 1,000 to Kansas Union

But the people who still make racist statements are teaching that to their children and grandchildren. Ignoring the problem does not make it go away. It only allows it to fester until some event happens when it explodes. We must have dialogue. We must believe people when they say they were threatened, or had racial slurs shouted at them. We much teach that racism, sexism and homophobia are wrong and harmful to society as a whole.

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KU Senate members lampoon law allowing concealed carry on campus

But, there was an armed student on that campus! He chose not to go out and defend his school, what a loser! What is the point of having a good guy with a gun who won't use that gun when there is an active shooter! (For the record, I'm being sarcastic.)

However, this guy does show the false logic of the NRA and other amosexuals that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun.

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KU employees, other Kansas state workers begin receiving furlough notices

On my lunch here. This headline is confusing. We were told we would be notified by noon if we were essential or non-essential, not whether we would be furloughed. I thought that wouldn't be determined until midnight tomorrow? Through Facebook I see that some people are getting emails stating that they are furloughed. I have no respect for any of the GOP legislature, the GOP governor and their Koch Brothers Masters.

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A young Barred Owl sits in a tree north of Lawrence not more than 30 feet away from an owl box where

A neighbor across the street has a nest with 2 juvenile Barred Owls. We got some good pictures when one got out of the nest. There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night hearing their insane clown laugh that they do. Firs time I thought our house was being broken in to.

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Indian Hills residents concerned for safety after traffic diverted onto 27th Street

My main issue is that people blow through the school zone. I've stood there with my daughter waiting to cross and have had 1 car stop for us only to watch another totally ignore the speed limit, the cross walk and us. My husband has been in the middle of the cross walk with our daughter and hit a car with his hand because they were oblivious to their surroundings. I called LPD to complain quite a bit in August and September.

I've been very happy these last several days to walk down the street and see the patrol car sitting there. I think the number of stops indicates that there is a problem. 27th St. is a residential street, it doesn't matter that it intersects with a commercial zone at Iowa, same could be said for 9th St, but you go 1 block and it is definitely a residential area and drivers need to remember that.

Like the rest of Lawrence, I eagerly await the reopening of 31st St., not just to have reduced traffic on 27th, but also to avoid Iowa and get me home faster.

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